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10 Best WordPress Themes for technology blogs 2017


If you love technology and like to share anything related to it, review it or just want to share your opinion about technology with the rest of the world, you must have an effective website to do just that and then do a lot more while at it. Technology website usually deal with reviews, eCommerce, information and tech blogging and depending on what your specific goal is, you must choose a theme that best suits that very goal.

Fortunately, there are a lot of technology WordPress themes available online that have all the essential features and design elements to take your tech blog to the next level. The only problem though is that there are an even higher number of themes available that promise to do this and that without actually delivering on the made promises. An easy solution to this very problem is to find a list of theme that has only the best WordPress themes for technology blogs, and that’s exactly what this post is here to provide.

The technology blog themes we collected in this list have unique features and design elements that make it suitable for almost every technology blog. The best thing though is that these themes use the biggest and the greatest features of past and then wrap them under layers of all the elegance and functional, futuristic features of 2017. This and other advanced features make all of these themes a must have for your technology blog. So, depending on what other features you want from a theme you can choose from this comprehensive list of 10 Best WordPress Themes for Technology blogs in 2017.

  1. MyBlog


If you think of yourself as a serious technology blogger and you want something equally serious for your content, the MyBlog might just be the one for you. The theme has everything that will make your blog look ultra-professional and build a massive brand while at. Certainly, it is the best blogging theme for 2017 which you can use to make a stunnigly responsive blog.

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  1. MagXP


MagXP combines flexibility, form, and function perfectly and blends all of these things together to provide your blog that extra oomph it requires attracting the attention of all the tech aficionados. The theme comes with four homepage layout and options panel that lets you control the design and change the layout of your website radically from bright and clean to dark and minimal, quickly.

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  1. Metro Pro


The best part of this theme is its 1153 pixel-wide frame that effectively highlights your publishing for a wide-screen world while also keeping everything responsive that allows it to look equally beautiful on mobile devices. The cherry on top is the theme’s modern magazine style that allows you to present more of your tech content right on the homepage.

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  1. Blogging


A perfect theme that is designed and built exclusively for technology blogs that have to deal with a lot of content, across multiple categories. The HTML5 and CSS3 markup and custom widgets further add to the uniqueness of your blog. On top of all that, the theme is also search engine optimized and ad optimized, ensuring you can hit high traffic goals and make some serious money.

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  1. Oblique PRO


A great theme that will fit your tech blog. You will love the way it looks and also be pleased with its easy customization. The theme will load superfast, and if you ever run into a problem, the friendly tech support is always there to help.

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  1. Magazine


If you have to deal with a lot of content, which is often the case with technology blogs, then Magazine is probably your best bet. One of the main things that make us say so is the theme’s magazine style that puts the focus right on the homepage, in a way that is accessible and pleasing to look at, simultaneously.

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  1. SteadyIncome


Technology Blogging is great and all, but you will lose interest soon if you do not monetize it in some form, and that is exactly what SteadyIncome promises to provide. The theme features a powerful subscription tool, ad optimization, featured product section, and a beautiful responsive design that looks great on every device, including smartphones and tablets.

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  1. Fluid


The best part of Fluid is its responsive design that makes it look great on every device like laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets and even high resolution and high size devices. The theme has been quality checked by Envato and comes with a six-month full support, should you ever run into a problem. Some of the many things that set it apart from the rest of the themes include nine modern homepage designs, eCommerce support, portfolio integration, full responsiveness and retina readiness.

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  1. WordX


If you are an author and you want to give most of your time to writing content without having to worry about typical technicalities of website building, then WordX has you covered. The theme has been designed for blogs and online magazines and is thus perfect for content rich sites. The cherry on top is the theme’s HD Image integration support that makes you content look that much cooler.

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  1. Ad-Sense


Another monetization centered theme that works more on the Google AdSense front to help you make more money through Google Ads, which happens to be the most lucrative money making platform online. The theme will help you earn more with features like superior ad management, ad blocker detection, ad placement, and content locking for ad block users.

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What to Do If You Don’t Get Into Your First Choice College


Getting a rejection letter from a college you worked so hard applying for is disappointing, to say the least. It is okay to feel disappointed. You have probably been daydreaming about life at your top choice school, but don’t dwell on this feeling of dread for long. There may be many opportunities ahead.

It won’t help to try to figure out why you were not accepted. There are so many factors. Chances are, your GPA, essays, and other elements of your application were fine. Admissions systems are complex and colleges can only bring in a certain number of students each semester.

Think About What to Do Next

Choosing a college that’s not your first choice may not be what you expected. Still, you should start thinking about what it would be like to attend. Perhaps there are in-person and online programs to consider. Start listing the pros and cons of each of your options and you can hone in on what your next move is going to be. Decide what is most important; you may go from obsessing about what is a sports management degree to pursuing a program in accounting, science, or psychology.

Working on second-choice applications may be smart if you don’t get into Yale University. You want to keep your options as open as possible. Try going for schools with rolling admission policies. They keep reviewing and accepting applications on a continual basis or at least until all available spots are filled. Some schools accept late applications or run their admissions year-round.

Consider Your Alternatives

There may be many, many schools with programs that apply to your interests and goals. Even a two-year school may be feasible. If one is nearby, you may have extra time with high school friends, and many community colleges are inexpensive or even free. In many cases, two-year schools are affiliated with state colleges, which may accept you as a transfer student after graduation.

Don’t Feel Judged

When the rejection letter comes in the mail, do not consider it a personal judgment. Admissions offices use many criteria to decide who to accept. They may be looking for people from certain cities, with certain volunteer, extracurricular, or subject experience. There are often thousands of applications sent to any given school.

In addition, think about why you wanted to go to that first school of choice. Logic will help you decide whether it was the location, program, or other qualities that made you feel connected. Soon, you may find other schools with similar attributes. If you’re rejected, the worst thing to do is feel hopeless, because there are many options to consider besides one school.


How to Deal With not Getting Into Your First Choice School


If you’re reading this because you didn’t get into your first choice college, we’re really sorry. That sucks. You probably put a ton of effort into everything from your grades to your essay to your extracurriculars to show that you deserved a spot. If you’re feeling lost about what to do next, there are some tried and true ways to deal with this kind of rejection you might want to try.


Something really crappy just happened to you. The future you envisioned for yourself isn’t going to happen just as you planned, and not only is that upsetting, it’s scary. Give yourself a few days to eat marshmallow fluff and cry. You need to get through those initial negative emotions if you ever want to move on and be happy at a new place.

Forget About the Whole

Focus on what your first choice school offered that specifically attracted you. Was it their small class sizes? Maybe it was their killer engineering program? Did you like the teaching style? Whatever you liked about the institution, odds are you can find it someplace else. It might not look exactly like you thought it would, but focusing on the individual qualities of your first choice will make them catch your eye when you look at other schools.

Be Positive About Admissions You DID Get

Just because you didn’t get into one school doesn’t mean you didn’t get into others. It’ll make you feel better to read those admissions letters. Look at all the good things the schools have to offer and get excited about these new opportunities. Remember, that’s what they are. It’s possible you didn’t research your backups as much as you did your first choice, and now’s the time to change that. If you didn’t get into to Yale University, you probably got into some other wonderful schools. Start looking at their noteworthy alumni. Contact their admissions office to see if there’s an accepted students day anytime soon. Look at their extracurriculars and housing. All of these things will take your mind off of the place that said, “No.”

Consider Capacity

When wracking your brain to figure out why you weren’t accepted to your first choice, remember a simple fact: there probably wasn’t room. Unless you’re trying to get an online project management degree, classrooms and campuses can only fit so many people. It could be that you were utterly qualified, but there just wasn’t room. In this case, you could’ve missed out because of any number of minuscule factors. Don’t let this rejection you really know nothing about harm your self-worth.

Think About Transferring

At the end of the day, if you know you’ll only be happy when your college admissions results read “Yes” from your first choice, think about transferring. College grades mean a lot more than high school grades, so if you kill it your first few semesters at a backup school, there could be hope for you to transfer into your dream school at a later date. Check transfer rates before you commit to this idea, but a lot of people find their way in this way instead of more direct routes.



Pair Your Favorite Saree With Designer Blouse To Look Lovely


Saree is the best type of outfit that allows you to look traditional and gorgeous. If you want to get unique look in saree, you can wear the fashionable and perfect blouse. Stitching the blouse is a time consuming process, so women are seeking for a perfect solution. For meeting the requirements, Kraftly comes with a stunning range of saree blouses. They are the ready-made blouses that will suits all body shapes and sizes.   The uniquely designed saree blouse allows you to get an ultimate classic look at any special occasion.   Along with this, the blouses also have the capability to bring your outfit an attractive look.  The exclusive and beautiful collection of blouses is creatively designed blouses, so you can buy and wear them without any uncertainty. At present, many individuals spend more time as well as energy while buying their blouses with best designs and fittings. The online blouse collection helps you to shop for wonderful blouse design from your home.

Image result for Pair Your Favorite Saree With Designer Blouse To Look Lovely

Buy Fabulous Sarees Online

The comfortable shopping attracts many people towards online store and cheers them to buy all of their essential online. The best and reliable online store not only offers you designer and fabulous saree blouses, but it also bring you an excellent opportunity to purchase the most fashionable saree.  The sarees are now obtainable in an extensive range of patterns, styles, designs, colors and much more.   The internet store also let you to buy sarees for your grand occasions and festive days. These are the most attractive features online shopping that inspire many women to purchase their favorite saree and other types of outfits online. When you buy sarees online, you can save lots of time and money. If you want to enjoy the multiple conveniences and surprising benefits of online shopping, you can instantly visit Kraftly.


Job Trends for 2017 in Calgary


As the new year 2017 starts to unfold, so is the opportunity awaiting for employees in Calgary. There are several predictions for factors to shape the recruitment practices and the human resource sector. Take a look at the following trends for job seekers like you.

Penetration of Data Science Into Human Resources

Several companies recruited data scientists to streamline their way in approaching things like logistics and marketing. Data science is observed to be rare in recruiting and human resource. More and more human resource departments are expected to be tight in dealing with their employee engagement. Human resource then moves into the space wherein data is being used more compared to a competitive advantage. This serves as a representative of a tremendous loss of opportunity in several organizations.

Projected Automation Everywhere

Many industries see the augmentation of the existing roles caused by automation although there is no guarantee for technology to make the jobs disappear. Advances in technology gave way top automation that makes some professions obsolete. Personal and corporate developments are expected to offset such changes with emphasis on complementary skills building, separating from machines that is integral to work.

Get Rid of Ostentatious Perks in the Office

Image result for Job Trends for 2017 in Calgary.

Companies are more concern on enterprises offering perks or bonus benefits like video games and ping pong tables, onsite spa treatments and catered lunches. Such benefits are considered more stylish than the substance. It has been observed that these bonuses start to recede from the perspective centered on things like comprehensive healthcare packages and paid leave. Study reveals that on average less traditional benefits have weak correlation with the satisfaction of employees.  

Efforts Ending Gender Pay Gap

It is predicted that enterprises will become more transparent with regards to the salary of employees and equipped with knowledge and uptick in businesses for wage inequality amelioration. Market surveys in Calgary indicate the unlikely application of a position at a company notable in paying employees for the same work.The pay equity of employees is projected to come as early as in 2059, but could also happen as late as 2152. Many enterprises now start to realize that gender pay gap issue also involves positive employer brand and recruitment of values-driven millennial workers other than avoiding negative publicity and legal liability.

Reshaping of Gigantic Economy

A gigantic economy is not likely to expand beyond their existing task-oriented phase. Its ethos is projected to become more prevalent in many established fields, most specially on the flexibility for your own hours and from anywhere. Yes, flexibility reigns supreme in the modern-day job market, most especially for the continuously growing demographic of the millennial. Also, consider its reflection in today’s jobs. The number of workers preferring alternative work arrangements has increased though the real number remains relatively low. It is significant to recognize the advantages and disadvantages of this setup and if it works for you as an employee or employer.

With all these prospective job trends in the market, you may now have the drive to look for a job that fits you right or look for a business to start your own and recruit staff.If you also want to know more about buying a business so you can join the trend, just visit the website business for sale in Calgary.  


Automotive:  Inventor Ideas to Product the Road Ahead


Sometimes ideas float into our minds that are absolutely spectacular; we wonder why no one else ever thought of it before.  Inventors are a creative breed. They can take ideas and do the work to make it happen.  The result is not as important as is the process. Risk and reward live together. Every now and then an idea and product take off and become a viral sensation!

When that happens, you can bet that somewhere in the world, someone is saying to themselves, ‘I thought of that!” wondering what if. This did not happen to one inventor.  James A. Hamm of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania filed a United States patent November 1, 1957 (Application Serial No. 693,955 2 Claims Cl. -25015) for a new invention.


The invention related to the manufacture of windshield wiper blades. Specifically, Hamm’s brainchild was new, improved, heated windshield wipers.  The appeal is readily noticed during winter months when heavy frosting occurs on windshields. Vision is severely reduced creating driving hazards that have resulted in accidents.

Hamm’s plan was the first to be created with little serious modifications or redesign of the existing blade-supporting components. The oscillation mechanisms, hinges, and axials are already in place. Hamm took his idea and built it on the current framework. Thus, he took the product up to the next level for the new generation.

Image result for Automotive: Inventor Ideas to Product the Road Ahead

Professional Essentials

Top professionals and industry use heated windshield wipers. The debris-clearing benefits and heating component, to prevent snow and ice build-up,is the key activity to this products’ triumph.  Major windshield problems, such as vision impairment, streaks, frozen debris, are daily occurrences for people who live in harsh weather areas.

First responders to emergency situations must have easy access, clear visibility, and direct routes to disasters.  Professional drivers, school and tourist bus operators, snow plow trucks, delivery and private vehicles all require devices to get the job done safer. No one can take the time to stop and manually remove ice and snow from the windshield.

21st Century: Building on Innovation

Today, there is a new type of wiper system that is a high-tech solution to the age old problem.  A moisture-sensing wiper is cutting-edge innovation. Optical sensors that are mounted inside the windshield near the rear-view mirror detect moisture. A radar beam of light is shined toward the windshield at a 45-degree angle. Dry glass will direct the light back straight back. Wet glass scatters the light in multiple directions. The wetter the glass, the less light reflects back into the sensor. Wiper blade speed is automatically adjusted as moisture increases.

Our Ancestors

Never fear! Looking back, previous ideas that did not make it were vibration detection of raindrops, windshield application of a special coating to prevent drops from forming, and ultrasonic vibrating windshields to break up droplets!

Do you remember when cup holders never existed? Inventors and the automotive industry are always looking for new ways to do things. We now have laser-powered headlights, air-conditions seats, and in-car Internet.

Everything starts from somewhere. We continue to build on our predecessors’ ideas, thoughts, and designs. We make them our own for the slice of time that we live in. Take your ideas and run with them!


The designer handbags are an investment too


Designer handbags are something we all dream about. They represent class, status, style and more, and could speak volumes about our personality. Owning designer handbags of brands like like Furla, Tumi, Coach bags etc will definitely give you a sense of pride while flaunting it. But lately, it has been discovered that your handbag is no more a luxurious fashion accessory which swing on your arm, rather it could also turn out to be an investment.

The best performers include a designer bag from Chanel (Classic Medium flap bag) which is worth £3,100, but was only about £100 about a decade back.

Even if we talk about some lesser known brands, even their value has also risen in the past few years. A bag which was available for about £40 can fetch double or triple price today. Bags of high-end fashion labels like Furla, Michael Kors, Tumi etc might not rise drastically when it comes to price, but will definitely be able to hold their purchasing price for sure.Image result for handbags

The famous high-end designer labels that have seen a subsequent rise in their sale are Chanel, Emilio Pucci, Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Fendi etc. The modern 21st century handbag, which is linked with ladies fashion today was common as ‘man bag’ till the20th century.  Lately, the craze for high-end designer handbags has risen drastically and has reached a new level altogether. But as we know, with every good comes a bad, with designer handbags too it happened. The market started flooding with fake counterfeit designer handbags that were replica of the original ones, but were priced exactly the same like that of an original piece.

The novice buyers shall try and avoid the auction sites while looking out for genuine and authentic designer bag. Various Auction houses like Sotheby’s and Heritage Auctions hold vintage handbags sale occasionally and people actually wait for them desperately.

If you wish the value of your handbag to rise subsequently, then you must try and take that out only on some special and important occasion so as to keep in a good condition. 

But, not all of them have been able to make money. A Gucci handbag of 1960’s that was made out of crocodile skin did not rise once in the value in the past decade. Adrian Roose, a spokesman for Paul Fraser Collectibles, said that high-end fashion houses manufacture limited quantities of handbags yearly, due to which the demand outstrips the supply, which in turn cause a price hike.

If you too are planning to invest in this beautiful accessory, you can easily do so. Nowadays, you could find plethora of choices when it comes to designer handbags online on various online luxury stores. These stores stock several high-end fashion brands and labels for you to choose from. The variety available with them will surely spoil you for choice. Some of the famous online luxury shopping stores for your designer handbags shopping are Tata CLiQ Luxury, Darvey’s, Elitify etc. So hurry up, and get home a stunning handbag and be every bit of a diva.


Importance Of Kraftly Watches And Support For Buyers


Development in online links make people simple to purchase the require materials from the own place for flexible prices. Kraftly is popular webpage launch in 2015 for provide best support to viewers and fulfill the needs within short period. To find colorful watches for women visitors recommend the page and categories are list in different ways inspire the buyers. Stylish and timeless fashion accessories add popularity to team and cheap version prefer by most of viewers. Major brands at amazing prices increase vast network towards them and defining look is unique than normal modes. Seller details and warranty information list in website attract everyone to understand the web policies. It stand best mobile flea market for unique products and available in offline modes. Create the microshop within seconds and start sale require products in quick span. Quality watches for exciting prices inspire the people from different countries and shipment policies supportive in enrich the network.

Image result for Importance Of Kraftly Watches And Support For Buyers

Tips For Customers

Protection policies are add by team in regular manner inspire large group towards team. Rapid growing technology wedge footwear become common and every day new styles are developing by clients. Buyers are request to pay as per terms formulate by developers. Pick the suitable one in short period remain difficult and review share by customers are useful to avoid discrepancies. Team of Kraftly offers wedge sandals for low to high prices. In turn images in webpage are effective to find suitable product. Enhance the style by order wedge model sandals as per western wear in same color. Amazing view add by customers by purchase suitable sandals for the dresses. Most of wedge model are classy in turn suitable for casual and formal attires. Modification relates to delivery and payment modes should be review while placing orders. Additional charges impose if product returns by customers without valid reasons.


Know about: Do your website really need a CDN?


There are countless companies that are using the CDN for boosting their online working performances and it’s seriously great. Nowadays, to become an important part of website strategy but still, there are millions of people who fail to understand that CDN is just a part in whole process and it can only be effective for you if your website seriously needs these kinds of special services. It is important to know that there are some websites who doesn’t need a content delivery network. Well, for knowing more you can consider these given points, it can help you in deciding where you need a CDN or not?

Why you need to have it?

As you know there are several great befits of using these networks, here are some major point that can help you in understanding more about the related topicImage result for Know about: Do your website really need a CDN?

  • It helps in improving your website loading speed by diverging excess traffic to another site.
  • Cdn makes sure that your website is user friendly or user’s device friendly, that means no matter user is using mobile, tablet or computer your website will look exactly same as on their desktops.
  • It keeps your website content safe and secure also it keeps your website easy to use.

Who can use CDN services?

As you know, not everyone can use this network. It’s suitable for those websites which contain large videos, images, or something that takes huge time in loading. It’s also good for your website if your sites location vin heavy online traffic countries. But if you have websites related to local business like restaurants, beauty salons, local electrician shop etc or if you are company‘s main target is local audience then it will be better to not waste your time on buying expensive CDN. So, know the CDN price before buying it.


Know about the Craft Distillery in Bloomington that Produces Best Quality Artisan Spirits


Any beverage containing half percent of alcohol by volume to seventy six percent of alcohol by volume is considered to be an alcoholic beverage. Those with higher than seventy six percent of alcohol; are usually the medications; for instance anesthetics. The distillation process is what that makes the spirit because after fermentation, that product is turned into a vapor and then the vapor is cooled to make condensation. Once condensed into a liquid you now have the base for the alcoholic beverages.

Adam Quirk, a leading distiller and co-founder of Cardinal Spirits, a craft distillery in Bloomington, Indianapolis, United States says that for making the raw spirit barley, corn, rye, even potatoes that contain starch is used. In this the yeast interacts with to start altering sugars into alcohol. The actual making of distilled spirits comes in the form of how the raw alcohol liquid is prepared into a distinctive brand. For example this involves what kind of barrel is used and how much charring went into the barrel and how long the spirit is matured. With Gin, a distiller is related with juniper berries and in Scotch whiskey there is peat included in order to add a certain flavor

Adam’s craft distillery is the maker of high quality whiskey, vodka, gin, liqueurs and rum. Cardinal Spirits produces high quality artisan spirits using organic and local ingredients. All parts of the distilling process starting from fermentation to pulping to maturing to bottling take place within the company. The craft distillers create products that are specifically their own for example corn whiskeys that preserve a genuine popcorn taste and gins that evoke the aromas of a hike in the mountains close to the distillery. A craft vodka maker can instill the spirits with juicy homegrown fruits. Whiskeys produced from uncommon grains and matured in small casks are common. Gins are a predominantly stimulating category for American craft producers as, away from the presence of juniper berries in the herbal infusion, there is wide liberty on botanic ingredients to make the taste unique. . In the last few years there has been a huge boom in the spirit industry in the sector of craft spirits.

According to Adam Quirk, distilling hand-crafted spirits is an obsession. And a prosperous effort means distillers must continually be experimenting with various styles of spirits so they can always be innovative. He further added that starting up a distillery operation is not easy various types of approvals are required such as federal license, TTB (Alcohol Tax and Trade Bureau), recipe and label design approval, health and fire permits as well as state and county building.

The craft spirits at Cardinal Spirits are the products of an autonomously owned distillery where the product is distilled physically and bottled on-site. Moreover, it is important to remember that craft blending is not just blending high-proof spirits with sweetening or water. Many craft distillers both blend and distill products in order to produce best quality artisan spirits.