A Look at John Deere’s Super Air Comfort Seat  

As a tractor owner or driver, you probably spend hours sitting on your machine. Investing in a tractor seat may not be one of your plans, but it offers great benefits health-wise as well as improving working efficiency. In case you have been thinking of changing your tractor seats, you should try John Deere’s Super Air Comfort Seat.

Here is a quick glance of the Super Air Comfort Seat model of the seats. It proves why JD seats remain the leading producer of tractor seats.

Super Air Comfort Seat

It is the most comfortable tractor seat available in the market so far. As the name implies, sitting on this chair feels like floating on air. It effectively supports all body sizes and weights. You can adjust some of the common features such as the armrest height, angle of the cushion and swivel base. Besides these three, are 11 other adjustable features. It is no doubt this chair can make a day in the field super comfortable!

Shock absorbers

Poor shock absorption is the main cause of back pains and spinal injuries among tractor drivers. The Super Air Comfort Seat has both front and back suspensions. These greatly reduce shock when working on uneven ground or driving at high speed. It also offers sufficient support to the spine through its adjustable lumbar support.

The effectiveness of the suspensions was proved using a Human Vibrations Analyzer. It measures the dampening capabilities of seats against the set requirements by the EU Physical Agents Directive 2002/44/EEC. The test showed this seat model offers three times more protection than its competitors.

Breathing chair

John Deere seats have always been hallmarks of innovation. The Super Air Comfort Seat has a sort of a breathing mechanism. For starters, during the chilly mornings, the chair warms up your day by releasing warm air. During the hot times of the day, it cools your body by absorbing perspiration. The absorbed moisture is released when you leave the seat.

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Seat cushions and covers

Like all John Deere seats, the cushions can be leather or cloth. Seat covers fall into two categories; universal and tailor-made. The latter fits perfectly on the seat and also comes with removable heat panels for the cushion and the rear seat.

Additional advantages

Besides, the ergonomic advantages, this seat is made of reinforced tear-proof cloth for durability. Its coating is dirt repellent, washable, and has a 10mm foam layer. Moreover, it comes with a 3-years’ warranty.

Where to find one

John Deere seats can be found at Suburban Seating and Safety. It is a dealership that specializes in auto seats including tractors and buses. It stocks an extensive array of latest seat models and parts.