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How to watch Nidahas Trophy for Free

Nidahas Trophy is a cricket tournament being organized by the Sri Lankan Cricket board in celebration of 70th year of Sri Lankan independence. The tournament involves 7 T20 matches including a final between the three competing nations India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. Each team will be playing twice against the other two times in a cycle which starts with India taking on Sri Lanka in the first and India taking on Bangladesh after, followed by Bangladesh taking on Sri Lanka.

The tournament is going to start on 6th of March and continues till 18th with a day’s gap in between the matches. The Indian team which is busy as a bee recently is going to participate in this tournament with a sole goal of getting on top of the ICC rankings. Sri Lanka which has faced a brutal defeat in the previous match with India in the Sri Lanka tour of India will be looking for a victory and will surely put up a callous fight. Bangladesh which has faced the same with Sri Lanka will be looking to get its revenge in this tournament.

Considering all of these factors, Nidahas Trophy looks like one hell of a ride offering a fortnight full of entertainment for the cricket fans worldwide.

The tournament is available through live streaming for the world audience through the South Asian Content provider YuppTV which makes it easier to access from any available internet enabled device. As YuppTV is popular with the Indian population in most of the countries as an Indian live TV channel provider through various subscriptions the tournament is going to be available to most of the Indians who are already customers.

To ease this inconvenience, in many countries YuppTV is providing the Nidahas Cup 2018 Live for free. A simple registration will let you watch the entire tournament for free from countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, some Middle East countries, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, some regions of North Africa, etc. In countries like the UK, US, and Canada, YuppTV is charging a bare minimum price to watch the tournament live. But there is a catch even in these areas which let the users watch it for free. If a new user subscribes to any one of the yearly subscription packages available on YuppTV, he can get the cricket for free.

Since YuppTV is available through the website and as an App, it provides a province to watch the tournament in any of the desired devices. Be it a smart television, or a laptop or a Smartphone/ Tablet, one can watch the match in any place they want.


Figure out the Advantages Of Scrap Metal Buyers

Formerly scrap metal buying firm wasn’t a great deal of paying business since the worth of scrap then was less

As times passed in the prices kept on towering and today, scrap metal business is flourishing.  Consequently, if you’re eager to purchase or sell scrap metal, there sure a great deal of scrap metal dealers in and about where you’re, where you are able to get or market your own crap.  However, there are a couple of things which impact the costs.  These are the type of scrap metal you’re inclined to market.  There are a number of types of metal scraps such as:

  • Iron
  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Brass

So the prices for each and each metal disagree.  Another element that affects the cost is the total amount, in pounds or tons.

 The location matters in regards to cost.

Location – It’s clear that where there’s great deal of competition, you’re going to get the lowest prices for scrap metal.  Thus, remote locations or rural areas wouldn’t fetch you great thing.  Thus, it’s much better to do a tiny bit of research prior to compiling your scrap metal buyer.  Also, if you’re unable to go all out searching for a buyer who will provide you the best bargain, well, there’s the online way out there.  Just get online and sell you things on eBay or any other online website.

Quantity – Quantity as it’s constantly matters.  If you’re promoting more amounts, of course you’re most likely to possess a much better price for the same from the scrap metal merchants.

Benefits which have this kind of business

 The traders improve their living standards since that’s their principal livelihood.  In additional words it supplies them job chances.  Work is created along the procedure as there needs to be those who cope in decision, then carrying it back to the manufacturer for recycling.

The owners who sell them inside the collectors still get paid for their things.  They get cash reported by the vast majority of what they present.  The heavier it is the considerably better that the payment.  The advantage is you may not have to go online to sell scrap metal nevertheless they instead will definitely be nearly everywhere searching for you.

Rewards aren’t precisely the same on each metallic material

It’s influenced by the type of merchandise.  For instance the prices of aluminium and zinc can’t be equal.  Another element which will certainly work out the price tag is that the need accessible in market for that particular product.

Some people have taken advantage over this and they steal item inside their neighbors and furnish them to earn a living.  This might be rather harmful since they conclude that they’re jobless.  This spoils interrelationships among the societies included.

Scrap metal processing occurs in the mill and from it a different brand new product is made

It’s so evident that it will not be offered at a minimal cost as the raw materials as to make it there are different requirements which have to be thought about.  A good example is supply of power which may be power.

The market will surely not function on its very own who means that labour is essential for these services particularly the individual kind.  Even machines have to be operated by somebody.  The scrap metal buyers aren’t expected to be pointed palms since they provide low perks for your items no matter how the whole procedure needs to be understood.  The things need to be provided to customers once more.



Freezing is one of the oldest way of preserving food, The freezer is the most important part or extension of the pantry which is used to reach out for ice cubes and store much more than just raw meat, icy treats or casseroles. Freezing if done correctly, keeping some principles in mind, is one of the best ways to ensure that excess food can be store for use later. This gives the comfort of a stocked larder. Some points to keep in mind while freezing food are:

  • Freeze only food you are sure is safe to be frozen and consumed later
  • Cool all food before freezing
  • Never refreeze after thawing
  • Wrap food properly before freezing and label correctly

If these principles are followed then fruits and vegetables can be frozen for a year, poultry up to nine months, fish up to six months, and ground meat up to four months thus helping you save money.

Let’s take a look at foods that we can and should freeze:

  • CORN ON THE COB: Fresh corn along with the husk and the silk can be packed into freezer bags and frozen till further use. This way it will last for almost a year. Corn can also be husked and blanched and then packed into freezer bags and frozen. This way it will eliminate the taste of the cob if you do not like it.
  • RAW EGGS: Raw eggs can be stored for at least one month in the freezer but not in their shells. When whole eggs are frozen, the liquid will expand causing the egg shells to crack and seep all-over your freezer. Freeze eggs in cube trays and store in plastic freezer bags for six months. To freeze only yolks add a pinch of salt while beating them prior to freezing.
  • TORTILLAS: Tortillas can be frozen to store as long as you let them thaw fully in the fridge before use.
  • POTATO CHIPS: Freeze all leftover potato chips. You can eat them straight from the freezer as cold chips are crispier.
  • WHIPPED CREAM: Spoon dollops of sweetened freshly whipped cream on a cookie sheet and freeze. Store in freezer containers and they will last a month or two
  • GARLIC: Garlic can be frozen whole or chopped but always remember to freeze it in oil to avoid botulism. This way it can be stored for months
  • HUMMUS: Hummus is a very healthy and nutrition packed treat that freezes very well. Always remember to freeze it in an airtight container with lots of Olive oil brimming at the top. This way there is no moisture loss and its stays fresh and tasty for three to four months.
  • PANCAKES: Extra pancakes can be whipped and prepared and frozen to be used later. Placing wax papers between them and wrapping the stack in a foil paper, will ensure that they stay tasty even after 2 months
  • FRESH LIME: Fresh lime can be frozen by cutting them to thin slices. Use wax paper between each layer of slices and freeze; ensure all seeds are removed while slicing. Lime juice can be preserved in glass containers. Ensure to leave head space for the liquid to expand.
  • ONIONS: Whole onions can be saved without freezing. Chopping and dicing onions is always the most mundane chore. It would be wonderful if this could be a onetime chore and then the rest of the week you have ready to be used diced onions available. Diced onions can be saved in freezer bags. Do not thaw when required just toss them into the pan when required.
  • STEEL CUT OATS: Steel cut oats can be cooked over the weekend and saved in individual glass or one portion containers to be used during the week as required.
  • AVOCADOS: Avocados are not required to be saved in the freezer but they work great when stored too. Puree the flesh of the avocados with lime juice and store in freezer to be used later for smoothies, dressings or the all-time favourite guacamole.
  • MUSHROOMS: Mushrooms can be saved cooked and cooled to room temperature or raw chopped and sliced. Freeze on cookie sheets to keep them separate and prevent them from clumping or crumping. Once frozen they can be transferred to freezer bags and saved.
  • BREAD: Sliced bread remains for about 3 months when stored in the freezer and can be revived quickly in the toaster. This makes the freezer a better option for bread than the fridge.
  • GRAINS: Grains like quinoa, farro and bulgur last for about three months outside the freezer. But when frozen they last up to six months
  • GINGER: Peel and save ginger in freezer bags to be used later.
  • TOMATO PASTE: Tomato paste can be frozen in small spoonful portions and saved for later use.
  • HERBS: Expensive herbs can be bought when cheap, chopped and stored with olive oil in ice trays for use later.
  • SHREDDED CHICKEN: Shredded chicken can be stored in batches. it is always available and handy to use
  • LEFTOVERS – never throw away the leftovers from a meal or from a cooking:

COOKED RICE AND PASTA – can be frozen for a second meal later

MASHED POTATOES – can be portioned with an ice-cream scoop and frozen in freezer bags for about 2 months.

PIE – freeze remaining pie portions. These can be amazing midnight snacks or can be added to churn our yummy shakes.

FROSTING – frosting can be saved in freezer Ziploc bags in a very easy way. ?they are ready to be used anytime by just cutting away a little corner of the bag and squeezing.

This list is endless. We can still experiment and make this inexhaustible. So the next time you plan to throw away any leftovers from your cooking or excess purchases for the month, please sit back and think for a while if there is a way to freeze it and use later. Happy Freezing!


6 Facts about the Piano You Didn’t Know

Here is a list of some facts about the piano that you probably don’t know about.

  1. The World’s Largest Piano

Challen Concert Grand is regarded as the world’s largest piano. It spans a total of 11ft and weighs a ton! Its full string tension is over 30 tons.

  1. A Concert Grand Piano is 8 Feet Long and Weighs Over 1400 Pounds

Have you ever wondered why every piano player looks so tiny while playing the piano? Well, it is due to the giant size of the piano. However, the large size helps the instrument in producing incredible sound quality. So next time you sit at your piano, and you appear too small, don’t bother!

  1. The Piano is the King of Musical Instruments

That piano for sale you just bought can cover every note in an entire orchestra. This isn’t a joke! A Piano can comfortably match the lowest note of a double bassoon to the highest note played on piccolo. The piano is the only musical instrument that has the same note range of an entire orchestra.

  1. The Steinway Piano is the Best Piano Brand in the World

If the piano for sale you recently bought was Steinway, then you just acquired ownership of the best piano in the world. The Steinway family has been in the piano manufacturing industry since 1853, and any Steinway piano brand can cost as much as $100,000.

  1. What is the relationship between Tin Pan Alley and Pianos?

This is probably the biggest wonder in the world of piano players. Believe it or not, the name Tin Pan Alley was derived from the piano, and that is where the fiasco began. The name describes a designated area in New York City where music publishers set up a music shop a long time ago. The sole purpose of the store was to produce piano sheet music.

A lot of musicians went to the place for auditions so that their music could be played on the old cheap pianos and passersby were always mesmerized by the sound of music emanating from the area. However, the old pianos sounded as if someone was beating an old tin pan hence the name Tin pan valley referring to the shop.

  1. The Name Piano is a Nickname

The full name of the instrument is a “pianoforte” which is an Italian name. The name was derived from the ability of the tool to play notes very quietly (piano) or very loudly (forte). However, people discovered that they can easily refer to the instrument as a “piano” and still sound good. A lot of individuals believe that piano is an English name, which isn’t true.