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Can you win with a bad rummy hand?

The beauty of any sport or a game is that it is virtually impossible for anyone to predict its outcome. There are certain games where the result cannot be foreseen till they are actually over. How often have we got overwhelmed watching a last ball six or last-minute goal! So, there is no need for any player to lose hope, be it any sport. An expert sportsman can turn things around immediately in his favour when a situation arises. This theory is applicable when you download a Rummy game APK and play online. Most newcomers will be agitated seeing a bad Rummy as soon as the cards are dealt to them. Well, the same will not be the case with an expert. For him, a bad Rummy is just another ordeal which can be dealt wisely. In fact, he can even win the game carrying a bad hand. No, it is not a joke. A resilient expert can handle a bad Rummy effectively and taste success. Let us now see how a bad Rummy hand can make you win the game.

Key things to do immediately:

  1. Do not panic seeing a bad Rummy. Maintain you’re cool and see what best you can do to evade the situation.
  2. Arrange the cards in your hands in the best manner possible and see if there is any hope of forming a pure sequence.
  3. Always carry a hope that your opponents are humans as well and so they can make mistakes too, which you can exploit.

Now that you have done the basics right, let us focus on the game. A bad Rummy does not mean the game is lost. When you confront this nemesis, remember the points 2 and 3 stated above, i.e., forming a pure sequence and the game play of your opponents. If you are well versed with these two things when you play rummy, there is no reason for you to worry.

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Forming pure sequence:

The main objective of the online Rummy is to form two sequences one of which has to be a pure one and the remaining cards can be grouped to form sets and sequences. The key here to win the game is to first form a pure sequence. When the cards are dealt to you and it turns out to be a bad hand, try to arrange the cards in the best possible manner and see if there is a chance of forming a pure sequence. Your hopes should not diminish when there is even a remote or minute possibility. Therefore, when you find a bad hand, see if there is a chance of forming a pure sequence first.

Watch your opponent’s moves:

When the cards in your hand turn out to be complicated and you have very little chance of forming a pure sequence, then concentrate on the moves of your opponents and try to close all the doors for him so that he struggles forming his own sequences. This is possible if you can watch the moves of your opponents closely. You should observe what he picks up from the open deck and imagine the sequence that he is trying to form. If you can do that, you should abstain from feeding him the card required by him. Ascertain from his moves, whether he is close to finishing the deal and if it looks so, pull out a Rummy strategy to confuse him.

How to confuse your opponents?

Your opponents can be made to confuse in multiple ways possible. One way of tricking is to discard the low value cards first. It is possible how is that discarding low value cards can confuse your opponent. Normally, people with bad Rummy in hand are advised to discard high value cards so that they are not eventually burdened with points when their opponents declare the game. Discarding high value cards will give a signal to a player’s opponents that the former is having a bad Rummy. But when you discard low value cards it will be thought as something strange which will make your opponent think that you are about to finish the game. So, without further ado, he will drop the game so that he does not lose with more points.

When you see your opponent drawing cards from the closed deck continuously it means he is struggling with hands. So, you need to confuse him by picking up constantly cards for the next four to five moves from the open deck. This will make your opponent think that you are about to complete the game and so he will drop the game eventually.

Thus, bad Rummy is not difficult to handle if you know how to turn things in your favour. The golden rule when you play rummy is that you should never get tense. If that is taken care, you can handle any situation in online Rummy.


James Bond Island Tours: The Best Tours In Thailand

James Bond Island in Phang Nga Bay is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful Islands in South of Thailand. You can experience the fabulous and unique Nature of Phang Nga bay with this James Bond Island tour. You will be able to thoroughly enjoy cruising through this enormous must-see landscape of the lovely Phang Nga Bay.

Why Is It Called As James Bond Island?

After the super-hit James Bond Movie – The Man with the Golden Gun – which was shot on this particular Island in 1974, this unique place stopped being referred as Ko Ta Pu and Khao Phing Kan but took a brand new name as James Bond Island.

Enjoy @ James Bond Island

  • Your trip to James Bond Island is carried out by large boats and modern speedboat to help comfort and to reduce travel time.
  • The James Bond Tour packages will offer you one of a kind opportunity to investigate these staggering tidal ponds of Phang Nga Bay islands, the ways by the canoeing or kayaking will give you a chance to view in a new way all these amazing sceneries, where mystery tidal ponds meet amazing majestic caves.
  • James Bond Island tours are always holding beautiful and mouth-watering offers for all the visitors. The most popular and often visited of them all is the upright standing rock. This rock formation is always referred to as one of the most pleasant and by far one of the most famous rock formations in the entire Thailand region, especially because it has an exceptional and incredible shape and always offers an amazing view.
  • One can enjoy James Bond Island tours by grabbing the opportunity to engage in different activities such as canoeing, kayaking, sightseeing, swimming, collecting extraordinary photographs, living every amazing and breath-taking moment.

A Brief Overview of Yad Ezra v’Shulamit – Israel’s Top Charity Organization

The world needs all the help it can get, especially the poor and hungry people. There are numerous non-profit organizations that are striving to help the needy and destitute. One of which is Yad Ezra v’Shulamit,the top charity organization in Israel, that focuses on feeding the hungry children and families in Israel. The organization has gained global recognition for its effort as well as the results it has shown.Thanks to this  organization, a number of children in Israel go to bed with a full stomach. You can find out more about this charity organization at and here is a brief overview about Yad Ezra that may help you understand more about it.

History of the Organization

Yad Ezra was founded in 1998 by a native Israeli, named Aryeh Lurie who himself grew up poor and hungry. The young child vowed that if he overcame the poverty, he would help other people with the same issues. The motto of the organization clearly reflects this goal, which states “ Breaking the cycle of poverty, one child at a time.”

Objectives of the Organization

The non-profit organization basically focuses on providing healthy food to the hungry children and families of Israel but it also have other goals that the organization works on simultaneously. Yad Ezra v’Shulamit, sometimes abbreviated as YES, also provides desk jobs to the poor families of Israel that are below the poverty median. Moreover, the organization has taken it upon itself to oversee the development of youth in the streets of Israel and provides them with appropriate schooling and enables them to stand on their own feet. 

Projects of YES

The non-profit organization clearly articulates the goals and the steps it will take to achieve these goals. There are a number of projects YES is currently overseeing, some of which are:

  • Food Baskets – YES distributes 2500 food baskets a week to the poor families of Israel. The distribution is carried out on every Thursday so that every family will have enough food for Sabbath.
  • Children’s Center – there are multiple children’s center under the direct administration of YES in various parts of the country where children can come during weekdays and eat a hot meal. Moreover, the center also provides education to these children. A number of professional tutors, counselors, therapist work in these children’s center or volunteer to help with the physical and mental health of these children.
  • Desk Jobs – YES strives to solve the problem entirely and provides desk jobs to the poor parents and families of Israel after the necessary education and training.

5 Ways To Wear Brightly Colored Jeans

Spring is already here which means you have to get out of those winter clothes and put on something bright. The best way to achieve the cheerful spring look is by wearing brightly colored jeans. However, combining colored denim with the rest of your outfit is not an easy task. So, before you start typing the names of celebrities in the Snapchat username search in hope for an answer, check out these five amazing and simple ways to wear brightly colored jeans.

One Color Outfit

If you’re afraid to experiment with different bright colors at the same time, you can match your entire outfit with the color of your jeans. This is, without a doubt, the safest way to wear brightly colored denim. If you’re doing this, make sure to go for a blush shirt and jeans, combined with a simple black handbag and shoes. This bright and casual look is perfect for those hot and sunny spring days.

Bright Jeans And Black Jackets

Combining bright and dark colors can be tricky, but in this case, it’s the right thing to do. Feel free to pair your bright jeans with black leather jackets or blazers. As you probably know, black goes well with any color out there, so you don’t have to worry about potential mishaps. Also, try to avoid yellow because you might end up looking like a bee.

Red Skinny Jeans And Blue Blazers

Red jeans usually go well with black tops, but if you want to spice things up a little bit, you can add a violet-blue blazer to your outfit. Red and blue go so well together, and when you add a simple black top and a pair of black leather boots to match, you get a rather elegant but casual outfit. This look is also office-appropriate, so feel free to wear it at work.

Pair Your Bright Jeans With Yellow Tops

There’s one thing you should know when it comes to colorful clothing, and that is that yellow goes well with every bright color out there. So, feel free to combine a yellow top with cobalt, red, or even pink jeans. Blue and yellow is an incredibly cheerful combination, especially during the spring and summer days. This is, definitely, one of the best ways to wear brightly colored jeans.

Purple Skinnies And Pastel Mint Green T-Shirt

We saved the best for last. Yeah, bright jeans with yellow tops is a great combo, but skinny purple jeans and pastel green light shirt is the winning combination. Green and purple go great together, so all you need to do is find a pair of subtle black heels and a purse to match, and you’re ready to dazzle every guy on the street. At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter which one of these colors you choose, as long as you feel comfortable and confident in your clothes. That’s the most important thing of all.


Spring Dresses: Which Pattern Suits Your Body Shape?

Are you ready to welcome the spring season in style? After completing a spring cleaning in your closet, you may be thinking about those beautiful spring dresses that you want to wear this year. But are you wondering which patterns best suit your body shape? Find below some of the best dress patterns that can suit your body type.


If height is not one of your strengths, go for vertical stripes that will lengthen your silhouette. During the spring season, you can opt for colourful stripes instead of classic ones. Vertical stripes actually convey strength and confidence. If you do not like stripes, you can also go for smaller patterns, especially with colourful flowers. Bold colours go well with the spring season. Such outfits can be found at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Tall and Lean

Are you tall and lean? Rest assured that you can wear fashionable dresses with simply many types of patterns! Go for large and bold prints with floral designs. Bold patterns certainly catch the eye more than monotonous or classic ones. Or, how about a bold geometric print dress by Ann Taylor? Make sure all the patterns you wear are all very colourful!

Pear Shape

Do you carry more weight at the bottom? It means you have a pear-shaped silhouette. So, when you choose to wear any type of patterns, your aim is to create a balance. If you are wearing a top, opt for floral print ones. Play around with the colours and draw the eyes upward! Wear your floral print tops with either pencil skirts or denim. You can find lovely floral print blouses at Zara. Not sure which pattern are more appealing? You can play different themed slots at Vegas Spins Casino! On this top casino site, you will find games which are made of the best graphics. . . and the symbols and lovely floral backgrounds, can give you a glimpse of lovely patterns! So, while you shop online, don’t miss a visit at to enjoy different types of games.

Full Figure

Do you have a fuller figure? Not to worry! Simply wear patterns that create more shape and definition. Diagonal stripes can convey creativity and energy. They also make you appear slim. Plus, florals are also a good choice. Larger floral prints will certainly flatter your figure. Try a colourful dress with diagonal stripes available at 6PM.

Fuller Bust

If you have a fuller bust, go for a nice printed skirt or pant. You can then wear a neutral top which may be of a white or pale colour. Ladies with a fuller bust are actually the exact opposites of those with a pear-shaped body. So, patterns at the bottom instead at the top creates a good balance. How about a cute printed mini skirt by Marc Jacobs at Bloomingdale’s?

In this way, wear your favourite spring dress without having to worry about which patterns would suit your silhouette. Welcome spring in style without spending too much. Simply make the most of the floral patterns and different colours to catch the eye.

Imagine attending a nice spring break party wearing one of these dresses and when you appear at the entrance, everyone cannot help looking at you! With these beautiful dresses, you can already feel the festive atmosphere of the spring season.


Getting The Best LG TV Price Models At Best Price

Everyone likes to watch their favorite movies and TV shows in the high-quality HD TV. In fact, it would be more entertaining when watching the shows in the best quality picture and sound effects. LG Electronics Inc. brings you the ultimate edition of modern LG TV with best features. In fact, the company is known to offer many numbers of  LG TV with more number of features in the recent market and it would be a great option for choosing them. LG Electronics Inc. has is headquartered in South Korea and the company is second largest LCD TV manufacturer in the world. LG Electronics Inc. was also considered as the first company to launch the 60-inch plasma TV in 1998. LG is also offered as a very great large LCD panel which is quite popular among the extensive range of the LED and LCD TVs. LG is the most popular television brands in the world and full of the best option to improve more number of features to the high excellence.

Comparing The Features:

CompareRaja brings you the ultimate option to easily choose the best LG TV that is highly suitable for you and based on the preferences. LG TV models are also available in the varied price range, screen size, display type, resolution and also makes it easier for buyers to easily match models based on preferences to the high excellence. Since there are many number of TV models are available in the market, it is quite difficult to choose the best among them so that choosing the CompareRaja would also let you to easily get the complete solution for everything without any hassle. CompareRaja brings your more option to compare everything within seconds and gain more knowledge without any hassle. It also helps the buyers to easily help to find the selected model based on different strategies to the maximum. Get the complete price listing of the LG TV from many other reputed e-commerce platforms that include the Amazon, SnapDeal, Flipkart, and much more. Get the full range of options to choose the LG models based on many different strategies so that it is easier to save more time and money to the excellence.

Affordable Entry-Level Models:

When you like to get the best TV model with more features at the most affordable price range then, you can conveniently get the best listings of the price range so that it would be useful for enabling complete detailed information. With more than 200 models, LG TVs are available based on the compact 20” to the large 86” so that you can conveniently get the best among them at the price details comparison on the website here. In fact, you could also easily find the 4K Ultra-HD, OLED, Full-HD, as well as HD models to the excellence at most affordable price range without any hassle.


Do you Need to Buy Health Insurance in Dubai?

Editor's choice

Today most of us are so busy in our life in making or at least trying to make money that we are ignoring our health. There are many people living with us who believe that they will never need a health insurance, well let us pray that those people or any person should get health related problems. However, it is a fact that we cannot control such things and getting preventive is the only best solution that can at least make us feel secure. Health insurance Dubai is the right choice when you are living in Dubai and want some aid during your encounter with a medical tragedy.

There are many things that will compel you to buy an insurance policy right away as mentioned below.

  1. Choice of plans and Premium Amounts

Today with tough competition in the insurance industries companies are offering customized plans where you can opt for the coverage during accidents or critical illness. These kinds of plans are available at very low cost.

  1. No Claim Benefits

Very few people know that if you take health insurance policies while you are young, it has no claim benefits, which means that your coverage amount will be increased when every year is passed without any claims. So, you will not have to worry about big holes in your pocket due to medical bills.

  1. Hassle-free Purchase

Most of the people hesitate to buy health insurance Dubai thinking of going to the office, then spending time in checking the best plan as it will consume a lot of time. However, today everything is happening online, you can check the websites to know and compare the best plans, submit your application through online portals, make payments and your insurance policy will be activated within no time.

It is always best not to neglect your health, but the right choice will be always to stay protected and covered by health insurance in Dubai.