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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Pastor Benny Hinn Announce Launch of Loveworld USA


In order to meet the world’s growing need for a higher, broader understanding of faith, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome (D.Sc., D.D.), and Pastor Benny Hinn will launch the cable TV channel Loveworld USA in July 2017.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome (D.Sc., D.D.), is a minister from Nigeria who has been preaching for over 30 years. He is respected worldwide for his compassionate mission of providing material and spiritual support for those in need. He is the president of Believers’ Loveworld, or Christ Embassy. Loveworld TV is currently available in the UK on the satellite platforms Astra and Hotbird, and on the Loveworld TV mobile app, which is available for Android and iOS. Loveworld SAT is broadcast in South Africa, and Loveworld PLUS is broadcast in Nigeria. In America, Loveworld USA will be broadcasted on Spectrum; its ministry TV programs will also be featured online.

Pastor Oyakhilome is the bestselling author of many books, including the daily devotional Rhapsody of Realities. His Healing School ministry has enabled many to experience and demonstrate the power of God to heal physical and emotional ills. Loveworld USA will feature miracles that demonstrate the power of God in everyday lives, miracles that cut across social class.

Large gatherings organized by Christ Embassy have reached millions of believers. In one night in Nigeria alone, over 3.5 million people attended to bear witness to Pastor Oyakhilome‘s message of hope. On Children’s Day in Nigeria, 600 children decided to follow Christ when the altar call was made after an inspiring sermon from Pastor Oyakhilome. Recently, in Ho, Ghana, an estimated 20,000 people came to hear Pastor Oyakhilome speak, and 4,620 new converts pledged to follow God. This fulfilled a prophecy by Pastor Oyakhilome that there are no limits to the number of people who will be claimed by God’s tender care.

Pastor Benny Hinn, the internationally-celebrated Israeli televangelist perhaps best known for his “Miracle Crusades” revival meetings, has been preaching for over 40 years in cities throughout the world. The Mighty Warrior Prayer Army is a group of loyal believers who answer every prayer request that is submitted to Benny Hinn Ministries. Pastor Hinn’s TV program, This Is Your Day, reaches an estimated 4 million believers each week.

Loveworld’s branch of ministry in the US will be based in California, but reach a global audience through prayer shows, music, and conferences with both pastors. In a unique departure from most Christian TV programs, it will also feature news segments. Other pastors will also be featured on the program. Each episode will feature an event that emphasizes how God heals, supports, and uplifts all people.

Pastors Hinn and Oyakhilome are excited to launch the network and highlight how God operates in our lives daily.

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A Short Guide to the History of the Eurovision Song Contest


The Eurovision Song Contest has been a much-loved (or much laughed-at) feature on our screens for what seems like hundreds of years. But exactly when did the Eurovision Song Contest start? Do you know why the Eurovision was first hosted, and what changes the contest has been through over the following years? Here we look at a short history of this beloved institution; Eurovision.


Who Started the Eurovision Song Contest?

The Eurovision Song Contest began in 1956. It started with the vision of Sergio Pugliese, who was at the Italian television station RAI and it was a contest first based on the Sanremo Music Festival in Italy. In some reports, the reason for the Eurovision Song Contest was as a test for the expertise of live broadcast producers, while others say it was an attempt to bring together a group of countries that had been torn apart by war.

The First Eurovision Song Contest

The first Eurovision was on the 24th May in 1956 and at this contest only seven countries were present in the competition, being able to perform two songs each. But of course it didn’t stay this way. Over the many decades the contest has been held the number of participants has risen to more than 40. In the early days of the Eurovision Song Contest the show had a lot of prestige and attracted top talents from all the countries that took part. There was a live orchestra and many top music stars took part. Switzerland won the first contest.

Increasing Popularity of the Song Contest

In the 1990s the Eurovision Song Contest began to expand, with countries from the former Soviet Bloc being included in the line-up, and this influx continued into the 2000s when Bulgaria and Moldova took part. Most of the countries in Europe have taken part in the Contest, although Kosovo, Vatican City, and Liechtenstein have not. In fact, the Contest has since expanded to include countries from outside the European area. The first, Australia, was invited as a one-off but has subsequently repeated their participation in 2016.

Eurovision Today

Today the Eurovision Song Contest is still televised live around the world and has a special place in the hearts of many people in the UK. People host Eurovision parties and play Bingo Cards based on the show. The Eurovision song contest we see today looks much different from the first contest but the original reasons for the show remain current – to bring people together and to celebrate music and performance.

Bingo Cards

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Feeling safe in your neighborhood is as important as being safe in your own home. Safe and secure neighborhoods contribute to the wellbeing of the people who live in these communities. Unsafe neighborhoods evoke a sense of anxiety and frustration. People spend most of their time and energy keeping themselves secure and safeguarding their families against the dangers and possible risks of living in an unsafe neighborhood.

Being in a safe and secure neighborhood matters at a personal level and on a social development level. As a Dublin City Development Board report pointed out: Not only are neighborhoods the heart of a city, but the fortunes of cities and neighborhoods are “locked together”.

The strong interconnection between social and economic achievement means cities have to prioritize improvement of their neighborhoods. The responsibility of creating and maintaining a vibrant and flourishing neighborhood lies with all of us in any community and not just with government and the local authority of that city. However these obligations are not always fulfilled. This results in certain communities experiencing positive changes whilst other neighborhoods are neglected.

The difference between a thriving community and a declining neighborhood is immediately visible. Safe neighborhoods have an air of vibrancy, people – old and young – walk around freely, city streets are clean and well-lit at night, children tend to play in parks close by and most importantly people have peace of mind.  

There are many elements that depict a declining or unsafe neighborhood: sidewalks are scattered with litter, uncollected garbage containers around, offensive graffiti on walls, vandalism of kiosks or bus shelters, empty buildings and more bars than restaurants.  

Some of the obvious signs of a dangerous neighborhood are:

    • Loitering: Teenagers hanging around in the street or people drinking in the street.
    • Sirens at night: – show that the neighborhood is probably home to ongoing criminal activity.
    • Illegal Activities: Drug deals, prostitution, and loud domestic fights that happen out in the open are indicative of a dangerous neighborhood.
    • Shots Fired: The sound of shots ringing out should not be something you get used to.
    • Abandoned Buildings: Vacant homes or commercial buildings are an indication that people can’t afford their mortgages and that businesses aren’t thriving.

This is when communities need to look at alternative measures to protect themselves. Turning to a private security firm that specializes in community safety may not be seen as an option. Yet this is a measure that could help residents improve their surroundings.  Professional and private security firms with appropriate skills sets can play an important in enhancing the safety and security of a neighborhood.

The Lions Gate Community Safety and Security Assessment program is designed to assist communities that suffer from higher levels of crime and nuisance activity. Knowing that reclaiming a community requires a coordinated effort, Lions Gate Risk Management Group, an intelligence led security firm founded in 2008 by Scot Filer, will put a team together to work with the residents because they know that reclaiming a community requires a coordinated effort. The Lions Gate team will provide an in-depth analysis and identify symptoms and the underlying causes of unsafe and criminal activities. In addition, we will provide a set of recommendations to address these issues, and can assist with creating an action plan and the implementation of changes.

Lions Gate Risk Management Group understand that residents know what is needed to revitalize their community and neighborhood and will work with them to drive any change in the neighborhood.



Box Blade Uses When Working With Gravel


For many, maintaining a gravel driveway is one of the chief uses of their tractor implements, and for this, working with a box scraper blade can be beneficial. Though not the only way to maintain a gravel drive, a box blade can be very useful in doing so if you have one available. Indeed, if you’ve purchased box blades for sale, you may have had working with gravel specifically in mind.

When working with box blades to manicure a gravel drive or other gravel area, patience is vitally important. This is because time and experience with the box scraper blade are required to get the feel for the process. And don’t worry, for the little “imperfections” that require special attention to detail, some quick effort with a manual rake can provide the finishing touches once you’re satisfied with the bulk of your work.


Before beginning work with your box blade, it’s important to have a good feel for how thickly the gravel is laid, or to be laid, on the area. This will give you the information you need to correctly adjust your scarifiers on your box scraper blade. You don’t want to dig too deeply, or go too shallow with them. Once you’ve determined whether you need to lengthen or shorten your top link, your next step will be to loosen everything up. This step will make it possible for you to then level everything out with your box blade.

As you work with your box scraper blade, pay careful attention and have the forbearance to go over the area several times if need be before assessing your progress. The whole process when using box blades will always require your full attention as you level places that are too high, and conversely, take care of pot holes and other imperfections. Once you are satisfied with the heavier duty work, you may want to take the time to go after the details with a sturdy landscaping rake.

As always, for your safety, the proper upkeep of your equipment, and helpful tips for all kinds of basic tasks, it’s vital that you keep the owner’s manualyou received when you purchased box blades for sale on hand at all times.


Get Rid of the Pests in Your Home


Your home is your biggest investment, so it is important that you take steps to protect this investment. Even though you have insurance to protect your home against natural disasters, your home is unlikely to be destroyed by a tornado, hurricane, or flood. However, there are small, creepy things that can destroy your home, and these are pests. There are many forms of pests, but they all have one thing in common. This one thing is that they are unwelcome in homes. Three of the most frustrating pests to deal with are ants, roaches, and termites.

When ants begin to march into your home, they will create havoc. Although it is common to see ants outside your home, no one wants to see them crawling on the kitchen counter. In order to get rid of ants, it is important to identify the type that is coming into your home. The treatment procedures will be dependent upon the type that is in the home. However, there are a few steps to help with the problems regardless of the type of ant you may see. First, you must block the entrance for the ants. If there are no cracks in walls, they will not be able to enter the home. Also, borax is known as a great pest control agent. By mixing borax with sugar, the ants will carry the borax back to their colony and destroy the colony.

Roaches are probably the most disgusting pests that can enter the home. With roaches, it can sometimes seem impossible to eliminate them. If you wake up at night, turn on the lights, and see roaches scattering everywhere, you definitely have a serious problem. The first step to take to get rid of roaches is to make sure that your home is clean. Roaches thrive in dirty, dark environments. If there is food left out at night or food on the floor, the roaches will continue to thrive. However, if the roaches have no food to eat, they will eventually leave the area. This will be a great time to leave out roach bait. The roaches will take the bait and eventually die. Also, roaches like dark areas, so if you can brighten your home with light, you will be less likely to see roaches. You can read more about pest control for roaches on

Termites will cause more damage than any other pests. The damage that termites cause can reach into the thousands of dollars. With termites, there are home treatments that you can do, but the best action is to call in a professional. One home treatment is to make sure that you have lots of sunlight in your home. Termites cannot survive in sunlight, so if there is a lot of light in your home, the termites will be destroyed. By calling in professionals, steps can be taken to not only kill all termites that are present in the home, but they can also prevent other termites from entering.

Pests are a nuisances for everyone. However, home treatment and professionals can help you to eliminate this problem.


Luxury Car Rental Dubai


An extensive variety of extravagance autos are accessible in Dubai to separate your travel understanding from the conventional. From Range Rovers to Rolls Royce, find the most elite cars at a great rate offered by established companies in the UAE. Professional chauffeur service available for a handsfree experience right from your airport terminal, hotel or as required.Looking to rent luxury cars in the emirate of Dubai? Don’t settle with the first premium car rental shop, the city has great prices to offer. Choose among some of the most professional agencies to those that simply offer the lowest rates. Chauffer service can be availed too at an extra cost if you’re looking to add an extra zing to your travel experience in the UAE. Click here to luxury car rental dubai.

Mitsubishi will make a big appearance its new SUV amid one month from now’s Geneva engine appear, with the 2018 Eclipse Cross set to space in the middle of its little estimated ASX and moderate size Outlander SUVs.

Despite the fact that the Eclipse Cross’ correct measurements are yet to be uncovered, the new hybrid is relied upon to be the primary model in Mitsubishi’s SUV run upgrade as the cutting edge Outlander has as of now been affirmed to develop in size to go up against the Toyota Kluger and Mazda CX-9.

The new-era ASX is likewise supposed to diminish in size to more Mazda CX-3-like measurements – if the 2015 Tokyo engine indicate Mitsubishi eX idea auto is anything to pass by – leaving room in the brand’s SUV line-up for the Eclipse Cross.

This implies the generation adaptation of the Eclipse Cross could be Mitsubishi’s response to the portion overwhelming Mazda CX-5 and Hyundai Tucson, and additionally the famous Toyota RAV4 and Nissan Qashqai.

Amid the 2013 Tokyo engine appear, Mitsubishi uncovered its arrangements to focus on the multiplying SUV and light business markets, leaving the eventual fate of the Mirage miniaturized scale auto and Lancer in uncertainty.

As already revealed, plans for the cutting edge Pajero are as yet vague, yet Mitsubishi will keep delivering the Triton-based Pajero Sport rough go 4×4 romping wagon.

The new Eclipse Cross acquires its name from the front-and all-wheel drive sportscar discharged in the US, South America, Asia and Middle Eastern markets from the late 1980s to 2011, a name which was made (in)famous as the primary auto Paul Walker’s character races in the 2001 motion picture The Fast and the Furious.


A Robbery Can Diminish a Mall’s Reputation


Just yesterday, something happened at the local Fairview Pointe-Claire Mall that has scared off many shoppers from ever returning. A robbery happened on May 14 at one of the stores in the mall The Bay where the robbers stole the jewelry in a glass case scaring off nearly everyone in the mall. When something like this occurs, the Fairview Pointe-Claire mall needs the help of the search engine reputation management services company.

Currently, the Montreal police are searching for the suspects that stole the jewelry from the Bay. People in the mall claimed that they heard gunshots just after 4:00 pm on May 14th at the Fairview mall. It was in fact not a gunshot, it was instead the sound of the glass display case being broken by the robbers.

Fairview the mall has a history of robberies including one just yesterday, and three others since 2010 all involving stealing jewelry from the malls stores. Back in 2014 this happened at the Birks jewelry store in Fairview pointe-Claire therefore this mall seems to be a target for many thieves with the intension to steal jewelry specifically. They seem to always use pepper spray and smash the glass cases every time there is a stealing incident at this mall.

When people from around the area hear of these few dangerous incidents that occur at this particular mall, they definitely do not want to shop there again since they become traumatized of what happened; especially the store workers. It is important to involve a reputation management company in this particular situation since the mall will be losing customers and sales of course when events like this occur so often. This is the fourth time this has happened in a total of 7 years therefore will impact the way that residents in the area will be shopping. They will all keep an eye out and be a little anxious when they shop from now on.


Singapore companies are upbeat about economic expansion


Singapore has always been a country serious about building up their economic base, creating financial opportunities for their citizens and others, and becoming a global force not only just in Southeast Asia but around the rest of the world as well when it comes to business, banking, and finance.

And while the global depression of the mid-2000s impacted Singapore just like it impacted every other nation on the planet, it didn’t have anywhere near as serious or as destructive in impact – mostly because Singapore was built to weather the storm.

Incredible growth is happening within Singapore right now, and they are not only coming out of this global depression faster than many others, but they are also moving forward much more rapidly than other nations as well. Things are really looking up in Singapore, and companies based in this country are upbeat about economic expansion for sure!

GDP is expected to grow faster than 2%

One of the most impressive indicators of economic success for the people of Singapore has to be the fact that the government anticipated a growth rate of 1% in 2017, but it looks like Singapore is going to double that rate by the time 2017 closes – as they are speeding in on 2% growth for GDP faster than anyone would have expected.

Though there is still plenty of time for downside risks to slow this rate at least a little bit, if Singapore keeps up this incredible clip and impressive growth for the rest of 2017 they may finish even better than 2% growth in GDP by the time everything is calculated!

Partnerships with other nations are growing the economic base

As highlighted above, Singapore has always been serious about becoming the premier nation as far as banking, business, and finance is concerned in Southeast Asia and the new partnerships they are forging and fostering are only going to help them cement this position even faster.

Singapore has always conduct business with their neighbors and they continue to do so at a very impressive rate, but they have also started to reach out and build impressive relationships with countries like Australia and India. The Indian relationship in particular is designed around mutual economic growth, and this relationship has already proved to be tremendously beneficial for both of these countries.

Investments in infrastructure and changes to regulation are bringing more businesses to Singapore

Singapore is a very growth focused nation, investing tremendously in not only their own people but also investing tremendously in infrastructure to support business growth.

This is one of the most technologically advanced nations in the world and they continue to become even more technologically advanced with almost every passing day. Combine that with new changes that relax rules and regulations for foreign businesses to come to Singapore, set up shop, and take advantage of all the benefits that this country has to offer and we are talking about incredible growth rates that will continue to climb higher and higher in the years and decades to come!



Stretch Your Road Trip Budget

find love

There are few travel experiences that have the same level of fondness or classic reputation as the road trip. The idea of freedom, of creating a vacation that is distinctly tailored to you, of having the type of vacation where the journey offers as much interest and potential adventure as the destination itself: these are all cornerstones of the classic road trip. However, even when gas price are low and you find the best deals on RV rentals a road trip can become very expensive very quickly. Going with an RV helps cut down on what would otherwise be out of control hotel bills, but what other ways can you save money on the road without sacrificing the enjoyment of vacation? Read on to find out!

Always Talk to the Locals!

This should be a mandatory part of any road trip, but in addition to adding flavor to any travel talking to people who know the area leads to you learning about all the tourist attractions that are overpriced and underwhelming, what places are worth the cost, and you might even hear about some local hidden gems that you aren’t going to find on any brochures or online blogs.

Often times the local hidden gems are not only some of the best places, but they’re often inexpensive or even free. Always interact with the locals and see what places they recommend and which ones they don’t. You not only meet a lot of different people and see things from their perspective but get to know you’re seeing the absolute best any area you visit has to offer!

Use Travel Apps

There are so many travel apps that are just perfect for a traveler on a road trip. Do a little research and take advantage of the ones that fit you best. There are apps for finding the cheapest gas in the area, coupon apps that are geographically based to let you see not only what’s going on but help you save money there, and there are plenty of apps for finding the ideal RV campsite in your area based on whatever criteria is most important for you.

In other words, the right combination of travel apps goes above and beyond what GPS can bring your way and offers savings through cheaper gas, discounts on a variety of traveling expenses, and giving you the knowledge to make smart camping and lodging decisions. Those three things along add up to some serious savings very quickly, and without making you give up any level of comfort or quality. This is an often overlooked way to save serious money on a road trip without sacrificing the quality of your travels.

Watch the Food Budget

This is another one of those places where expenses can really sneak up on you. While there’s nothing wrong with checking out some local restaurants or treating yourself, if you eat out for every meal that adds up. So does stopping at fast food places for meals while on the road from place to place, and generally speaking those meals just aren’t going to be as satisfying, either. Pack up some food before you go.

This not only allows you to save serious money on the sneaky food expenses but you have the ability to choose when to pull over and eat, when to relax, and you can enjoy your own favorite snacks or home cooked meals that are sure to deliver a better eating experience than anything you’ll pick up on the side of the road.

There are many ways to save money during a road trip, and following these three bits of advice will make a huge difference in helping you manage your budget while on your next road trip adventure!


Zimbabwe to host Worship and Communion Service with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Christ Embassy Online International has a vision to take the Word of God to the world, online and in person. The website states what the mission, purpose, and vision of the church is, as well as the Statement of Faith. The Church has several programs, one of which is the youth part, The Believers’ Loveworld Campus Ministry. The BLW Ministry is in spreading in countries in Europe, North America, West, Eastern, and Southern regions of Africa, Australia, The Middle East, and South East Asia. The Church has a Healing School and an International School of Ministry where those interested can be equipped and trained to minister to others. There is also an Inner City Mission for Children that helps provides clothing, food, medicine, and places to stay. Through the network of partners, volunteers, and missionaries, this program teaches others to help themselves if possible, in cities across Nigeria, and several other areas in Africa. The mission is to break the seemingly endless cycle of child poverty. The church’s website has daily devotional readings, live television classrooms with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and online, sending prayer requests, donations, special messages, and news and events coming up. There is a Resource Center for further study, reflection, and training. At the center of this church is Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

Image result for Zimbabwe to host Worship and Communion Service with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Pastor Chris has an amazing ministry that has spanned over 25 years and he is not just a pastor, but a healer, teacher, best-selling author, as well as television host. His book, Rhapsody of Realities, is the number one daily devotional worldwide, being distributed in over 242 countries and in over 402 languages. He presides over a network of campus fellowships and Christ Embassy Churches on all five continents, in addition to being pastor of one of the largest congregations in Africa and Pastor Chris’s healing and teaching crusades such as the Higher Life conference and Night of Bliss, draw crowds of over 3.5 million in a single night. Pastor Chris is the first to start a 24-hour Christian Network in 2003, from Africa to go worldwide. Chris Oyakhilome currently has 3 satellite stations; LoveWorld TV in the UK, LoveWorld PLUS in Nigeria, and LoveWorld SAT in South Africa, reaching millions more people and even on mobile app. Chris Oyakhilome hosts a television show called, Atmosphere for Miracles, and airs on major television stations worldwide. Pastor Chris also established the International School of Ministry and the Inner City Mission of Christ Embassy, to further reach out to others.

On May 7th, 2017, everyone who registers is invited to attend a special worship and communion service with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome at 2PM at the National Sports Stadium, in Harare, Zimbabwe in person or online. For those who want to attend, you must register to receive an access ticket to the live venue, live attendance at one of the viewing centers, online streaming through, or through a channel on the CELIX mobile app. Pastor Chris takes seriously what the Bible says in Mark 16:15 ‘…Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.’