6 places that instantly brighten your Jodhpur trip

Jodhpur is India’s blue city, lying in the largest state, Rajasthan. If you are wondering why it’s called so, it is because the walls of the houses in the old city area are all painted blue, giving a splendid view. Founded in the year 1459 by the Rajput chief, Rao Jodha, Jodhpur served as the capital of the Marwar kingdom for a very long time. Being the second largest city in the state currently, this city, though not the capital, has significant economic importance, largely due to its handicraft industry. Apart from this, the next major industry for Jodhpur is tourism. A few must visit places within Jodhpur are –


Mehrangarh fort

Entry fee – yes

It wouldn’t be wrong to regard Mehrangarh fort as the most visited and celebrated of all the forts in the Sun City. Its exalted chambers and impressive scenery have been successful in capturing the attention of filmmakers across the world, making them want to showcase the city in major motion pictures. It stands 400 feet above the city level, giving a glorious view of the entire city.
The main attractions in this place are the pictures depicting the Marwar culture and practices, the elephant howdahs, palanquins, the wide collection of arms used during the past in Jodhpur, the Mehrangharh museum is also home to the remains of the Mughal king, Akbar.

You can visit some other locations, popular amongst tourists, like, the chamundamataji temple, Rao Jodha desert Rock Park (adjoining the fort), Jaswant Thanda. Take a Motorcycle on rent from Jodhpur, and visit all these places and treat your eyes.

Umaid Bhavan palace

Entry fee – Yes

The Umaid Bhavan palace is on top (quite literally) standing on the highest point in the city. This structure is currently divided into three different parts, each serving a different purpose.
One part has been converted into a museum, which is open to the public on all days of the week, the other still serves as a private residence to the Royal family of Jodhpur. And the third part is now the Taj palace hotel. Access to this area is only for the residents of the hotel. This palace is said to have 357 rooms in total. It is an architectural treat and a must visit destination of the city.

Mandore gardens

Entry fee – No

This place served as the capital of the Marwar dynasty, before Jodhpur, up until the 6th century. This today, is an ideal place for a picnic. You can spend some time in the government museum of Mandore, which houses the artefacts of the bygone era. There is a temple in the premises of this garden, it is unlike any other, in that, 33 crore gods are worshipped in here. Apart from that, these is a “hall of heroes” that you will definitely want to visit. There are also some shops nearby, from where you can shop for Traditional Rajasthani handicrafts. You may also visit the Mandore fort that is now in ruins, if time permits. You can make the most of your trip to this place, if you rent a two wheeler and ride to it. You can get any Roya Enfield on rent from at your convenience.

Ghanta Ghar and Sardar Market

Entry fee – No

Loosely translating to Clock Tower, this is one of the most important landmarks of the old city area. This tower was constructed by Maharaja Sardar Singh. It stands tall, right in the middle of Sardar Market. This is one of the biggest shopping hubs of Jodhpur, truly representing the city’s vibrant energy. Exquisite craft such as glass bangles, marble artefacts and intricately designed cloth items flood this market. Take back a souvenir with you that will remind you of this splendid place.
Jodhpur and its association with sweet dishes go back a long way. Jodhpur based sweet meat stalls are a common sight across the country. These delicacies have takers all over the world. This is the perfect place for you to taste some.

Balsamand lake

Entry Fee – No

This is an artificial lake made long back in 1159 AD, by the Gurjara-Pratihara community. Eventually a palace was also constructed, which acted as a summer home for the royal family. 5kms away from the city centre, this lake still holds its charm. It is a feast to the eyes, to look at the lush green gardens around, the creatively constructed palace (which has now been converted into a luxury hotel for general public). Do not miss the boat ride on this lake.