7 Mesmerizing Gifts for the Ravishing Sisters

In case you and your sister cannot meet each other crossing the great geographical distance, she must be busy with online rakhi shopping for you. As she is searching for the best rakhi thread for you, you can also gear up and find some beautiful gifts for her. Here are some of the gift options which you can check online or offline and surprise your sister on 7th August 2017.

Terracotta Utensils: She is simply going to love the terracotta utensils. Plates, bowls, spoons, forks, and even frying pans are also available in terracotta and they look really lovely and cool. The mechanism of terracotta was invented in our land and in case your sister is away from India, you must gift her this one. There would be an amazing touch of nostalgia in this gift. When she would enjoy an Indian festival in a foreign land, these utensils would garner quite an appreciation.

Personalized Photo Frame: You must have numerous photographs together since childhood. Many of your childhood photographs must have become yellow and brown also! So, retrieve those photographs and transfer them into a beautiful collage to put in a personalized photo frame. She would get a glimpse of the childhood and numerous other stories of your adventurous childhood would come alive in her memory again. She would thank you truly for this wonderful choice of gift. Give her an emotional gift this year which would say how much miss her and those golden days!

Antique Clock: While she is preparing for the online rakhi delivery in Singapore for you, your gift for her also has to be equally enchanting. How about an antique clock? There is something nostalgic in this kind of clock. Perhaps you have seen it in your grandpa’s village house when you visited there long ago in childhood or adolescence. The huge antique clocks look really fascinating. As an item in your drawing room, this clock would get much appreciation. If your sister is really in awe of the old world charm and has decorated her whole house like an old Zamindar Villa, this gift would simply enchant her.

Madhubani Painting: Madhubani painting is a pride of our country. This art originated in Bihar. The interesting play of color makes it a lovely item to be kept at home. If your sister is artistic by nature, she would definitely love something that is an epitome of excellence in art. You would get this kind of painting in various sizes. So, just choose the correct one and surprise her. It can be kept in the library or the TV room and would add a lot of vibrancy to the ambience.

Spa Basket: It really takes a lot for a girl to maintain her beauty. Walking into a parlor once or twice a month is necessary. You can make her work a bit easier by presenting a basket full with spa materials like lotions, face mask, hair pack, essential oils or floral oils. She can use them at home and feel rejuvenated.

It is the time of Raksha Bandhan and that’s why you must engage yourself into online rakhi shopping and buy lovely gifts for the best sister in the world.