4 reasons why Oxandrolone is number one female steroid

Female body builders find extreme difficulty in choosing a steroid to put on muscle mass. The mostly used steroid which leads to build muscle is testosterone. This causes unpleasant side effects in women.

Few female steroids like Oxandrolone, Clen, Winstrol etc…can help women body builders significantly when used in recommended doses. In all of these Oxandrolone/Anavar stands number one when comes to safety and expected results.

  1. Fat burning

Oxandrolone/Anavar increases fat burning by increasing the anabolism in the body. It is an excellent drug to get rid of unwanted fat. When supplemented with healthy diet and regular exercise the weight loss and gaining muscle can be long lasting.

  1. Cardiovascular endurance

Women especially face problem of intensive work outs for extended time period. Anavar helps muscle to develop stamina to take the extra work load to make the work outs more effective. It is also proven performance booster among athletes. The retention of water is little to make the muscle harder and these gains could be permanent. The ability to transport oxygen to your muscles by heart and lung while work out is improved thus boost the endurance and stamina. It also reduces stress, hyper tension and cholesterol.

  1. Appetite suppressant

Women feel hard to stick to diet plan. Anavar helps to suppress the appetite and they don’t feel like eating more. So the body in this case is forced to burn off extra fat for the energy. This makes them to achieve good results.

  1. Muscle gains

Few women look gorgeously fit, slim and trim when having some muscle until unless it’s not too much. Oxandrolone helps women especially to gain subtle muscle gain to enhance their appearance. It never disappoints the female body builder in the results. These subtle gains help in improving body flexibility and agility in female athletes.

  1. Mild Anabolic Steroid

The fact that Anavar is a steroid but it does not cause any severe side effects compared to other stronger anabolic steroids, thus making it a potential female friendly steroid. Acne or enlargement of breasts is common side effects when over dosing but very rare. Though no drug is perfect, Oxandrolone stands safe when it comes to female users up to 20mg. If expected results are not seen even at that point, it is time to switch from Anavar rather than increasing the dosage.


Though Oxandrolone is safe for women, they should use only up to 10 – 15 mg per day and duration up to 6 weeks. After 6 weeks, atleast 4 weeks break (stop using Oxandrolone) needs to be provided to start another cycle.The dose maximum can go up to 20 mg but not more than that to avoid most serious side effects. Still 20 mg also show some virilisation symptoms. Sometimes it can be stacked up with Clen to get effective cutting results.

Side Effects

Though the chances of developing side effects are low, the female body builders may experience few of them like deepening of voice, increase in body hair and clitoral enlargement. These side effects are not long lasting but sometimes caused when the safe dosage is maintained and they just stop when the dosage is stopped.