Amazing broadfork for digging up and cultivating the earth

Broadfork: on the cutting edge of efficiency

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However safe and effective could be your other tools they hardly can hold a candle to the broad fork. Overall, it is just a crude and simple garden tool – and what surprises you most when you first lay hand on it is that the broad fork does not require any thought at all. When ploughing with a broadfork, you want but maintain energetic movements and somehow it gets even easier each time you work with this instrument.

Most gardeners admit that using the broad fork at the beginning is not as perfectly relaxed as you may expect. Not surprisingly, your body has its own way with adjusting to tools like that one – and things become simple and go unnoticed as soon as your muscles are trained.

When using the broadfork for the first time, do not forget about applying your weight to the cross bar. Simply stand on it after you have stabbed the tool in the ground: this will make the tines pierce the soil. Lean back (make sure you have a firm grip on those handles) and work the tool towards the ground. This is a repetitive and unsophisticated procedure; on the other hand, that is exactly the reason why this instrument is capable of easing up the routine of digging-up and tillage. A bit of practice – and then your muscle memory kicks in, turning the job of breaking down the sod and loosening the soil into a moderately effortful exercise.

Choosing a perfect u bar digger

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No matter how exactly you prefer to do the tiling – by rototiller, hand or by mulch – the broad fork makes a great preliminary job of breaking down the sod in the most natural way. This means, basically, that the u-bar digger does not disturb greatly the deeper layers of the soil and leaves all the earthworms in peace. Furthermore, the non-intrusiveness of the broadfork is the main reason why a great lot of gardeners use it to dig up some root crops, such as parsnips or carrots.

Before buying a u bar digger, you sure want to consider broadfork reviews in order to avoid making an ill-devised choice. Primarily, you have to choose between a lighter- and a heavier-weight instrument. No higher mathematics involved: a lighter version of the u-bar digger is meant for aerating and cultivating already worked soil, whereas a sturdier built broad fork will be ideal for ploughing.

Theoretically, two broadforks are better than one; and yet, even one decent and durable u-bar digger with a wooden or steel handle will provide you with satisfactory flexibility for most jobs.

The rest comes as usual: be attentive to your back and be careful not to pierce your feet with the sharp tines. Also, ensure that you drink lots of water when working in your garden or field. Least of all you should be worried about productivity – with the broad fork you have this supplied by default!