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Two-Way Radios for Schools Ensures Safety and Communication

Two-way radios can improve your school’s safety and ability to respond to crisis situations. Not only does a radio system ensure smooth communication needed for rapid response, but it also helps school events and daily operations run smoother.

Radios for schools may seem like an extravagance given the rarity of the high-profile tragedies like active shooter incidents. However, communication and swift action help solve every day minor problems, playground injuries, or maintenance issues. Given the current interest in school safety, there are grants to fund the purchase of two-way radios.

Tips on Using Radios for Schools

Consider Your School’s Day-to-Day Needs

Communication needs vary depending on the size of your campus, location, risks, and events. Two-way radios are especially helpful for lone playground attendants, janitors, crossing guards, or bus stop monitors. A radio connection makes it easier for them to make maintenance requests or alert other staff to minor or major issues without leaving their post. Radios also help event staff and volunteers act as a cohesive team even when they are not nearby. Regular use empowers your team on competent radio communications so they can respond rapidly to an emergency.

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Situations Where Radios Help Ensure Smooth Operations:

  • Ensuring safe and efficient transportation logistics including management of pick up areas, school bus loading, parking lots, and nearby street crossing. When all staff and volunteers can communicate, they have an easier time managing school arrivals and departures.
  • Custodians and maintenance staff typically roam the school campus; radios make it easier to promptly prioritize and respond to any needs that arise.
  • Staff and volunteers find it easier to manage school events and recess when everyone is on the same “page” or, in this case, channel.
  • Radios are vital in emergency situations such as security alerts, accidents or medical incidents, evacuations, or other situations that require a fast response.

Educate Your Team on Why Use a Radio

Your staff most likely carry cell phones, so many might question why they also need a radio. If a teacher or staff member needs to contact first responders, the first action should be a 911 call. However, it isn’t always possible to use a cell phone to notify other staff of a situation that requires immediate action.

Campus Safety magazine highlights a couple of benefits of using two-way radios in emergency situations:

  • A radio handset offers an easy push-to-talk function that serves well when the time is of the essence. Of course, this benefit applies if other staff members are also using the radio system.
  • Two-way radio offers a one-to-many communication option that is ideal during emergencies and also for smooth daily operations.
  • Speaking of first responders, they typically use radio themselves. When a well-designed radio system is in place, first responders have another way to communicate with staff on the ground.

Train All Staff on Radio Communications

Two-way radio communications are regulated by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC). They reserve certain channels for specific purposes. Train all staff on which channels to use in both emergency and non-emergency operations situations. You may use different channels during a school sporting event than during an evacuation.

Since anyone with a radio accesses most channels, staff should be aware that other people may hear. Radio etiquette requires concise, clear communication. Train all staff on your standards and any codes to ensure smooth radio communications.

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recommends that all schools develop comprehensive emergency response plans. This plan should include how your team communicates and the chain of command for various situations. Be sure to integrate your radio communications program into your plan.

Schools benefit from the use of two-way radios in both emergency and mundane circumstances.


What Are Spagyrics?

Spagyrics aren’t a special type of pasta. This particular homeopathic medicine was originally derived from the ash plant. The mineral components of the ash plant were fermented, distilled and extracted. Today, spagyric is a process used to extract various plant components.

Spagyric products sold today use the old alchemical preparation of herbs. Generally, this means the herbs are more potent than if they would undergo more modern processes. Previously, spagyricwas considered to be a spiritual process. This is because in alchemy, everything is made up of three elements: sulfur, mercury and sodium. Sulfur represents the soul while mercury symbolizes the spirit. Sodium stands for the body. In terms of water, earth and fire, mercury is the water element. The salt is the earth element while the sulfur is the fire element.

Alcohol Extraction
As previously mentioned, alcohol extraction is the first step of spagyrics. The extraction process is conducted through organic grape alcohol. This particular alcohol extracts the minerals quickly and efficiently to create high-potency products. The process is conducted under a vacuum, so heat isn’t applied to the plant since heat is damaging to many plant-based ingredients. The alcohol dissolves essential oils. It’s added to the process in an equal ratio to the plant components.

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Extraction Process
After the alcohol extraction, the solution is poured off. The remaining tincture must be placed in a dark area because of its light-sensitive elements. The next process consists of the plant extract being burnt and reduced to remove the minerals within the substance. The herb becomes a white ash, which consists of water-soluble mineral salts. Next, the ash is combined with distilled water in order to dissolve the minerals. Filtration is required, and the evaporation must occur to obtain the crystallized mineral salts.

Recombination Process
The final step to the process consists of collecting the salts and recombining them with the part of the plant made previously. During this process, the tincture has all of its elements: oils, acids and minerals. Although it seems like the tincture is basically the same as before the process, the contents are now more potent. Additionally, it’s purer. The plant extract was originally oil soluble only. Throughout the process, the minerals and other plant elements were converted into a solution that’s now water soluble. The finished product is more effective than a standard plant extract.

At Forrest Health, we believe in the healing power of natural remedies. We also believe in bringing you the most effective solutions from companies like Pekana that improve your overall health and wellness. That’s why part of our inventory consists of potent herbs from Pekana and other pharmaceutical companies that have undergone the spagyric process. These options have a greater bioavailability


Texas Leads U.S. States in Work-Related Deaths

Workplace accidents are tragic, especially when they result in a serious injury or death. Did you know that Texas is often considered to be the most dangerous state for workers? As of 2015, Texas led the nation in U.S. workplace deaths in 11 of the previous 14 years.

This year is also looking grim. Recent statistics published by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) show there have been 81 work-related fatalities in the U.S. from January to June 2017. Twenty-one of those incidents occurred in Texas – that’s roughly one-fourth of the incidents for the entire U.S.!

Most Common Work-Related Accidents in Texas

Falls are typically named as the most common work-related accident, and 2017 is no exception. To date, it’s the most occurred workplace accident in Texas, happening in various industries such as oil, construction and tree services, to name a few. Other fatal workplace accidents that have occurred in Texas this year include:

  • Crushed by heavy equipment or steel beams
  • Trench collapse
  • Electrocution
  • Struck by vehicles
  • Concrete footing collapse

Many employers take precautions to ensure their workplaces are safe, however, sometimes there are not enough protective protocols in place or the ones that are in place fail. If this happens, you do have rights, a work accidents attorney in Houston can help.

Texas Has Lax Laws to Protect Workers

Did you know Texas is the only U.S. state that leaves compensation insurance completely optional for employers? (Exception: If the company is working under a government contract, insurance is mandatory). While other states have agencies that monitor workplace safety, Texas solely relies on OSHA. According to the Texas Tribune, Texas has “one of the lowest inspector-to-worker ratios” in the U.S. Due to Texas’ lax laws to protect workers, a legal path may be your only recourse. An attorney who specializes in personal injury can advocate for you and investigate to see if any negligence in the workplace was involved.

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Ways Your Lawyer Can Help

You should know Texas law places a statute of limitations to file for wrongful death. That being the case, you’ll want to contact an attorney right away. Keep in mind, laws do often change and your lawyer will not only help you navigate the legal process but carefully examine current state laws and see if a wrongful death suit should be filed. If your loved one’s work accident was caused by negligence, you might be awarded by the courts to receive compensation to make up for lost earning capacity, other financial losses and for your mental anguish, pain and suffering.

Unfortunately, there are a number of ways people can and do get hurt, or worse, on the job. If you’ve suffered pain or injury due to a job-related accident, there is help available. Be sure your rights are defended, hire a work accidents Houston attorney today.


Understand the Significance of Hiring Domestic Cleaning Service

If you wish to live a healthy life, then it is compulsory to keep your surrounding clean. Dust and dirt can tend to cause several health problems because of poor hygiene. Domestic cleaning is necessary as you spend more time at home. Thus, maintaining a superior standard of cleaning become essential. This procedure becomes more essential, especially if you have a home with children and pets.

In the earlier days, the domestic cleaning service was not offered. However, now things have been changed a lot and you can access Cleaners London to ensure a clean environment. In the market, plenty of companies provide the cleaning service at an affordable price. Hence, choosing the right one is the best decision to utilize the cleaning service properly.

Utilize the perks of hiring domestic cleaners:

In the current scenario, nobody has enough time to clean his or her house that domestic cleaning service makes it easy. They provide the general cleaning of the house and make sure the entire home cleaning thoroughly. If the home is big, then it is difficult for one to clean it.

In such condition, you can hire Cleaners London because they have the right equipment and required workforce that makes the job easy. Nowadays, individuals hire cleaning service on a weekly basis to clean the home. This would surely provide a disease-free environment.

When it comes to domestic Cleaners London you can access different kinds of services as per your need. Under the specialized cleaning, you would be cleaning carpets, upholstery and other things. These things need more caring when cleaning. It is because such things require being cleaned with appropriate detergent otherwise, it gets spoilt.

Stain removal is another important thing in cleaning. A home looks very dirty if it has stains so professionals know how to clean stains properly with comfort and ease. Hiring a pro will save time, money and other damage to your home or its interiors.

Keep a home clean, tidy, and neat is necessary so hire cleaners to help you keep and maintain your home clean. Cleaning is vital to maintaining a standard and quality of life. It is always suggested to hire reputed domestic cleaners.


US blocks usage of Russian cyber security software

Federal agencies in the US have been banned from using security software from Russian company Kaspersky Lab.


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The US government has given agencies up to 90 days to identify, uninstall and replace the software amid concerns about the relationship between Kaspersky Lab and the Russian government.

Keeping information secure

Security software comes in different shapes and forms depending on the systems they are protecting, but they all have the same goal: keeping files and information safe from cybercriminals.

For example, endpoint security solutions, as defined by Techopedia, make sure that the endpoints, such as laptops, mobiles, or any other device trying to access a network, have the correct authorisation and administrative rights before granting them access. Often used as a component of a larger IT security strategy, this type of solution, obtained from vendors like, is commonly used to control malware threats and unauthorised access.

The concerns raised by the US government are that ties between officials at Kaspersky and the Russian government pose a risk that the Kaspersky security software could be used to open a back door through which federal information could be accessed. The Department of Homeland Security said in its statement that there was a concern that under Russian law, Russian intelligence agencies could force Kaspersky to assist them and that this would have a direct impact on US security.


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Chilly relations

Kaspersky Lab has denied any ties with the Russian government and said that the concerns about how Russian regulations might affect them are based on a misinterpretation of Russian law. Kaspersky said the law did not affect them as it applied to ISP or telecommunication companies. The company then went on to voice its concern about being considered guilty until proven innocent.

However, Mr. R. David Edelman, who works at MIT’s Internet Policy Research Initiative, said that the Departmant of Homeland Security’s decision was serious enough that it couldn’t have been made without there being some form of hard evidence of security exposure behind it. He suggested that it indicated that relations between the US and Russia have entered a chilly period. He also noted that this decision could prompt US companies to be wary of co-operating with governments and shy away from approaches made by US authorities in the future.



Why You Should Try A Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet

With obesity becoming a pestilence it is a ponder that the least complex answer on the planet sits just before every one of the individuals who experience the ill effects of being overweight. It is quite often a man’s diet that is the guilty party with regards to being too enormous for their pants. The issue is that an excessive number of individuals are not dynamic any longer. All diet pill pushers disclose to you that with the correct diet and practice and the expansion of their pills you will get in shape. In all actuality, if you had the correct diet and exercise now you would not require their injectable format of Nandrolone DecanoateS.

What at any point was the root of the propensity for meat eating, the 21st century is confronted with the extra weights of climatic change, to which meat eating has contributed considerably. As indicated by the examination details accessible with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN, the commitment of domesticated animals to a dangerous atmospheric devation at 18{1973852c3d03fa9c7b89cf4e32c90950349d2a7529a1646edaa4b9e79bec0c07} is more than what non-renewable energy sources have to the warming up the earth. However, details don’t scare individuals enough to consider not eating meat. In any case, if you are thinking that its difficult to fit into your most loved jean that is just a couple of months old, that could set you considering meat and the delayed consequences of utilization.

A vegan weight loss diet is a critical part of your day by day needs. They are low calorie, can be high in protein, have high mineral and vitamin include, and are low carbohydrates. They are low in pretty much everything that is terrible for you however high in taste. You should remove bread, pasta and potatoes. These things are loaded with starch which once in your circulation system become sugar. This is not all that simple to process, so the greater part of it is stored in the fat cells for later utilize. The issue is that later despite everything you needn’t bother with it so it remains in the fat cells.

Well given us a chance to surrender environmental change for the time being. In any case, however as people, we also could add to the “greening” by eliminating our meat consumption while the general purpose is not about the meat; it is more about what you eat and the karma related to your dietary patterns. The greater part of us who are unknowingly during the time spent putting on weight would see the first increases occurring around the hips and as the expression goes, ‘Chips go to hips’. We as a whole long for that day when there’ll be an enchantment pill (without every one of the feelings of trepidation of antagonistic reactions) that’ll stop French fries and chocolate deserts from evilly settling in unattractive spots. Be that as it may, that day may or not ever come. So investigating options and alternatives may be a decent first step for all who have just been longing for weight loss however have spent practically zero exertion toward that path.


Sainsbury’s launch men’s tailoring range

Supermarket chain, Sainsbury’s, has just announced the introduction of its very own range of tailored men’s clothing. But will its Tu Formal brand be impactful enough to compete in this crowded marketplace?


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Bold entrance

What should set Sainsbury’s tailoring range apart from the pack almost immediately is the fact that quite a few items in the 29-strong line-up are fashioned from fabrics that make use of UK-sourced wool. So rather than going overseas for its materials, the supermarket chain is looking to home-grown produce to flesh out its formal jacket and trouser combos.

Much of the wool comes specifically from a pair of mills based in Yorkshire and the various items in the range will be sold both online and in-store at 250 locations nationally, meaning not everyone will be able to see the Tu Formal fabrics in the flesh immediately.

Woollen suits and tweed jackets are amongst the items on offer, as well as ties costing from as little as £6 apiece. Of course, with sites like selling mens Farah shirts at competitive prices online, Sainsbury’s is not just having to take on other bricks and mortar retailers, but online stores too.

Future plans

As the Tu Formal range touches down this month, Sainsbury’s is already outlining its intentions to expand further before the end of the year. As the winter season gets into full swing, it will start selling slim-fit suits, thicker jackets and a number of other pieces to round out the offerings.


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Company spokesperson, Seth Harrington, explained that no other supermarkets had attempted to enter this market segment before, in spite of the fact that there is clear demand for this type of fashion line, and with rivals like M&S suffering clothing-related setbacks, now is the right time to pounce.

Next month, Sainsbury’s will be debuting Tu Premium as part of another expansion of this brand, bringing with it things like beanie hats and overcoats which factor in a whole range of different sizes, from small to triple XL. While the name suggests that these will be prestige items, in reality, the supermarket is seeking to keep them affordable and in line with customer expectations, meaning that firms like Next will need to redouble their efforts and address their own prices if they want to avoid being eclipsed.


Met Police Criticised for DBS Check Delays on Job Applicants

The government have said that delays to DBS checks from the Metropolitan Police are of “great concern” after thousands of delays across the UK.


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Every day hundreds of people in Britain apply for DBS checks for their work. They are essential if you will be working with vulnerable people or children, which means that employees can’t start their new jobs until a DBS check has been received.

This isn’t a problem if the check arrives in time, but the London force currently has around 50,000 outstanding applications, which is down from 83,000 in April. This indicates that tens of thousands of people are unable to work, even though they are fully qualified for the role that they have been applied for.

Long Wait Times

A DBS check should take up to eight weeks to arrive, but many people are reporting that they have been waiting for their check to arrive for months. Statistics have revealed that just over half of the cases are dealt with within eight weeks, but on average it takes 107 days to be resolved – that is nearly double the estimated timeframe.

Some nurses have even reported that they lost their jobs while waiting to be cleared. This is frustrating for both employees and employers, as no-one wants to go through the hiring process just to let someone go due to delayed credentials.


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It is also a huge source of worry for people who are waiting for their DBS checks to arrive, as they don’t know if the check will takes weeks or months to arrive. In the meantime they have no choice but to wait – even though they may be unable to work or earn money during this period, so they may actually lose money.

If you want to find out more about getting a basic DBS check for work visit

According to Gov.UK, the DBS and MPS are currently working hard to help resolve any delays in processing checks, but many people are still reporting long wait times.

The Cause of the Problem

The delay is apparently caused by a surge of people who need DBS checks and staff shortages. This means that the delays may continue until the Metropolitan police are able to hire more staff to deal with the influx of DBS check requests.



Tips To Make Your Girlfriend’s Birthday Super Special

A girlfriend is someone who picks you when you fall, supports you during the most back breaking moments, celebrates you for being you and loves you to the point of keeping you never below number one in her life. For someone so caring and supportive, each day should be made special to let her realize that the little things that she does everyday have only made you fall in love with her harder.

And especially if it’s her birthday, you ought to have special plans to gift her one of the most memorable days of her life. She is sure to have an unceasing smile on her face. Below mentioned are some amazing ideas to celebrate birthday and let your girlfriend know she is truly special.

  • A Surprise Date

Plan a surprise day for her with a sumptuous meal. And No, it shouldn’t stop here. Get a guitar played by experts while you are looking into her eyes and thanking her for everything she does and she is sure to feel special.

  1. Gifts Every Hour

Arrange sweet gifts for her and keep on surprising her every hour. You can decide the time span on your convenience and gifts on your budget but we bet even the tiniest of surprise would move her to the core.

  • The Special Gift

Has she ever longed for a particular dress, or a make up kit or a book but she could not get it for herself. It’s time for you to make her wish come true. Get her THAT dress or anything she had been longing to have for some time.

  • Cut The Miles Short

So, if it’s a LDR that you share, the biggest gift you can give her on this day is to BE PRESENT. Surprise her by giving her a visit and if that’s not possible, celebrate the day on Skype by helping her cut the cake. Arrange delicious cakes online, in Hyderabad, Delhi, Gurgaon or wherever she resides.

  • Be The Chef

Cook something special. Prepare a meal for her without her help. A good meal done by you is something she would remember for a long time to come as this would reflect the amount of effort that you re putting in.

  • The Classic Expression

Letters. Yes, handwritten letters are the best and most cherish-able way to show your love for someone. Take a colored sheet and pour out all your feelings for her. Even if you are too clumsy with words, do it. It’s special, anyway!

  • Let Fresh Flowers Do The Talking

Add colors to her birthday with flowers. They work best for the expression of love. With prompt flowers delivery service available around you, make a choicest pick and bring a broad smile on her face.

  • If Everything Fails – Jewelry

If you are looking for a gift and wonder if it’s going to be a hit or miss, jewelry is your savior. It doesn’t need to be studded in diamonds to impress her. A simple one would do wonders too. Get a a beautiful necklace or earrings and she is going to love you so much more.

With these amazing birthday tips for your girlfriend, it’s time for you to make the very best out of the day!


How to convince a sceptic of the value of good web design

Even in this day and age of digital dominance, there are some business owners who shy away from getting a website because they fail to see the virtues of having one. There are plenty of ways to turn a sceptic into a converted web owner, however, and make them realise the value of good web design.


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Build credibility and trust

The reality is, if you don’t have a website, it impacts negatively on your trust and credibility. People expect businesses to have a website these days, and if you don’t have one, there’s a good chance that customers will look elsewhere to businesses that do.

With a carefully designed website, you can implement elements such as adding reviews and customer testimonials, or displaying your industry credentials, to build trust and respect for your brand.

Brand building

When a website has been well designed by experts, such as, who are a web development company in London, they can incorporate specific elements into the design scheme that represents your brand. This can reinforce your identity and the image that you want to get across to others.


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Worthwhile investment

Website sceptics may be put off by the investment in time and money that is needed to create and maintain a site. They may argue that these valuable resources are better spent elsewhere on their business. This is a short-sighted approach, however.

The investment you make for your website can yield much wider and longer-term benefits than you had imagined. According to Forbes from traffic, branding and conversion rates to SEO, your complete internet presence is affected by your site design.

Increase sales

Importantly, good web design can help to boost your income potential. By attracting traffic to your site, you can grow your customer base in a much bigger way than just having a bricks-and-mortar store. With a website that has an ecommerce function, your sales will not be restricted by your physical location. If you implement SEO techniques, this can also help to make your website easier to find on search engines, further widening your reach to bigger audiences.

Good web design also allows you to remain competitive in a saturated market, and stay one step ahead of your rivals, who themselves may have failed to appreciate the benefits of great website design.