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Life planning for traveling families

Of course, you value your family and your career but balancing both can be a challenge sometimes. Whether you’re a jet-setting executive, a beach-hopping creative, a medical professional on a mission or a hard-working military household, you want to make the best choice for your kids while meeting your professional obligations.

One of the first choices you’ll need to make is whether to move the entire family with each change in location, or to create a “home base” to come back to. You may be more comfortable with everyone within sight, or your job may make it safer and more stable for the kids to stay in a separate location, and for you to visit them.

Education is another key consideration. Changing schools regularly can adversely affect the learning process, since schools in different locations may have different academic levels, different subjects being taught at different rates, and even different languages of instruction – and that’s before you factor in the challenges of fitting into a new social world. In the long-term, the right educational choices will help your child be successful in whatever she or he chooses to do in the future, and the quality of instruction and beneficial relationships acquired at school are a significant part of that.

International schools are a good way to resolve some of these challenges in the life of a traveling family. A common language of instruction – usually English – a high standard, transferable and uniform curricula, such as the International Baccalaureate (IB) or Advanced Placement (AP) standards, and exposure to a diverse student body with global connections provides children with a positive experience and prepares them for higher education.  

For those moving the whole family frequently, placement in international schools helps keep your children’s education portable, so they can continue progress as you change locations, and aren’t held back by new languages or divergent areas of study. For those looking to establish a home base, picking a school in a central location for your travels can provide stability and quality instruction.

If you will be traveling mainly around the Asia-Pacific region, international schools in Hong Kong offer world-recognized quality instruction in a highly developed city with easy connections to East Asia, India and the Middle East, and the pacific island region. If your focus is in the Middle East and Africa, Dubai is widely recognized as an international city, while for those focused mainly in Europe or the Americas, major cities such as New York and London, or regional capitals such as Los Angeles or Warsaw, can offer excellent flight connections for more accessible visits, travel access to the surrounding region, and world-quality schools.

The location, duration and frequency of your travels, as well as the type of work you do are one part of the puzzle that is life planning for traveling families. Your children’s future and your connection as a family is another. Bringing the two together will be choices around location, education and intentional investments to make sure you all have the best experience while abroad.


What’s The Deal with Matcha?

Becoming ever more popular in the west, many of us drink green tea for our health. Claimed to be a superfood of sorts, unfortunately many of the important health benefits are lost when we drink it in its more commonly found teabag form instead of powdered. Both green tea and matcha are born of the same plant, however green tea leaves are more commonly found in tea bags, whilst matcha is in powder form. This means you’re getting the full leaf ground into a fine powder, receiving all the health benefits you were promised. Although opinion is still divided on whether matcha is the super product many claim it to be, it certainly has its impressive benefits.

If you find yourself struggling through that mid-afternoon slump and need an energy bump, or feel like your focus is a little cloudy, getting your hands on this handy little powder could make a world of difference. Be sure to stay away from adding things like milk and sugar to your tea if you want to keep the health benefits.

What separates Matcha from other teas is the special growing process that involves shading the leaves, resulting in the plant producing more theanine, and the stimulant caffeine. The amino acid L-Theanine is known for its impressive mental health effects including boosting cognitive function and improving mood. This promotes a feeling of calm, helpful in stressful situations or if you have a tendency to lose patience. Caffeine, as we all know is a stimulant that works by stimulating the central nervous system promoting alertness, energy and focus. Theanine and Caffeine work synergistically together with one boosting alertness, and the other promoting a sense of calm, allowing you to dial in your focus without the crash or jitters that come with other caffeine products such as coffee or energy drinks.

Besides being great for helping keep your energy levels in check, Matcha is a well-known source of antioxidants. Antioxidants combat the negative effects of free radicals, otherwise known as oxidative damage or oxidative stress. These effects can play a huge part in the formation disease for illnesses such as dementia and heart disease which have both been associated with higher levels of inflammation. Certain antioxidants are found within the body itself, whilst others come from our diets by eating certain foods that have anti-inflammatory properties such as blueberries, dark chocolate and of course, matcha. The human liver creates and uses free radicals to detoxify the body whilst white blood cells send free radicals to destroy bacteria, viruses and damaged cells. A medical study published in the National Institute of Health in 2007 found that out of a target group of 69,710 Chinese females aged 40 to 70, drinkers of green tea had a 57 percent lower risk of certain types of cancer.

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The Hidden Costs of Drug Research

When consumers look at the cost of drug research, they don’t often consider the complexities that go on behind the scenes. Fees involved with testing, maintenance and licensing compound the costs of a drug at the counter. One example is the turnaround, a technical term for upgrading a factory. Facilities have to shut down for repairs and upgrades, and experiments don’t stop when this happens. A lab relocation

 has to carefully handle the experiments in progress, an extremely precise operation. Small costs like this add up over decades for a price tag in the millions (or even billions).

If you’re interested in what drives the cost of medical drugs, read on for some of the major contributing factors.

Length of Time

A clinical trial can take several years to complete, requiring millions in investment to pay for the basic costs. Trials can require all sorts of new equipment, staffing and the costs of running a lab full time. Multiply those costs over a decade’s worth of time and the costs of a drug begin to climb drastically.

The time factor is important because society needs a full understanding of the effects of a drug, and sometimes those effects may not manifest for years. A pharmaceutical test consists of many phases as well. Pre-clinical and clinical can both take 5-7 years to complete, on average.

Cost of Failure

One of the major reasons that drug costs are increasing is that there is a high cost of failure. Very few of the drugs tested will actually make it to market, and those that do will need to recoup a cost numbering into the billions at times. This can seem unrealistic, but the amount of testing required defers the opportunity to profit off a drug by more than a decade, which is a dramatic investment for any company.

Part of the challenge is meeting regulations involved in the safe manufacturing of drugs, but a failed trial can impact a company in other ways. Any company losing up to $1 billion in a failure sees a plummeting stock price and faces serious downsizing.

Collecting Data

Part of the big contributor to the cost of research is in sample size. Early-stage testing looks primarily at animals, but as trials progress, they require human volunteers. Early trials look only at dosages to test toxicity, but later stage trials require patients exhibiting certain symptoms. Those volunteers can be hard to find and may add to the expense of data collection.

Even the most efficient trials take several years to complete, requiring many volunteers and staff along the way.

Other Factors

There are several reasons why the costs of a prescription drug may be high other than the major ones cited above. For example, funding for a trial may dry up and require a suspension. A suspension means an experiment will go into storage or may be moved. Things never stop, they just get delayed until the next source of funding is found, now with the added cost of storage.

The costs of a prescription drug are varied, and the returns can be difficult to judge from a consumer or regulatory standpoint. The line is very obscured. It’s clear that more testing leads to a more reliable drug, but more must be done to try and lower or control some of the costs associated with pharmaceutical drugs.



Freezing is one of the oldest way of preserving food, The freezer is the most important part or extension of the pantry which is used to reach out for ice cubes and store much more than just raw meat, icy treats or casseroles. Freezing if done correctly, keeping some principles in mind, is one of the best ways to ensure that excess food can be store for use later. This gives the comfort of a stocked larder. Some points to keep in mind while freezing food are:

  • Freeze only food you are sure is safe to be frozen and consumed later
  • Cool all food before freezing
  • Never refreeze after thawing
  • Wrap food properly before freezing and label correctly

If these principles are followed then fruits and vegetables can be frozen for a year, poultry up to nine months, fish up to six months, and ground meat up to four months thus helping you save money.

Let’s take a look at foods that we can and should freeze:

  • CORN ON THE COB: Fresh corn along with the husk and the silk can be packed into freezer bags and frozen till further use. This way it will last for almost a year. Corn can also be husked and blanched and then packed into freezer bags and frozen. This way it will eliminate the taste of the cob if you do not like it.
  • RAW EGGS: Raw eggs can be stored for at least one month in the freezer but not in their shells. When whole eggs are frozen, the liquid will expand causing the egg shells to crack and seep all-over your freezer. Freeze eggs in cube trays and store in plastic freezer bags for six months. To freeze only yolks add a pinch of salt while beating them prior to freezing.
  • TORTILLAS: Tortillas can be frozen to store as long as you let them thaw fully in the fridge before use.
  • POTATO CHIPS: Freeze all leftover potato chips. You can eat them straight from the freezer as cold chips are crispier.
  • WHIPPED CREAM: Spoon dollops of sweetened freshly whipped cream on a cookie sheet and freeze. Store in freezer containers and they will last a month or two
  • GARLIC: Garlic can be frozen whole or chopped but always remember to freeze it in oil to avoid botulism. This way it can be stored for months
  • HUMMUS: Hummus is a very healthy and nutrition packed treat that freezes very well. Always remember to freeze it in an airtight container with lots of Olive oil brimming at the top. This way there is no moisture loss and its stays fresh and tasty for three to four months.
  • PANCAKES: Extra pancakes can be whipped and prepared and frozen to be used later. Placing wax papers between them and wrapping the stack in a foil paper, will ensure that they stay tasty even after 2 months
  • FRESH LIME: Fresh lime can be frozen by cutting them to thin slices. Use wax paper between each layer of slices and freeze; ensure all seeds are removed while slicing. Lime juice can be preserved in glass containers. Ensure to leave head space for the liquid to expand.
  • ONIONS: Whole onions can be saved without freezing. Chopping and dicing onions is always the most mundane chore. It would be wonderful if this could be a onetime chore and then the rest of the week you have ready to be used diced onions available. Diced onions can be saved in freezer bags. Do not thaw when required just toss them into the pan when required.
  • STEEL CUT OATS: Steel cut oats can be cooked over the weekend and saved in individual glass or one portion containers to be used during the week as required.
  • AVOCADOS: Avocados are not required to be saved in the freezer but they work great when stored too. Puree the flesh of the avocados with lime juice and store in freezer to be used later for smoothies, dressings or the all-time favourite guacamole.
  • MUSHROOMS: Mushrooms can be saved cooked and cooled to room temperature or raw chopped and sliced. Freeze on cookie sheets to keep them separate and prevent them from clumping or crumping. Once frozen they can be transferred to freezer bags and saved.
  • BREAD: Sliced bread remains for about 3 months when stored in the freezer and can be revived quickly in the toaster. This makes the freezer a better option for bread than the fridge.
  • GRAINS: Grains like quinoa, farro and bulgur last for about three months outside the freezer. But when frozen they last up to six months
  • GINGER: Peel and save ginger in freezer bags to be used later.
  • TOMATO PASTE: Tomato paste can be frozen in small spoonful portions and saved for later use.
  • HERBS: Expensive herbs can be bought when cheap, chopped and stored with olive oil in ice trays for use later.
  • SHREDDED CHICKEN: Shredded chicken can be stored in batches. it is always available and handy to use
  • LEFTOVERS – never throw away the leftovers from a meal or from a cooking:

COOKED RICE AND PASTA – can be frozen for a second meal later

MASHED POTATOES – can be portioned with an ice-cream scoop and frozen in freezer bags for about 2 months.

PIE – freeze remaining pie portions. These can be amazing midnight snacks or can be added to churn our yummy shakes.

FROSTING – frosting can be saved in freezer Ziploc bags in a very easy way. ?they are ready to be used anytime by just cutting away a little corner of the bag and squeezing.

This list is endless. We can still experiment and make this inexhaustible. So the next time you plan to throw away any leftovers from your cooking or excess purchases for the month, please sit back and think for a while if there is a way to freeze it and use later. Happy Freezing!


What do you need to know about home automation systems and security?

With increasing connectivity and technological advances, the ability to remotely control areas of your home using just a smartphone is no longer a concept that only exists in the distant future.


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Just a few decades ago, the concept of a smart home didn’t even exist, but innovative technological advancea and accomplished feats of engineering now mean that the option to protect our homes with advanced security and safety features is becoming far more accessible.

Knowing your home is secure and protected can be hugely comforting, and whether you want to ensure your home is warm for when you get home, keep a watchful eye on your pets, or switch on your security lighting system, home automation systems are becoming more integrated into our daily lives with each passing year.

Selecting your system

With home automation companies, such as Digital Interiors (, producing a variety of different products, selecting the right system for your needs can seem like an overwhelming task. However, ensuring you fully understand the features you require will ensure the process isn’t as daunting as initial impressions may suggest.


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Outsmart intruders

When thinking about protecting your home, keeping intruders away from your premises is likely to be at the top of your list. Smart technology is now capable of sending an alert directly to your smartphone when windows are opened unexpectedly or doors are damaged, alleviating concerns when you’re away from home.

Thorough surveillance

Protecting your home with surveillance cameras can also provide additional peace of mind, ensuring that there are no potential intruders lurking around your property looking for possible areas of entry.

Alerting the emergency services

As this article indicates, gas leaks, flooding, and fires are all serious concerns for homeowners. Advanced security systems will immediately alert the relevant emergency services should an issue be detected, potentially saving your home, your possessions, and even your life in the process.

Interior functionality

Controlling your thermostat, turning lights on or off, or drawing the curtains while you’re away from home may seem like a bit of a luxury, but these simple functions can also boost the security of your home, creating the illusion of someone being inside even if you’re stuck in traffic or you have had to change your plans at the last minute and need to leave your home unattended.


Planning To Setup A New Medical Clinic In Your City? Here Is What To Know

It’s always good to start a business and live an independent life. However, you need to keep a lot of things in mind while doing so in order to avoid any last moment hassle. In case you are a medical practitioner and planning to setup a clinic in your city, then make sure you take necessary steps in such a way that things can be executed comfortably. Here is how you can forge ahead in this direction-

Research About Local Requirement

Even before you start the business, spend some time in researching to know what customers want from healthcare clinics in your area and which all products sell the most. Though the research may take some time and require you to think out of the box, when you complete it successfully, you can see some amazing insights that will help you in an amazing way.

Have Necessary Equipment In Place

Just because you are starting afresh doesn’t mean you can afford not to have all the equipment required to treat patients adequately. Remember, people will come to you only when they realize that you have everything available in-house and they won’t have to look for an alternative option again. So, leave no stone unturned when it comes to buying necessary tools and equipment for your business.

What you can do is give a shot at refurbished medical equipment in case you’re short of money in the beginning and haven’t yet started getting a huge demand from customers. There are quite a few companies that provide both used and new healthcare equipment at affordable prices, so you don’t have to face any trouble while trying to buy high-quality equipment for your clinic.

Once these two are done, you can forge ahead and focus on recruiting staff members who are dedicated to serving customers to the best of their abilities. These three things should be kept in mind whenever someone decides to start a new healthcare clinic. If you want to succeed, you can pay attention to them and have a great experience overall.



Leather Jackets for Girls – Popular for Its Style and Versatility

Winter wear online is the best option for you so that you can get warm clothing for keeping you warm and comfortable during winters and the most popular winter wear is women jackets that are experiencing a surge in demands with the onset of winters. Jackets for women offer you the opportunity of getting a kind of clothing that you need to face the cold winters with style, warmth and comfort so that you can look elegant and ravishing. Thus you will need to look for women jackets that are available in different materials, styles, shapes and colors so that you can select the one that will suit your requirements.

Leather jackets for ladies are known for its boldness and beauty that it offers to girls because these stylish jackets can accentuate the look of the girl as it is available in many trendy colors for complementing any dress. Moreover leather jackets are loved by girls and women alike as it has the style and warmth factor that they are looking for in the winter wear. Jackets for women are gaining popularity because it can be worn with any outfit as it offers amazing confidence when you wear this winter wear for everyday use or any special occasion. Thus it can also be called as a wardrobe essential that you need as women jackets can give flair to any outfit without putting in a lot of efforts. Leather jackets for girls are suited for everyday use in the winter as it offers warmth to the body as it is a fashionable and versatile jackets that can enhance your look instantly.

Jackets are getting a lot of attention by women of every age, size and body style as you can wear this jacket for making your fashion statement and expressing your style and personality. Winter wear for girls means look for clothing that will offer warmth and make you look stylish as these are winter appropriate clothing that is an excellent addition to your wardrobe. You can feel cozy and look sassy when you buy high quality leather jackets that have been especially designed for women who want to follow the latest fashion trends as there are many options so that you can be spoilt for choice. Leather jackets are always in high demand in the winter months which makes it even more important to consider buying a stylish and elegant jackets for women at and enjoy easy and reliable shopping.


6 corporate gifting ideas that can easily capture the attention of business clients  

It has become the common trend among corporate houses to offer amazing gifts to their business clients and friends in order to form a strong business relationship for a lifetime. These corporate gifts are also helpful in improving the overall image and reputation of your company in a seamless manner. If you are looking to build the effective business engagement with your clients around the world, you need to offer these wonderful corporate gifts without any delay.

Offer them a stress buster gift or healing gift- The competition in a business environment is very ruthless and tiring. If you want to offer a soothing and trouble free environment to your corporate clients, you need to gift them a spa kit, aroma oil therapy kit, Feng Shui items or any other presents that can have a positive impact on their mind. You can easily send these wonderful items as corporate gifts to India and abroad for your business clients.  

Order a fitness band or any other gift for them- It is very difficult to maintain your fitness levels due to tight business schedules and appointments. In order to help your business clients achieve a certain level of fitness, you need to offer them a fitness band or any other gift item that can help in monitoring their fitness levels and important body functions.

Choose a basket or hamper of healthy snacks- If you want to offer exceptional gifts for businessmen that can be remembered for a long time, you need to offer them healthy snacks option. You can order digestive snacks, high fibre cookies, dry fruits, green tea, dark chocolates and other such food items that can help in fighting those odd time hunger pangs in a seamless manner.

Buy personal care hamper- In order to boost your business engagement with your clients, you need to order personal care hamper comprising of a tie, leather belt, cologne, pocket square, brooch/cufflinks and other items that can help in improving the personality of your business client.

Offer them an office décor item- We all want our office space to look good and well maintained. In order to help out your business clients, you can order a wide range of office décor items from any corporate gifting companies such as table tops, indoor plants, pen holder stands, folders and other gifts in an effortless manner.

Choose any electronic gift items- If you are short of gift ideas for your corporate clients; you need to offer them amazing electronic gift items such as a USB storage device, Bluetooth speaker or any other gift item that can effortlessly capture the attention of your business clients.

It is time to order these fantastic corporate gifts to India and abroad through any available corporate gifting companies in order to improve the reputation and brand value of your company.  





Try these ideas for the perfect breakfast in bed

Breakfast in bed must be up there as one of the best ways to start your day. No jumping out of bed at the first sound of an alarm clock, no dashing to work with only a slice of cold toast for sustenance – quite simply, you have nowhere to be.


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Now the days are colder and shorter, it’s even more tempting to stay beneath the covers, so follow our top tips for the perfect breakfast under the duvet.

What You’ll Need

The key to a great breakfast in bed for yourself or a loved one is organisation. That doesn’t sound particularly relaxing or indulgent, but a few key items will make all the difference. You’ll need a tray large enough to hold everything, cutlery to eat with and napkins to catch the crumbs. Flowers are optional but add a nice touch.

Where You’ll Be

Of course, you can enjoy breakfast in bed in the comfort of your own home, but why not make the most of it and whisk yourself off to a luxurious hotel or stylish boutique apartment such as no. 8 Waterloo Street apartments, which will afford you all the privacy of home? The beauty of venues like these Birmingham serviced apartments is that they are like a home from home, complete with fully equipped kitchen and sumptuous surroundings, but you won’t have to do the clearing up.


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What You’ll Eat

Thankfully, the nation’s best-loved chefs all have their own take on the perfect way to indulge in this favourite leisurely pastime, continually creating an array of mouth-watering recipes. From Angela Nilsen’s healthier take on the full English to James Martin’s Spiced Bloody Marys, there’s no shortage of delicious ideas. Why not try your hand at one of the recipes, or even better get someone else to try them for you?

You don’t need to be a culinary master either. Dip delicious pancetta-wrapped avocado into your soft boiled egg, or add nutritious matcha powder and maple syrup to some natural yoghurt. Top with kiwi, peach, blueberries and coconut flakes – delicious yet simple.

So now that we’ve provided you with all the ingredients for a fabulously lazy breakfast in bed, there’s no excuse. Choose your venue, stock your fridge and hit the snooze button as you snuggle down under the duvet for some you time.


How to Watch Movies Online on Putlocker

If you want to be able to watch your favorite movie anytime, anywhere, jump onto one of the most popular sites, Putlockers movie 2016, and watch them. Watching movies online is the trend. It has made watching movies easy and accessible so you should be able to get the best out of it.

Watching movies online is as easy as A-B-C. However, to maximize your viewing you need to know that there are several other steps to make other than the simple basic ones. This will ensure that you are safe and that you get to enjoy without fear.

Before everything else, you need to do is to watch out for those torrents. Torrents seem to be accessible but they bring the most infection to your computer. Most torrents contain viruses and spyware. These infection that they carry along are not even scared of anti-virus software. Those anti-virus will simply not work on them.

Instead of going to those torrent sites, go to those paid ones. The price is not relatively too big and it is cost efficient because you get to enjoy unlimited viewing only for a one time pay. Plus, you can even download some of them.

So finally you can pay and subscribe to the online movie site of your choice. But before doing so, you also need to check a few things. Before making that payment, make sure the site offers a money back guarantee. You will not be sure about the services that online sites offer and the only way to make sure you don’t get scammed is by also making sure they have a money back guarantee.

To be sure that you also get your money’s worth, make sure that the online site you are subscribing to does not only offer movies but TV shows and music as well. When you are subscribing, make sure you get the most out of the subscription. So choose an online site that offers unlimited movies, unlimited TV shows and music.

There are also sites that not only show movies but feature movie trailers and interviews. These sites are also good for the money. You get to enjoy your money’s worth.

When you have found a site that has all these, then you are sure that is a good online movie site. You can be confident to give out your credit card details and subscribe. Then start enjoying what you deserve.