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Top 4 Health Benefits You can Offer Your Employees

A healthy person is able to contribute a lot towards every activity in his life. And the better performance a person has as an employee the higher will his firm grow.

This is why health benefits are considered one of the best things along with monetary benefits at the work place. In fact, a healthy workplace turns into a flourishing work place. Here are a few advantages of health benefits at the work place.

  • Increased levels of productivity
  • Reduced staff turn over
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Improved image of the company
  • Increase in morale of the employees

Here are the top four health benefits that you can offer your employees, thus contributing to the growth of your organization.

  • Group health insurance plans

Corporate medical insurance goes a long way in ensuring that your organization cares about the health of its employees. It is a great way of securing the health of your employees under one single plan. When you buy corporate health insurance, not only are your employees covered but also are their family members covered. This ensures good health among your employees and increases the morale and feeling of belongingness to the organization. A few other benefits of group health insurance plans are:

  1. Some corporate medical insurance plans cover pre-existing illnesses as well as maternity costs
  2. A group plan offers cashless hospitalization at network hospitals
  3. Group health insurance covers supporting costs like ambulance costs, besides others.
  4. Some corporate medical insurance plans also provide reimbursements if employees visit healthcare specialists.
  5. One of the major benefits of a group health insurance is that the feature of co-payment does not exist. This means your employees do not have to shell out a single rupee from their pockets for hospitalization or any other such medical expenses.
  6. A corporate medical insurance plan comes without the waiting period. This means that the employees start enjoying the coverage benefit since the day you buy corporate health insurance.
  7. When you buy corporate health insurance, you may also avail of tax benefits on the premiums paid.
  8. Another great benefit of such a plan is that unlike individual health insurance policies, a group health insurance does not require employees to undergo any medical tests.
  9. You may also avail of tax benefits when you buy corporate health insurance.
  • Wellness benefit

After availing of group health insurance, a corporate wellness plan offers a range of benefits to the employees. A corporate wellness plan includes facilities like a company gym, Yoga classes, meditation, stress management, and other such facilities that take care of the holistic health of your employees. After all, good health lies in the right balance between body, mind, and soul.

  • Healthcare reimbursement

Healthcare reimbursement is when you provide your employees with medical allowance in the form of a gift card or stipend, using which the employees may pay towards their healthcare.

  • Medical camps

Periodic medical camps for employees are a great way to ensure that your employees are fit and healthy and any upcoming disease may be diagnosed at the initial stage. Medical professionals also provide useful healthcare tips at such camps, which may come in handy to your employees.

A firm foundation is the key to a strong structure. Your employees are the foundation of your organization. So, taking care of their healthcare needs will ensure a high growth and development of your organization.


6 Budget-Friendly Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas For Your Girlfriend

 Sometimes finding a perfect Valentine gift for girlfriend can be difficult, especially when you are looking for some budget-friendly gifts. But, remember it’s not the money you are going to spend on Valentine’s Day that matters. What matters is your love and affection for your girlfriend. So, if you are looking for a perfect Valentine gift for your girlfriend that are budget-friendly, take a guide with these cost-effective ways of saying ‘I Love You’ to your girl this Valentine’s Day.

Cute Ear Muffs

As the Valentine’s Day week begins in the month of February, ear muffs would be perfect Valentine gift for your girlfriend to stay warm throughout the cold weather. Not only that ear muffs will keep her ears warm but also make a stylish winter gear for her. This budget-friendly Valentine gift will surely be loved by her.

Sleeping Mask

Here is another inexpensive yet one of the cutest Valentine’s Day gifts that you can give to your girlfriend. Yes, a cute sleeping mask will improve your girlfriend’s sleep cycle ensuring her a great night sleep. So, grab a cute sleeping mask for your girlfriend and show that how much you care for her on Valentine’s Day.

A Delicious Cake

A delicious cake is one of the budget-friendly ways of saying ‘I LOVE YOU’ to your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. You can also send a cake to your girlfriend. Suppose your girlfriend resides in Gurgaon then, all you have to do is to order cake online in Gurgaon and avail a same day Valentine cake delivery from an online cake portal.

Bouquet Of Roses

Needless to say that red rose is the traditional token of true love. Roses are indeed the most popular flowers for Valentine’s Day. A dozen of red roses symbolizes true love and can express your deepest feelings to your girlfriend in the most beautiful way. Thus, gift your girlfriend a lovely bunch of red roses and win her heart this Valentine’s Day.

A Love Letter

Love notes are believed to be the very first Valentine gift that dates back to the origin of Valentine’s Day. It was Saint Valentine-an Christian priest who left a letter signed as ‘Your Valentine’ to his jailer’s daughter before he was persecuted. So, this February 14, write all your feelings in your love letter for your girlfriend which will surely be loved by her.

Heart-Shaped Chocolates

Because a heart is recognized as a symbol of love and affection, heart-shaped chocolates will make a great Valentine gift for your girlfriend. You can also go for customized heart-shaped chocolates that say ‘I love you’ to your girlfriend. She will definitely love this delicious treats.

These were some of the best budget-friendly Valentine’s Day gifts that won’t let you run out of money this on this Valentine’s Day.



According to the late author and teacher Joseph Campbell, mythology teaches that we all carry destructive “dragons” in our unconscious.  Dragons are learned conditional patterns in your psyche that constrain you. They are messages internalized from the culture or family that say you shall do something to be valued, approved of, or fit in: you shall make money your life goal, you shall have children, you shall belong to a certain religion, you shall not exceed your father’s or mother’s success, you shall not be an artist, you shall become a banker, you shall be heterosexual, you shall hide your ethnicity, you shall smoke, you shall get married, buy a house, become a house keeper, get a college degree, become an alcoholic (like the rest of us), etc.  Some of these “shalls” could fit your authentic life, others will not.

Campbell teaches that the ancient tradition of slaying the dragon was metaphorical for slaying these “shalls.”  In the story of the warrior who slays the dragon, the warrior approaches the dead dragon and finds that on each scale of the dragon is written the words “thou shalt.” The warrior then tastes the blood of the slain dragon—that is, he internalizes the power that it took to slay it.  He is then ready to lead his true, authentic life.

Image result for Dragons

So what does this slaying of the dragon entail in real time?  It entails approaching and overcoming (i.e. slaying) the internal fears and doubts that hold you back.  This could look like psychotherapy, silent meditation retreats, twelve-step recovery from heroin addiction, alcohol, gambling, or sex addiction, etc. We could do primal scream therapy, deep grief work, Al-anon recovery, codependency recovery, etc.

When we are “running from the dragon” we are acting out our fears.  A friend of mine recently made a movie on heroin addiction.  One of the actors, a recovered addict himself, actually relapsed, overdosed and died shortly after the movie was released.  The dragon of addiction can be a treacherous one to slay. The“slaying” is usually a lifetime challenge.  One might get a good amount of recovery and turn their back only to find the dragon has recovered and coming back at them.

The book Eat Pray Love is a true-life depiction about the author, Elizabeth Gilbert, who finds herself married, in a suburban lifestyle, and suffocating. She is living a “thou shalt” life.  Miss Gilbert didn’t want to be married, have a house, or get pregnant. She was doing what her dragon told her to do— what she “shalt” do to fit in, be accepted, etc.  She has a nervous break down, picks up the sword of her own truth, and goes on a journey of self-discovery by leaving everything behind and seeking teachers in Bali, Italy, and India.  In the process she “slays her dragons” and finds a life of deep authenticity and tremendous success.

Oprah Winfrey recounts how as an impoverished girl in Mississippi she watched her grandmother hang laundry on lines outside.  The women in the family were traditionally all maids.  Her grandmother said to Oprah, “Now you watch me, you’re going to do this one day.” (i.e. be a maid).  Winfrey remembers even then saying to herself, “No, I’ll never do what you’re doing.”  Oprah was slaying thou shalt dragons early on.

When we take our own authentic adventure into life we require a certain ferocity that throws off the “thou shalts” that do not fit, and also adopt others that will.  “I shall remain sober.”  “I shall become wealthy and contribute to society.”  “I shall become an artist.”  “I shall serve humanity in my career.”  “I shall devote myself to a spiritual path.” or, unlike my family, “I shall become an atheist.”  The key is that you find what is authentic to you and no one else.


How to prepare your business for voice search

Voice search is definitely here to stay, having seen a recent upsurge in popularity due to the growth in digital assistants on smartphones and tablets and other voice-activated devices in the home. Consumers and businesses are adopting this technology at speed, and the likes of Siri, Amazon Alexa, Cortana and Viv have become household names.

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Google says that 20 percent of mobile app and android device queries last year took the form of voice searches, and this is predicted to rise to between 30 and 50 percent of all web-browsing activities by 2020. This has huge implications for business and how we optimise for this new way of searching.

Let’s take a look at how you can make sure your business stays ahead of the competition by getting ready for voice search.

Mobile-first website

Since such a high proportion of voice searches are initiated on-the-go, it makes sense that your website should be optimised for mobile searches. Page speeds must be fast so you don’t switch off potential customers, and pages need to adapt well to various screen sizes and must be accessible under a single URL.

A number of online resources are available to check how your website performs on Google’s main ranking factors, such as, so you can focus on the things you need to fix.

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Integrate transactional requests

Many devices already allow transactions using this technology, for example Amazon Alexa can order a Domino’s pizza or an Uber cab.

Prioritise localised information

Voice search on a mobile device is three times as likely to involve a local search, particularly of the style ‘where is the best coffee shop near me’ and so on. You should build up your local listing information, from accurate contact details to opening hours and services offered, to give your business as much visibility as possible in local searches.

Tailor your SEO

SEO models will become less about traditional keywords and more about the nuance of conversational language. Many businesses integrate detailed FAQ content and Q&A-style blog posts to try to capture the wording of potential customer questions. More information on this can be found online or by contacting local SEO services, such as

Keep your website is crawlable

Make sure your site can be found by search engines, for example by using Schema markup.


What is Maeng Da?

The name Maeng Da in the Thai language truly means insect.Kratom is considered as one of the most potent strains of Kratom and the other reason is the special effects it provides, which not found in any other single strain. The kratom is used as medicine for the people who suffer from low concentration or difficulty in the movement of the body such as paralysis. In such cases, it provides an extra energy due to its analgesic property it enables the body to move compressing any type of pain that may be chronic within the body. This improve your activity initiates to work harder on any types of activity, it may work out or your job. .The quality of the kratom is one of the important things that you should keep in your mind as a low-quality kratom may lead you to put away from all the benefits that can be gained from the products. Every product varies from one to another; therefore you should be cautious about which product to use in the proper dosage. Overdose of the product may lead to addiction which is not a good sign, you may feel loss of energy when not taken, the sedative property though can reduce your pain but may on other hand damage the liver, vomiting, loss of balance are few of the serious problems that occur during the long intake or overdose of the product

MaengDa Kratom divided into three types by the colour white, red and green

By color, kratommaeng da divided into three types by the color white, red and green. These colors defined by the type of vein present in the leaf. They are

Red Maeng Da Kratom has one of the strongest and long-lasting sedative effects and therefore too much of intake may lead to various health problems. The concentration increases which enables you to focus on your work. One of the most common effect that everyone feels is its analgesic effect. The red Kratom give a high relieve in chronic pain and is used as a painkiller. This Kratom also gives a huge boost of motivation along with some anti-depression effects, making you awake in your bed for hours. The most potent Kratom is the thigh Kratom which contains the largest number of alkaloids which explains its stimulating effects.

The most useful green Maeng Da is the Thai Green Maeng Da widely sold Kratom strain. Green Maeng Da gives a sudden turn around to your personality; you can easily release all your nervousness or hypertension and be in a merry go mood, which enables you to show a charming and happy person. You are self-confident, a raised sense of well-being and an outstanding capacity to socialize. The boosted energy that is acquired by green MaengDa.This strain strengthens the head game and makes your brainless chattering; giving a calm yet energetic surge.

White Maeng Da is for those who want to work hard, gain energy.WhiteKratom cause almost no damages to the body part as compared to the other kratoms. Taking this Kratom makes a person highly energized. The strains also have some potent analgesic effects and are considered as a safe, reliable alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. This kratom helps you to improve your concentration and at the same time enables to work harder.


A Guide To Preparing For A Podiatrist Appointment

Do you feel nervous of your upcoming podiatrist appointment? Well, don’t be! As long as you know the things to prepare, everything will be OK during the appointment day. Never ever go to the podiatry clinic empty-handed. Here are preparation tips for a podiatrist appointment.

What to Bring

Prepare and bring all your medical records including necessary information such as your childhood conditions and surgical reports, in case there are. Also, include simple allergies and negative reactions to a particular chemical. Your podiatrist needs such information in order to be able to conduct the right diagnosis and treatment. For pain relief, get heel spur treatment at ModPod Podiatry with their foot health care experts.

Location of the Pain

Keep in mind that the food is composed of complex connections of sensitive structures such as joints, muscles and nerves. These structures can be susceptible to pain and other forms of illnesses. It’s a good idea to know the exact location of the pain prior to your appointment. While it is true that your doctor will be the one to determine the problem, you would surely want to save time, right?

When and how you got your condition

Your doctor needs to know when the last time you felt the pain was. He will also ask about the last activity you have engaged into before you experienced the pain. Also, try to remember how long you have been enduring the pain and how severe it got. Such factors play a great role for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Is the pain continuous?

Before you talk to a podiatrist, you can conduct your own diagnosis of the problem and determine if you only experience the pain when you do a particular activity. For instance, the pain only comes when you walk in barefoot and then it subsides when you wear sports shoes. All of these bits of information are essential for proper diagnosis and proper treatment.

Routine & Footwear

While it may sound a bit personal, you have to let your doctor know about your daily routines and the type of shoes you wear. These factors, in case you’re not aware, can significantly affect the condition and health of your foot. They can help your podiatrist administer the right treatment to your conditions.

There’s nothing wrong in telling and showing your doctor everything about the condition and health of your foot. Well, some patients may feel ashamed and hesitant to show their conditions, but it’s the key to fast and proper diagnosis and treatment.

Surely, podiatrists have already encountered different kinds of conditions, some of which could be worse and more severe than yours, hence nothing to be ashamed of. You have to do what your doctor requests you to do because he knows the best for your proper treatment.

Are you suffering from Bunion and other foot problems? You don’t have to go through the knives. Get a quality bunion treatment without surgery by ModPod Podiatry for your peace of mind.


What Is Double Glazing?

Double glazing has become quite popular across the country in this day and age. Many homeowners are interested to know what double glazing is and how much they can save by installing double glazed frames in their homes. This article provides information on double glazing, different types of double glazed frames, and the meaning of energy rating.

Many homeowners know that triple glazing and double glazing is key to reducing their energy bills in the long run. In fact, more than 44% of the homeowners surveyed said that they purchased the frames to make their homes warm. In fact, another 40% said they expect to reduce the energy bills in the process.

If you have made up your mind to shift to double glazing frames, we can help you select the right firm to buy the product. In fact, we have surveyed thousands of double glazing window frame customers in the country who have told us what they feel about their double glazing company. We spoke to 2,239 homeowners around the country in 2016 to ask for their experiences in buying double glazing. We also asked them about the firm that they purchased double glazing in the last five years.

Double Glazing and Its Advantages

Double glazing has two panes of glass that are separated by a thin layer of air. In fact, double glazing comes with many advantages compared to single glazing windows which have only one pane of glass with no air layer. Here are some of the advantages:

  • It retains warm air inside the house during winter. That means your house is insulated – which helps reduce your energy bills over time.
  • Keeps the noise out. You won’t hear loud noises from outside with double glazed windows and doors.
  • It reduces the amount of condensation inside of the windows.
  • Extra security because double glazed windows are more difficult to break.

How Much Can I Save If I Install Double Glazing?

More than 60% of the homeowners surveyed said that their homes were much warmer since they installed double glazing. More than 36% of these homeowners said that they saw a reduction in their energy bills over time.

If you own a three-bedroom semi-detached home and decide to replace all of the single glazed windows in the house, you can save between £75 and £100 per annum as per the Energy Saving Trust – with a B-rated glass. If you use an A-rated glass, the savings increase to £85-£110 per year. Double glazing frames last for more than 20 years. Hence, you can easily save between £1,500 and £2,200 for 20 years.

The Types of Double Glazed Frames

uPVC is the most common type of double glazed frame on the market today. In fact, unplasticized polyvinyl chloride or uPVC is three times cheaper compared to traditional wooden frames and recyclable at the same time. It is considered the best energy-saving frame on the market today.

uPVC frames come in a wide variety of colours, sizes, and finishes. White is a popular option for many customers. You only need to wipe the frames with a soft cloth to maintain it. Make sure to use a washing liquid every now and then.

Wood and aluminium frames are alternatives to uPVC frames. In fact, timber is a naturally renewable and greener option compared to uPVC. Many homeowners feel wooden frames look subtle and nicer compared to uPVC, especially in period-style or traditional properties. Although timber window frames are more expensive and require maintenance, they can last a long time when cared for.

Window Energy Rating (WER) System?

This rating system is quite similar to appliance rating systems. Widows are rated A+ for the best and G for the worst. Building regulations in the country need all window frames to be at least C-rated. Each manufacturer has different levels of ratings such as A++.

As per our calculations, you should get B-rated windows to save an additional 6.5% on your energy bills. That is why you need to consider the rating of the window frame when purchasing it.


Five Alternative Pain Management Options to Try When You Suffer from Body Pain on a Regular Basis

Everyone has a different threshold for pain and some people have a greater tolerance than others. If you have noticed that your joints ache or you feel more lethargic than you want to feel, there are things that you can do to help diminish the pain that you feel that do not require you to take any pain pills at all. The following guide walks you through a few ways you can diminish the pain that you feel on a daily basis.

Consider Using Herbal Remedies for Pain Management

There are herbal remedies that you can use to manage the pain that you are experiencing. Hemp oil, such as the oil found in CBD products, can help to improve your cardiovascular system, leaving you feeling more energized, better able to tackle daily stresses, and able to rest better at night. Valerian root is great to use to decrease muscle cramping and ginseng can be used to treat some of the pain associated with fibromyalgia.

Change Your Diet to Reduce Your Pain

There are some foods that you may be eating that could be greatly affecting the pain that you are experiencing. Many fried, processed, and salty foods are inflammatory and can cause you to feel massive amounts of pain in your joints. Try to eliminate these things from your diet and you could start to notice a significant difference in the way that your joints feel on a regular basis.

Get More Exercise

Working out more often can help you to lose weight and build more muscle. Losing weight puts less stress on your joints and can thereby cause the pain that you feel to decrease. It is important to start off slowly when you first begin a new exercise routine to ensure that you do not accidentally injure yourself when you work out. Start off by taking a walk around your block or going for a swim. These are low impact exercises that will help you to burn calories and build muscle without putting a lot of stress on your joints.

Try Acupuncture

Acupuncture is another great alternative form of pain management that can really help you to feel better overall. The small needles that are used in acupuncture do not hurt you when they are placed in your body. They are placed in specific locations to ensure that you are able to get the maximum benefit from them. Acupuncture can help to release muscle tension, which can help your body to be able to relax as a whole.

Visit a Chiropractor

Chiropractic care can help you get your body back into alignment. A lot of joint pain can be caused when your body is not properly aligned. Other parts of your body try to overcompensate for the areas that are out of alignment and this can cause pain to resonate throughout your body. A chiropractor will be able to tell you if there are any issues that need to be addressed and help you to correct them.

It is important to do everything that you can to diminish your pain so that you can live the most fulfilling life that you possibly can. It may take some time before you start to see a difference in the way that you feel, but do not give up on any of these treatment methods. There are many times when using a few of these options in conjunction with one another can really help someone get the pain relief that they need.


Understanding Drop Shipping with Handy

Handy thoroughly understands the advantages and disadvantages of drop shipping. Although the company is a home service company, the CEO has previously death with product companies that export, import, and used various kinds of drop shipping. This is what Handy can tell you about drop shipping:

Advantages to drop shipping:

  • Cost efficient – Drop shipping is significantly less expensive because you can own an ecommerce website without having to purchase inventory not knowing what your demand may be. To elaborate, the overhead required to maintain the business model is also cost efficient. There are few initial expenses as it can be run from anywhere with the Internet.
  • Convenience – Running a business through the Internet allows you to work from anywhere.
  • Easy to start and scale – The most labour required in starting up an ecommerce store is deciding which product(s) you want to sell and building your website. After that, business will only come with awareness however, your start up acquisition is easy capital, time, and effort. Although scaling comes with more expenses, managing inventory or production is a process that ecommerce managers do not have to worry about. As a result, their attention can be focused elsewhere.
  • Diverse services/products – With no upfront inventory purchase needed, it makes it easy for entrepreneurs to include a variety of products on their ecommerce sites since they require absolutely no merchant handling.

Disadvantages of drop shipping:

  • Low margins – Although there are low start-up costs, there is also a lot of supply. The abundance of e commerce stores has saturated the market. As everyone wants to remain competitive, they are lowering their prices. Thus, there is little margin to work with.
  • No control of inventory – Not having access to the inventory means that you cannot manage it, order, more to maintain it, or monitor quality control. This includes shipping errors and shipping to the wrong addresses, individuals, or shipping the wrong inventory.
  • Shipping costs – When many drop shippers are involved in the process, the price of the job increases significantly; time, customer satisfaction, and shipping costs.

For more insights about business ventures, drop shipping, and business tips and tricks, contact Handy using the link provided above. Their administration is built with individuals that come from many industries and business backgrounds which is why they understand so many industries thoroughly.


In What Order Do I Put The Ingredients In A West Bend Bread Machine?

I have always read that it is recommended to put liquid ingredients first and then solids. I do not know what scientific reason this has, but I get the impression that it is to avoid scratching of the mixing pan which may occur when dry ingredients rub against each other and the container. I do not think that the quality of the bread is altered by pouring water or flour first. In any case, and according to my experience, liquids are better first.

And we understand in bread making liquid may include; in addition to water, milk, oil, also yoghurts, eggs, and other “semi-solids”. On top of them, we will put the flour and after that, the leavening agent..

What Should Really Come First?

Some people say that yeast should not come into contact with salt because it loses its effect. I suppose that if you leave the yeast in contact with the salt for a long time, it will break down, but if you are going to begin the kneading process immediately, it does not make any sense to avoid touching them, since they will come into contact with the kneading.

Similarly, if the yeast gets wet (and I am referring to commercial yeasts) it starts to activate and “work”. So if we are going to program the cuisinart automatic bread maker so that we have the bread ready in the morning, we will have to prevent the yeast from coming in contact with water and salt.

I Do It Like This: I throw the water, little oil, and the salt. Above I distribute all the flour and on the top of the mountain, the corresponding piece of yeast (remember, no more than 2% of the amount of flour). Thus the yeast is safe from possible interference.

What Flour Do You Use?

To make a basic, regular bread, it is not necessary to use any special flour. It will be enough to use bread flour or even all-purpose flour. If you can, use bread flour. You get it by mixing 50% strength wheat flour with all-purpose flour. The consideration of flour as loose, bread-making, strength, great strength, etc. It depends on the amount of protein it contains.

I’m not going to enter the world of flours, there’s a lot of information on the internet and I’m not an expert. I will confess that I almost always use mercadona flour, of which I have read everything but that has always worked well for me. Except for the special rye flour that I occasionally use, most of my bread is baked with regular flour. As always, the better the quality of the ingredients, the higher the quality of the final product.