A Robbery Can Diminish a Mall’s Reputation

Just yesterday, something happened at the local Fairview Pointe-Claire Mall that has scared off many shoppers from ever returning. A robbery happened on May 14 at one of the stores in the mall The Bay where the robbers stole the jewelry in a glass case scaring off nearly everyone in the mall. When something like this occurs, the Fairview Pointe-Claire mall needs the help of the search engine reputation management services company.

Currently, the Montreal police are searching for the suspects that stole the jewelry from the Bay. People in the mall claimed that they heard gunshots just after 4:00 pm on May 14th at the Fairview mall. It was in fact not a gunshot, it was instead the sound of the glass display case being broken by the robbers.

Fairview the mall has a history of robberies including one just yesterday, and three others since 2010 all involving stealing jewelry from the malls stores. Back in 2014 this happened at the Birks jewelry store in Fairview pointe-Claire therefore this mall seems to be a target for many thieves with the intension to steal jewelry specifically. They seem to always use pepper spray and smash the glass cases every time there is a stealing incident at this mall.

When people from around the area hear of these few dangerous incidents that occur at this particular mall, they definitely do not want to shop there again since they become traumatized of what happened; especially the store workers. It is important to involve a reputation management company in this particular situation since the mall will be losing customers and sales of course when events like this occur so often. This is the fourth time this has happened in a total of 7 years therefore will impact the way that residents in the area will be shopping. They will all keep an eye out and be a little anxious when they shop from now on.