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Met Police Criticised for DBS Check Delays on Job Applicants


The government have said that delays to DBS checks from the Metropolitan Police are of “great concern” after thousands of delays across the UK.


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Every day hundreds of people in Britain apply for DBS checks for their work. They are essential if you will be working with vulnerable people or children, which means that employees can’t start their new jobs until a DBS check has been received.

This isn’t a problem if the check arrives in time, but the London force currently has around 50,000 outstanding applications, which is down from 83,000 in April. This indicates that tens of thousands of people are unable to work, even though they are fully qualified for the role that they have been applied for.

Long Wait Times

A DBS check should take up to eight weeks to arrive, but many people are reporting that they have been waiting for their check to arrive for months. Statistics have revealed that just over half of the cases are dealt with within eight weeks, but on average it takes 107 days to be resolved – that is nearly double the estimated timeframe.

Some nurses have even reported that they lost their jobs while waiting to be cleared. This is frustrating for both employees and employers, as no-one wants to go through the hiring process just to let someone go due to delayed credentials.


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It is also a huge source of worry for people who are waiting for their DBS checks to arrive, as they don’t know if the check will takes weeks or months to arrive. In the meantime they have no choice but to wait – even though they may be unable to work or earn money during this period, so they may actually lose money.

If you want to find out more about getting a basic DBS check for work visit

According to Gov.UK, the DBS and MPS are currently working hard to help resolve any delays in processing checks, but many people are still reporting long wait times.

The Cause of the Problem

The delay is apparently caused by a surge of people who need DBS checks and staff shortages. This means that the delays may continue until the Metropolitan police are able to hire more staff to deal with the influx of DBS check requests.



Tips To Make Your Girlfriend’s Birthday Super Special


A girlfriend is someone who picks you when you fall, supports you during the most back breaking moments, celebrates you for being you and loves you to the point of keeping you never below number one in her life. For someone so caring and supportive, each day should be made special to let her realize that the little things that she does everyday have only made you fall in love with her harder.

And especially if it’s her birthday, you ought to have special plans to gift her one of the most memorable days of her life. She is sure to have an unceasing smile on her face. Below mentioned are some amazing ideas to celebrate birthday and let your girlfriend know she is truly special.

  • A Surprise Date

Plan a surprise day for her with a sumptuous meal. And No, it shouldn’t stop here. Get a guitar played by experts while you are looking into her eyes and thanking her for everything she does and she is sure to feel special.

  1. Gifts Every Hour

Arrange sweet gifts for her and keep on surprising her every hour. You can decide the time span on your convenience and gifts on your budget but we bet even the tiniest of surprise would move her to the core.

  • The Special Gift

Has she ever longed for a particular dress, or a make up kit or a book but she could not get it for herself. It’s time for you to make her wish come true. Get her THAT dress or anything she had been longing to have for some time.

  • Cut The Miles Short

So, if it’s a LDR that you share, the biggest gift you can give her on this day is to BE PRESENT. Surprise her by giving her a visit and if that’s not possible, celebrate the day on Skype by helping her cut the cake. Arrange delicious cakes online, in Hyderabad, Delhi, Gurgaon or wherever she resides.

  • Be The Chef

Cook something special. Prepare a meal for her without her help. A good meal done by you is something she would remember for a long time to come as this would reflect the amount of effort that you re putting in.

  • The Classic Expression

Letters. Yes, handwritten letters are the best and most cherish-able way to show your love for someone. Take a colored sheet and pour out all your feelings for her. Even if you are too clumsy with words, do it. It’s special, anyway!

  • Let Fresh Flowers Do The Talking

Add colors to her birthday with flowers. They work best for the expression of love. With prompt flowers delivery service available around you, make a choicest pick and bring a broad smile on her face.

  • If Everything Fails – Jewelry

If you are looking for a gift and wonder if it’s going to be a hit or miss, jewelry is your savior. It doesn’t need to be studded in diamonds to impress her. A simple one would do wonders too. Get a a beautiful necklace or earrings and she is going to love you so much more.

With these amazing birthday tips for your girlfriend, it’s time for you to make the very best out of the day!


How to convince a sceptic of the value of good web design


Even in this day and age of digital dominance, there are some business owners who shy away from getting a website because they fail to see the virtues of having one. There are plenty of ways to turn a sceptic into a converted web owner, however, and make them realise the value of good web design.


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Build credibility and trust

The reality is, if you don’t have a website, it impacts negatively on your trust and credibility. People expect businesses to have a website these days, and if you don’t have one, there’s a good chance that customers will look elsewhere to businesses that do.

With a carefully designed website, you can implement elements such as adding reviews and customer testimonials, or displaying your industry credentials, to build trust and respect for your brand.

Brand building

When a website has been well designed by experts, such as, who are a web development company in London, they can incorporate specific elements into the design scheme that represents your brand. This can reinforce your identity and the image that you want to get across to others.


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Worthwhile investment

Website sceptics may be put off by the investment in time and money that is needed to create and maintain a site. They may argue that these valuable resources are better spent elsewhere on their business. This is a short-sighted approach, however.

The investment you make for your website can yield much wider and longer-term benefits than you had imagined. According to Forbes from traffic, branding and conversion rates to SEO, your complete internet presence is affected by your site design.

Increase sales

Importantly, good web design can help to boost your income potential. By attracting traffic to your site, you can grow your customer base in a much bigger way than just having a bricks-and-mortar store. With a website that has an ecommerce function, your sales will not be restricted by your physical location. If you implement SEO techniques, this can also help to make your website easier to find on search engines, further widening your reach to bigger audiences.

Good web design also allows you to remain competitive in a saturated market, and stay one step ahead of your rivals, who themselves may have failed to appreciate the benefits of great website design.



Benefits Of Runway Sweeper For FOD Removal


Most airports and airlines are very concerned about foreign object debris (FOD) and its impact on equipment and employees. Every year, FOD causes damage that costs airports and airlines millions of dollars every single year. In fact, FOD causes $4 billion in damages within the aerospace industry every year. Any object that should not be near or in an airplane is considered FOD.

Foreign object debris not only damages airplanes and other equipment, but it can also injure airport and airline personnel. Therefore, FOD removal is a huge priority for airports and airlines. Using equipment like runway sweepers are one way airports and airlines keep FOD under control. Here are some of the advantages of runway sweepers.

What Are Runway Sweepers?

Runway sweepers refer to a piece of equipment that is intended to remove debris on the runways of an airport. Such equipment is specifically designed and manufactured to remove FOD. Loose hardware, pieces of broken luggage, wildlife, catering supplies, sand, rocks, building supplies, and pavement fragments are all examples of FOD. Not only can FOD be found on runways, but it can also be found on cargo aprons, run-up pads, terminal gates, and taxiways.

If FOD on the runway makes direct contact with the airplane, it can extensive damage. For example, FOD like glass can slice up the tires of an airplane. The engines of an airplane may ingest foreign object debris. Jet blasts can cause injuries and damage by blowing FOD around.

Sweeping is one way that FOD is removed from runways. Staff members can perform sweeping manually or they can use a runway sweeper. Undoubtedly, using a runway sweeper is considered the best method for eliminating FOD from runways. Very few, if any, areas of a runway cannot be accessed by a runway sweeper.

Other Methods of FOD Removal

Of course, the use of runway sweepers is not the only method of FOD removal for airplanes and airlines. Some other methods for FOD removal include the following:

  • Magnetic bars are another example of equipment that is used to remove FOD. These magnetic bars can be placed underneath tugs and trucks to attract metallic material. As long as the bars are cleaned regularly, this equipment is very effective for FOD removal. However, if the metallic bars aren’t cleaned regularly, they will drop the collected FOD.
  • Airports and airlines place FOD containers near gates to collect FOD. These containers must be emptied regularly to prevent overflowing, which can lead to the dispersal of FOD rather than the removal.

FOD removal saves airports and airlines millions of dollars every year. Runway sweepers are just one example of equipment used to remove FOD in airports before it causes substantial damage to airplanes or injuries to employees.


Floor Cleaning Machines and Supplies


 If you have a commercial cleaning service, or if you are thinking about starting one, you will need industrial cleaning machines and specialized cleaning supplies. You may need buffers, as well as floor and machine scrubbers. It’s also important to have a wide area vacuum with attachments and about 75 feet of cord.

 In some circumstances the cleaning of floors calls for regular, recurrent and meticulous scrubbing. Under these circumstances, Tennant floor clean ers can help you keep the floors at your facilities clean and shiny.

 Floor Scrubbers

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Select a high-quality scrubber designed to handle the toughest dirt without damaging or endangering the environment.

 A walk-behind scrubber-dryer provides the best and most versatile solution. It will clean most any hard floor surface, and it can be fitted with a variety of brush heads.

The walk-behind floor scrubber-dryer can improve your cleaning productivity

There is also a battery-operated walk-behind scrubber-dryer available. This machine is lightweight, agile, compact and affordable. The squeegee system reduces the amount of water and detergent you need to use. This machine is fully equipped and has a rotating brush

 i-mop Scrubber

i-mop Scrubber features the maneuverability of a mop with the cleaning performance of a walk-behind scrubber. This machine will enable the user to easily clean any type of surface

It has twin rotating brushes that remove more soil than mop and bucket cleaning. The deep cleanliness establishes a pleasant environment for occupants.

Pre-owned and fully refurbished scrubbers are also available, as well as brushes, filters and squeegees.


Burnish floors easily with an automatic walk-behind buffer. This machine is configured to bring out the shine in a floor. The high-speed buffer delivers a superlative sheen while eliminating dust.


Floor Sweepers use brushes in conjunction with a vacuuming system to remove dust and debris from floors. Many different brush sizes are available.

Wide Area Upright Vacuum Cleaner

 This is a robust upright vacuum with a variety of attachments. It cleans hallways, meeting rooms and lobbies. This light-weight machine has extra-large head that scours a wide path. The tough twin-motor lifts and extracts debris, and adjusts to different height levels. It’s great for getting under desks and other furniture.

 Remember, if you have a commercial cleaning service, or if you are thinking about starting one, you will need industrial cleaning machines and cleaning supplies. You may need buffers, floor scrubbers and sweepers. It’s also important to have a wide area vacuum with attachments.

 Always select high-quality machinery designed to handle the toughest dirt without damaging or endangering the environment. Tennant floor cleaners can help you keep the floors at your facilities clean and shiny.


What are the main skills needed to survive in the wild?


Imagine being stranded somewhere. What do you need to know to ensure you survive for a few days without getting into trouble? Here’s a quick guide to the most important skills needed to survive in the wild.


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Mental attitude

Don’t panic! Human beings are more resilient than we think. We can survive three days without water and three weeks without food. Our temperature can be left unregulated for three hours. Consider your options in order of priority: warmth and shelter, water and then food, and you’ll increase your chances of making it out alive.

Finding shelter

Shelter is the most important thing you need, so seek it immediately. You need to maintain your fluids in extreme heat and prevent hypothermia in extreme cold. Here are some things to consider when building a shelter. Make sure it is in a safe location away from any hazards and is insulated from the elements. You can make use of any natural shelters in your surroundings, such as caves and hollows. Utilise any debris to make a shelter. If you have supplies from an outdoor bushcraft store, you should be able to put together a shelter easily.


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Sourcing water is the next most important thing. You cannot guarantee the safety of the water you may find as it might have harmful pathogens in it. If you boil your water, you will destroy most pathogens. Some filtration systems are also available from outdoor retailers such as You can trap rain water using whatever clean items you have on hand, such as a bandana or vine leaves.


Fire can warm you and your shelter, cook your food and boil your water, making it a very useful thing indeed. It’s a good idea to carry things like lighters and matches to start fire. If you don’t have these items, you may have to use friction to create a fire.


Finding food will be a challenge as you need to be able to identify suitable sources of food to eat. Look out for edible plants and fruit. Try to have some information on hand to help identify poisonous species. Consider eating insects and birds for energy.

Preparation is key to survival. Make sure you thoroughly research before you embark on an adventure.


Great ideas for corporate team building events


Team building events are a wonderful way of bringing employees together, giving them new experiences and helping them forge strong bonds that will pay off when tackling projects in the office. These events can also reduce anxiety, give employees a break and enable them to have fun while learning some essential skills.


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Get active

People may have played basketball before, but probably not on a trampoline. Take the team to a trampoline park, let them bounce out their stress, and then add in some healthy competition. A common aversion to getting soaked could be the impetus behind employees getting good at kayaking or canoeing. By putting people together with very different personalities or styles of working, they will have to thrash out a way of moving forward together to avoid getting a soaking.

Let the games begin

Locking people in a room and giving them an hour to escape can inspire new levels of cooperation, as it involves logic, strategy, leadership, and teamwork to make it happen. This has become a very popular exercise for team building, and while “locked” in the room, the participants have to solve puzzles and find clues to help them escape.


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Another enjoyable game is to put everyone in groups and send them out on a scavenger hunt, with lots of interesting challenges, fun activities and even prizes. This could be followed by a barbecue or a relaxing meal.

Something completely different …

When it comes to activities people have never tried, a tank driving day would fit the bill, challenging the team and giving them an experience they will be talking about for some time. Tanks were first used in battle during the First World War, and for more history, see this article from The Guardian.

If you want to find out more about the benefits of a tank driving day for your employees, it would be a good idea to speak to experts, such as those at, who can give you friendly tips and advice.

Team building has many benefits for helping employees feel valued and appreciated, while building a company culture of trust and respect that will flow into corporate productivity. Planning a team building experience is not difficult, especially if you consult professionals. The results could make all the difference to your bottom line.


Leap Over Any Obstacles That Block Your Credit Card Processing


Many merchants are surprised, especially if they are starting a new business that their business operations are designated as “high risk.” They need to seek out a high-risk merchant account provider in order to be able to process credit card transactions. If a business has a significant portion of their sales made online in a “card not present” transaction they will be considered high risk.

Many times it is challenging to find a high-risk merchant account provider for businesses that are designated as high risk. This limits the options available for such businesses.

Look for specialists in these circumstances that help thousands of businesses operate effectively even when they are categorized as high risk. Many years of experience has helped Leap Payments understand the transaction quality, volumes, reserve requirements, and advanced fraud protection needed for high-risk businesses, especially those that operate solely online.

This helps clients avoid the headaches that are common to this business sector such as excessive chargebacks, the large fund holds, high processing fees, and placement on the banned TMF/MATCH list, which can make it impossible for a merchant to process any credit card transactions.

A few examples of businesses that need to work with a high-risk merchant account provider include:

  • Adult Products
  • Airlines
  • Bad Credit
  • Bail Bonds,
  • Business Opportunities
  • Cigars, Pipes, and Tobacco Sales
  • Collection Agencies
  • Credit Repair
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Diet Programs
  • E-Books
  • Educational Seminars
  • Electronic Cigarette
  • Electronics
  • Firearm Sales
  • Furniture
  • Gaming
  • High Ticket or High Volume
  • Jet Charters
  • Moving Companies
  • Multi-Level Marketing
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Penny Auctions
  • Prepaid Calling Cards
  • Software
  • Sports Betting Advice
  • Tech Support
  • Ticket Brokers
  • Timeshares
  • Travel
  • VOIP
  • Water Purifiers

If you are just starting out, it may be surprising to see some of the types of business that appear on this short list of examples of high-risk merchant accounts. There are many successful and profitable businesses that are well run in all of these categories.

This is why it pays to work with a high-risk account specialist because they understand these businesses and the types of transactions that they need to process.

The specialists in this area have advanced fraud detection capabilities that help reduce chargebacks from fraudulent transactions. They are extremely effective in working with our clients to find solutions to the credit card processing systems that they need to be successful. Contact one of them today so that they can discuss the solutions that are available for your business. Most offer a free evaluation and the review is easy and simple. There is usually no obligation and this process will show you the benefits of working with high risk account specialists to more easily find the high risk merchant account provider you need. If you got turned down elsewhere this is the path you nee to take to get the credit card processing system you need.


A Look at John Deere’s Super Air Comfort Seat  


As a tractor owner or driver, you probably spend hours sitting on your machine. Investing in a tractor seat may not be one of your plans, but it offers great benefits health-wise as well as improving working efficiency. In case you have been thinking of changing your tractor seats, you should try John Deere’s Super Air Comfort Seat.

Here is a quick glance of the Super Air Comfort Seat model of the seats. It proves why JD seats remain the leading producer of tractor seats.

Super Air Comfort Seat

It is the most comfortable tractor seat available in the market so far. As the name implies, sitting on this chair feels like floating on air. It effectively supports all body sizes and weights. You can adjust some of the common features such as the armrest height, angle of the cushion and swivel base. Besides these three, are 11 other adjustable features. It is no doubt this chair can make a day in the field super comfortable!

Shock absorbers

Poor shock absorption is the main cause of back pains and spinal injuries among tractor drivers. The Super Air Comfort Seat has both front and back suspensions. These greatly reduce shock when working on uneven ground or driving at high speed. It also offers sufficient support to the spine through its adjustable lumbar support.

The effectiveness of the suspensions was proved using a Human Vibrations Analyzer. It measures the dampening capabilities of seats against the set requirements by the EU Physical Agents Directive 2002/44/EEC. The test showed this seat model offers three times more protection than its competitors.

Breathing chair

John Deere seats have always been hallmarks of innovation. The Super Air Comfort Seat has a sort of a breathing mechanism. For starters, during the chilly mornings, the chair warms up your day by releasing warm air. During the hot times of the day, it cools your body by absorbing perspiration. The absorbed moisture is released when you leave the seat.

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Seat cushions and covers

Like all John Deere seats, the cushions can be leather or cloth. Seat covers fall into two categories; universal and tailor-made. The latter fits perfectly on the seat and also comes with removable heat panels for the cushion and the rear seat.

Additional advantages

Besides, the ergonomic advantages, this seat is made of reinforced tear-proof cloth for durability. Its coating is dirt repellent, washable, and has a 10mm foam layer. Moreover, it comes with a 3-years’ warranty.

Where to find one

John Deere seats can be found at Suburban Seating and Safety. It is a dealership that specializes in auto seats including tractors and buses. It stocks an extensive array of latest seat models and parts.


6 Facts about the Piano You Didn’t Know


Here is a list of some facts about the piano that you probably don’t know about.

  1. The World’s Largest Piano

Challen Concert Grand is regarded as the world’s largest piano. It spans a total of 11ft and weighs a ton! Its full string tension is over 30 tons.

  1. A Concert Grand Piano is 8 Feet Long and Weighs Over 1400 Pounds

Have you ever wondered why every piano player looks so tiny while playing the piano? Well, it is due to the giant size of the piano. However, the large size helps the instrument in producing incredible sound quality. So next time you sit at your piano, and you appear too small, don’t bother!

  1. The Piano is the King of Musical Instruments

That piano for sale you just bought can cover every note in an entire orchestra. This isn’t a joke! A Piano can comfortably match the lowest note of a double bassoon to the highest note played on piccolo. The piano is the only musical instrument that has the same note range of an entire orchestra.

  1. The Steinway Piano is the Best Piano Brand in the World

If the piano for sale you recently bought was Steinway, then you just acquired ownership of the best piano in the world. The Steinway family has been in the piano manufacturing industry since 1853, and any Steinway piano brand can cost as much as $100,000.

  1. What is the relationship between Tin Pan Alley and Pianos?

This is probably the biggest wonder in the world of piano players. Believe it or not, the name Tin Pan Alley was derived from the piano, and that is where the fiasco began. The name describes a designated area in New York City where music publishers set up a music shop a long time ago. The sole purpose of the store was to produce piano sheet music.

A lot of musicians went to the place for auditions so that their music could be played on the old cheap pianos and passersby were always mesmerized by the sound of music emanating from the area. However, the old pianos sounded as if someone was beating an old tin pan hence the name Tin pan valley referring to the shop.

  1. The Name Piano is a Nickname

The full name of the instrument is a “pianoforte” which is an Italian name. The name was derived from the ability of the tool to play notes very quietly (piano) or very loudly (forte). However, people discovered that they can easily refer to the instrument as a “piano” and still sound good. A lot of individuals believe that piano is an English name, which isn’t true.