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Spring Dresses: Which Pattern Suits Your Body Shape?

Are you ready to welcome the spring season in style? After completing a spring cleaning in your closet, you may be thinking about those beautiful spring dresses that you want to wear this year. But are you wondering which patterns best suit your body shape? Find below some of the best dress patterns that can suit your body type.


If height is not one of your strengths, go for vertical stripes that will lengthen your silhouette. During the spring season, you can opt for colourful stripes instead of classic ones. Vertical stripes actually convey strength and confidence. If you do not like stripes, you can also go for smaller patterns, especially with colourful flowers. Bold colours go well with the spring season. Such outfits can be found at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Tall and Lean

Are you tall and lean? Rest assured that you can wear fashionable dresses with simply many types of patterns! Go for large and bold prints with floral designs. Bold patterns certainly catch the eye more than monotonous or classic ones. Or, how about a bold geometric print dress by Ann Taylor? Make sure all the patterns you wear are all very colourful!

Pear Shape

Do you carry more weight at the bottom? It means you have a pear-shaped silhouette. So, when you choose to wear any type of patterns, your aim is to create a balance. If you are wearing a top, opt for floral print ones. Play around with the colours and draw the eyes upward! Wear your floral print tops with either pencil skirts or denim. You can find lovely floral print blouses at Zara. Not sure which pattern are more appealing? You can play different themed slots at Vegas Spins Casino! On this top casino site, you will find games which are made of the best graphics. . . and the symbols and lovely floral backgrounds, can give you a glimpse of lovely patterns! So, while you shop online, don’t miss a visit at to enjoy different types of games.

Full Figure

Do you have a fuller figure? Not to worry! Simply wear patterns that create more shape and definition. Diagonal stripes can convey creativity and energy. They also make you appear slim. Plus, florals are also a good choice. Larger floral prints will certainly flatter your figure. Try a colourful dress with diagonal stripes available at 6PM.

Fuller Bust

If you have a fuller bust, go for a nice printed skirt or pant. You can then wear a neutral top which may be of a white or pale colour. Ladies with a fuller bust are actually the exact opposites of those with a pear-shaped body. So, patterns at the bottom instead at the top creates a good balance. How about a cute printed mini skirt by Marc Jacobs at Bloomingdale’s?

In this way, wear your favourite spring dress without having to worry about which patterns would suit your silhouette. Welcome spring in style without spending too much. Simply make the most of the floral patterns and different colours to catch the eye.

Imagine attending a nice spring break party wearing one of these dresses and when you appear at the entrance, everyone cannot help looking at you! With these beautiful dresses, you can already feel the festive atmosphere of the spring season.


A First Timers Guide to What to Expect on an African Safari

A safari in Africa is the trip of a lifetime and is an unforgettable and magical experience. But if this is your first time going on safari, you will want to remember it for the right reasons! Here are a few things to remember before you jet off to the wild and enchanting land of Africa on your first Safari…

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Clothing – A safari is not a fashion show – although it will be hot, don’t pack as if you are heading to the beach in Spain! You won’t need any formal clothing, after all clothing needs to be useful to you when you are out and about, and comfortable. Stick to neutral colours for watching wildlife. Although it will be hot, there may well be some rain so don’t forget to pack a lightweight waterproof jacket – there are plenty of waterproof rain covers around at the moment with festival season coming up, you don’t need anything too heavy and thick. Comfortable footwear such as walking boots are essential – nothing with open toes is a good idea. You never know what your feet may come across if you are trekking through Africa, and you may well come across a poisonous snake, or a nasty stinging plant.

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Be aware of the sun – A wide brimmed hat is a must for the day, as you will be out and about often in the full glare of the hot sun. Also, don’t forget a high factor sun cream and insect repellent. It can get a little chilly at night, so you may want to take a fleece with you in case you do feel the cold in the evenings. Make sure that you have a water bottle that you have access to throughout the day to keep you hydrated too – you don’t want to end up dehydrated with sunstroke and miss out on part of your amazing trip. Take a good camera if you want to record on film the amazing animals that you come across, and for a more lasting reminder, have a look at some bronze wildlife sculptures from that you can have in your home to bring back the memories after your trip has ended.

The most important thing to remember is to enjoy yourself and be patient – part of the joy of safari is the surprises and if you don’t see as much as you had hoped on one day, you may see a spectacular sight the next. So remember to pack your binoculars!


How to Choose Between Wide and Narrow Boards

The width of your floorboards is an important choice when you want to achieve the right appearance, because width has an impact on the pattern of the boards.

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The size of your room will help you determine whether to use wide or narrow boards. Long wide boards look great in wide open spaces and are therefore becoming more popular. For an ultra-modern look, wide boards are very easy on the eye and can change the apparent size and shape of a room. For smaller spaces wide boards would be inappropriate as they would be difficult to install. They are also more expensive than narrow boards to buy and install.


Narrow boards are more popular and more versatile than wide boards. They are cheaper to produce and are available in a larger range of shapes and sizes. Installation is less complicated, although wide boards will obviously be quicker to fit. Narrow boards normally come in shorter lengths, depending on the colour and texture. This can make a room look too busy with more joints and lines.

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If you don’t like uniformity, a combination of shorter narrow boards and long wide plank flooring from will make your floor look more interesting. Obviously, the installation time and expense will increase, but you will end up with a unique floor which will look both classic and stylish.

If you are unsure which would be best for your home, advice is always available at your local stockists.


James Bond and the embarrassing Garage door incident

“I’m really, very Sorry Q” Said James Bond 007 licence to kill etc.

“Oh, are you really Double O seven. Well that makes it all alright then doesn’t it? I mean, sure, out in the field if you wish to destroy one of the cars I’ve modified for you, then that I can understand but to trash one before you’ve even got it out of the Lab!” It was Q who spoke, loudly. He was annoyed as a top of the range Aston Martin DB10 now had its entire front end smashed in, the air bags deployed, and all of the gadgets fountaining oil, smoke, caltrop spikes and (Q cursed the agent for this) Vodka Martini. He looked at the worlds greatest secret agent and asked him “How did you manage to drive it into the Garage door?”

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“In my defence Q, it didn’t open when I drove straight at it”, replied Bond, looking as if this answered everything.

“I can see that. I’m now obliged to employ a firm that does Garage Door Installation Dunstable! Get on the web and go to Said Q as the erstwhile Agent Dunstable, who could see how this was going, went off to check out the website immediately.

“Tell me Bond, when you did, as you say, “drove straight at it” what was your thoughts at the time?”, asked Q.

“Well”, said Bond, trying desperately to ignore the fact that Q had actually donethe speech marks thing with his fingers. “I thought, this is the International exports technical lab. In this very room I’ve been given a car that turned into a Submarine, pens that shoot poison or allow me to breath under water, Jetpacks, watches with a little chainsaw or with a magnet, very handy that one, tiny helicopters with massive machine guns in the front and even a laser gun! Therefore, I assumed that you just might have an automatic door system that, when faced with a great big lump of fancy car coming towards it, would open. Instead, I find a door that remains stubbornly down. When a DB10 hits it, there can only be one outcome and it’s the one you see before you now.” Answered Bond, quite fully.

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Q was at a loss. First of all, he could not remember half the things the mad geniuses they employed came up with but,primarily, he was surprised to find that Bond had spoken more than 2 lines of speech in one go. Not for the first time, Q began to understand why it was so many foreign powers and organisations wanted to do Bond in. He was deeply annoying. What made it worse was that he was right, an automatic door would have been cooler. He needed a comeback, this was all he had.

“You now what happens when you assume Bond? You make and ass out of you and me.” Satisfied he went off to get a nice cup of tea.


Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

If you’re planning your wedding this year, you’ll have a lot of your mind. Haveyou been thinking about writing your own wedding vows? This is an increasingly popular trend, so if you and your partner want to make the occasion truly personal, then here are some reasons why writing your own vows is a great idea:

  1. They are uniquely personal to you both. The words come straight from the heart and aren’t just someone else’s sentiments. You can say exactly what you want, what you are comfortable with and thoughts you want to share with your partner and closest loved ones.
  2. They can be fun. Your vows don’t have to be stuffy, formal sentiments but can signify the excitement and happiness that you feel. From putting pen to paper, to saying them on the big day, making your own vows is much more fun. Especially when you add some humour into the mix too!

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  1. Expressing yourself with words can feel amazing too. Sitting down to really focus on writing why you want to marry that person will give you a fresh perspective, allow you to recall forgotten memories and help us to understand the way we feel. It’s a cathartic process that not enough of us have time to do with many aspects of our lives.
  2. Writing your own vows is also highly romantic. Even if neither of you is the greatest wordsworth to have ever lived, the moment is romantic, even if the wording is not so much. With the beautiful surroundings of a Wedding Hotel Venue Gloucestershire like, you’ll be in romanceheaven.
  3. It’s a brilliant and inspiring way to kick start your married life together, by setting out how you feel, what you commit to and your excitement about future plans. It can mean so much more than the traditional set vows that most people exchange with each other.
  4. Unless you intend to renew your vows at a future time, this is probably the one and only time you’ll both get to publicly declare your love for each other. This makes writing your own vows even more special.

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  1. Using your own vows also makes for wonderful posterity. You can keep your handwritten vows in a beautiful wedding photo or scrap book, or even have them framed for display around the home. This makes a great first anniversary gift, which is paper.
  2. If you love making a statement and doing things just a little differently from the crowd, then surprise your family and friends with a ceremony with a difference!


How to Host an International Guest on Business

Hosting international guests is essential for some businesses. A meeting with an international guest can help to secure new business deals and grow your business – but if the meeting goes badly, it could have a negative impact on the future of your business.

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For this reason it is important to make sure that you know how to host an international guest on business. From being considerate towards their culture to making sure they have fun, here is how to host a successful event with an international guest.

Research Your Guest’s Home Country

Before your guest arrives, you should take the time to research their cultural background. This means that you will be aware of their personal traditions and habits, so you are less likely to make a mistake that causes offence. For instance, some guests may need an interpreter, and others may have religious traditions that will need to be considered when you are planning schedules.

Be Considerate When It Comes to Food

Dining etiquette varies a lot across the world, so you should consider your guest’s dining habits before arranging food. There are lots of cultural dietary restrictions that you should consider; lots of people don’t drink alcohol for religious reasons, while other people don’t eat certain foods.

It is also worth mentioning that it is inappropriate to talk about business during a meal if you are from certain cultures, so you may want to leave business talk for the office. This way you are less likely to cause offence as you eat.

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Plan Some Fun Events

The final thing that you should consider when you are hosting an international business guest is arranging some entertainment. If you live in an area with interesting tourist destinations, you could arrange a trip to that area; for instance, if you are hosting the meeting in Spain, you could arrange an event at Spain’s F1 Paddock Club. If you want to do this, contact to set up an event.

This is a great way to give your guest a more personal view of your country or city, and making the effort to arrange a trip will show your guest that you are willing to invest time in them. This means that they are more likely to think that is a worthwhile trip and want to visit again.


Call centre trends to watch out for in 2018

There have been many changes to call centres in recent years that have transformed the customer experience, with 2018 shaping up to be no different.

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Innovations such as cloud communications made big waves in 2017, but which call centre trends will keep you on target in 2018?

1. Digital transformation

Customers are increasingly looking for a more rewarding and long-lasting relationships with companies; therefore, customer interactions are less likely to be one-off experiences.

The application of advanced technology and digital transformation has extensively restructured the business environment, with machine-to-machine, unified omni-channel communications and digital transformation strategies predicted to be key for call centres in 2018.

Further collaboration and communications tools such as team applications will be vital for call centres, as will open APIs that provide an increased level of customisation. This will help to deliver a seamless customer experience.

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If you would like to find out about VoIP software, contact an international VoIP wholesale provider such as

2. Call centre analytics

Even small businesses are taking advantage of complex analytics to turn SMS messages, chats, call and screen recordings and other data into effective feedback for agents. Monitoring and observation is simply no longer enough.

Omni-channel call centres are now relying on analytics programs to create dashboards displaying all the statistics that affect their business. Managers and agents can now receive real-time updates relating to customer experience.

3. Omni-channel communications

First utilised in 2016, omni-channel communications will continue to help businesses provide more personal solutions.

Separating the proactive from the reactive businesses, many companies are realising that unifying customer communication across multiple channels will give their business a better context for their clients, help to resolve issues quicker, and assist agents in identifying opportunities for prospective sales.

4. Cloud communication

Many businesses have adopted cloud communications into their strategies and this will continue to have an impact in 2018. With a steady increase in remote call agents, the cloud has become a necessity for communication, offering collaboration and seamless team connectivity.

Moving to cloud communication can be implemented via hybrid cloud options, enabling you to introduce your organisation to cloud in phases at your own pace; alternatively, architecture can be created tailored to the needs of your business.


Things to Consider Before Taking on a Corn Snake

Corn Snakes make very poplar pets to reptile lovers – they are relatively easy to care for, and for that reason they are considered the ideal ‘starter snake’. But if you are considering taking a snake on and you are new to reptile ownership, then you may want to consider these important points before giving a snake a new home…

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Corn Snakes live on average for around 10 – 15 years. Make sure that you are committed to caring for your pet for this length of time. It is worth finding yourself a specialist reptile vet before you take on a snake, so that if you have any concerns you will already know where to go. Also, see if you can find any other Corn Snake owners, who will have the experience to be able to help guide you.

The temperature is important to any reptile. Reptiles require a thermogradient – this means that they need a warmer and a cooler end of the vivarium. You can use a heat lamp or a mat (make sure that if you are using a lamp it has a guard that will stop the snake pressing against it and getting too warm). The area where the snake basks and absorbs heat should be between 27 degrees Celsius and 32 degrees Celsius and the cooler end should be around 20 to 24 degrees Celsius. You will need to monitor these temperatures with a thermometer at each end of the vivarium. Make sure that the heating in your home is warm enough – boiler installation Gloucester company can help you with this.

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A Corn Snakes main diet is mice and rats. When you are feeding your snake, it is important the prey has defrosted thoroughly and is no larger than 1.5 times the size of the widest part of the snake’s body. This is where having a friend or a good reptile vet comes in – they can advise you the size of the food to feed to your snake if you are unsure. It is worth finding a stockist of frozen mice or rats before you take the snake on, so that you can ensure you always have a good food supply for your pet.

Corn snakes can get very used to regular handling – the main thing to remember is that 10 – 15 minutes is the longest recommended period of time to handle the snake for, otherwise the core temperature of the snake’s body will drop too low. Also, remember that although corn snakes do bite when feeling threatened, the bite is not venomous – if your snake is feeling threatened it will show you by putting its neck in an ‘S’ shape. If it does this leave the handling to another time. Make sure that you support the snakes body with both hands when handling.


Forex In a Nutshell

Fore, or foreign exchange, is the act of trading currencies from one type to another for a number of reasons, mainly commerce or travel. Due to the global nature of business, theres a need to deal with each particular country in its own currency.

Since there’s continuous change in the currency prices caused by fluctuating supply and demand factors such as interest rates, political risk, travel, economic power and global trade, an opportunity exists to speculate against these changes to create profit.

Until the internet became mainstream, trading was only done by large financial institutions for clients. Eventually, banks began to trade for themselves, this eventually included large corporations, investment firms and individual investors. Now that the internet is popular, a market has emerged for retail traders, and access to the markets are as easy as going to a broker or your bank.

The interbank exchange is comprised of many banks around the world who are trading against each other around the globe. Traders who have immediate access to foreign exhange banks have less exposure to risk than retail traders who use small unregulated brokers for trading on forex. Sometimes these brokers trade against their own clients

Pros and Cons of Forex Trading

If you intend to get into trading, there are some additional pros and cons to trading forex.

Pro: The forex exchanges are the biggest in a sense of volume of trade across the world and offer a lot of liquidity, which makes it simple to exit and enter a position in any major currency within seconds. crypto 77

Con: The ability to completely wipe out your account. Also due to the ease of placing trades and the liquidity, brokers and/or banks give leverage, meaning that a retail trader has the power to control rather big positions using a small percentage of their own money. Trading currency is sometimes marketed as leveraged trading, and so its much simpler for someone to open a trading account using a smaller amount of money than would be necessary for stock market trading. This is a double edged sword. Leverage with a range of 100:1 is high, but not unuaual. A trader has to understand leverage and its risks to their account. Leverage must be used wisely and with caution to get the benefits. Failing to understand it can be very consequential.

Pro: An advantage of forex trading is its available 24 hours a day, with each day starting in Australia and ending in New York. The major centers are Tokyo, Singapore, Sydney, London, Hong Kong, Frankfurt, Paris and New York.

Other than trading for profits, currency trades can be used as a hedge for a portfolio of stock. Activating a forex account and swing or day trading is the most common type with this kind of profile.

the best approach to currencies trading is understanding the basics and long-term payoff.

For traders with limited funds, day or swing trading small amounts is a great way to experiment with Forex. For treaders with long-term goals and more money to invest, a carry trades can be the best alternative.

In either case, a trader has to know how to correctly time their moves with charts, because perfect timing is the to trading profitably.


Column radiators: the key advantages

This type of radiator is a popular choice and offers a multitude of benefits, ranging from versatility to performance. In addition, it is one of the most attractive radiator types available, offering visual appeal alongside exceptional heating results. Here are some of the major advantages of column-style radiators, which may prove persuasive when it comes to choosing your next radiator type.

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There are column-type radiators that will suit all sorts of interior designs, and they are hugely versatile when it comes to fulfilling size requirements in your home or office. In addition to looking beautiful, this kind of radiator offers the flexibility that only a column design can deliver. You must have at least two columns; however, the maximum number is only limited by the space you have available and your specific heating requirements.

Positioning choice

These radiators offer all sorts of flexibility in relation to their position. This is because the metal used to create them is very malleable, meaning that manufacturers can create them in a vast array of sizes, depths and shapes. There are even six-foot tall versions comprising two columns, which are perfect if you want a big radiator to throw out the heat but are limited when it comes to space. The major benefit here is that these radiators can use the vertical space that a traditional radiator cannot.

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Excellent heat output

The type of column radiators available from distributors such as offers a bigger heat output than more traditional radiators on a same-size comparison basis. This is down to the fact that they can boast a larger surface area, as every column has six surfaces. Traditional radiators also boast a maximum of six surfaces; however, with two columns, this type of radiator offers a minimum of 12 surfaces. You can find out more about energy transfer by heating on the BBC website.

Good value

The old-style cast iron radiators are an example of this type of heating and command high prices due to their appeal and antique nature. Modern versions can offer exceptional value for money, however, and can often look very similar to their older counterparts. They are also much lighter than the historic versions, making them much simpler to install and manage.

With so many advantages, why not choose these radiators to enhance your home?