A Mini-Guide to Palm Springs

Located in the Californian Desert lies the resort town of Palm Springs. Ask anyone in the United States, and they’ll tell you positive things about the resort. Domestic tourists, including the rich and famous, often flock here to have a few days of fun and to recuperate from the stress of life. Holidaymakers can choose from several Palm Springs vacation rentals located inand around the region to cater for everyone’s needs. If you’re thinking of visiting, check out the essentials in this mini-guide to Palm Springs.

Everyone Feels Welcome in Palm Springs

Regardless of your social status, profession or sexual orientation, everyone is welcome and catered for in Palm Springs. Singles, couples and families often come here and will always find something to suit their interests. This makes the resort city one of the more versatile travel destinations in the United States. Not only will you have the chance to have a beautiful retreat, enjoy a round of golf, play poker in the casinos or just lounge around the pool but you’ll always feel welcome anywhere you go.

Depending on the type of holiday or retreat you’re looking for, it might be a good idea to spend a few hours online reading other tourist’s reviews. You can find accommodation catering mostly to singles that host pool parties on weekends. Others are much further away and provide the peace and serenity of a holiday geared more towards relaxation. If you’re travelling with a family, either find a vacation rental or search for child-friendly hotels and resorts.

What to Do in Palm Springs

The number one thing every tourist should do in Palm Springs is to relax and make an effort to have the time of their lives. Explore the small city on a bicycle or lie on the loungers reading your favorite book for a few days. Foodies can try out some of the world-class restaurants found around Palm Springs and sample a wide range of different international cuisines. And then choose a few days to explore the region and head to the Aerial Tramway, Joshua Tree National Park and the Zoo. Fans of the entertainment industry might want to join a tour that takes them around the celebrity district. Others might join off-road tours through the desert.

Palm Springs has plenty of golf courses that are set inside this desert paradise. Golfers, both amateurs and professionals, often make their way to the city in spring and autumn. Prices are reasonable and you can either bring your own equipment or rent some when you arrive. There are a casinos here too which can give you the chance to play a few games and have a flutter.

How to Get the Best Value for Money

If you want to get the best value for money in Palm Springs, there are a few ways to cut costs. The prime time for finding bargains and great deals is months in advance before your trip. Search online and sign up for various websites that offer discounts on accommodation, dining and entertainment. The golf courses, for example, often have special early bird promotions for those who sign up well in advance. This can help you save some bucks for when you arrive. Savvy tourists can end up saving potentially hundreds by taking advantage of discounts and promotions. So if you know that you’re going to take a vacation to Palm Springs later in the year, you should start looking for the special offers now.

Another advantage of spending a few hours planning your trip to Palm Springs is that you can come up with a rough itinerary. Perhaps the first few days can be spent lounging around the pool and enjoying Downtown while later on you can explore some of the attractions further afield. The biggest advantage of having a plan is that it can cut down on parking fees and other costs. Some attractions might have quite high rates to park your car while the spaces at the resort are free. Arm yourself with this knowledge and put a little forethought into planning and you’ll avoid the extra and unnecessary expenses.

Things You Shouldn’t Do in Palm Springs

The number one mistake most tourists make when they visit Palm Springs is that they neglect to embrace and explore the region. Several holidaymakers come with the idea of pure relaxation, which means they intend to spend all of their time sitting in the spa or at the side of the pool. This isn’t a good idea. If you’re spending a few days or a week vacationing in Palm Springs, consider taking a tour at least once. When you get away from the city, you’ll be amazed at the landscapes and diversity just on itsdoorstep. After all, do you really want to miss riding the Ariel Tramway to some of the best viewing points in California?

Don’t rely on your car in Palm Springs. Most tourists will drive or at least rent a set of wheels. But don’t drive everywhere. Pedestrian-friendly walkways and traffic-free roads make the perfect environment for a stroll or cycling. Most of the residents are healthy and active. You should be too, even if you’re here on holiday.

Enjoying Your Holiday

Few visitors whotake a holiday in Palm Springs regret their decision. Not only does the resort makes everyone feel welcome and provide a range of activities to suit any and every interest but it’s also unpolluted and shrouded in natural beauty. Be smart by searching for discounts before you visit and make sure you join a tour to fully experience the best of Palm Springs.