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A Brief Overview of Yad Ezra v’Shulamit – Israel’s Top Charity Organization

The world needs all the help it can get, especially the poor and hungry people. There are numerous non-profit organizations that are striving to help the needy and destitute. One of which is Yad Ezra v’Shulamit,the top charity organization in Israel, that focuses on feeding the hungry children and families in Israel. The organization has gained global recognition for its effort as well as the results it has shown.Thanks to this  organization, a number of children in Israel go to bed with a full stomach. You can find out more about this charity organization at and here is a brief overview about Yad Ezra that may help you understand more about it.

History of the Organization

Yad Ezra was founded in 1998 by a native Israeli, named Aryeh Lurie who himself grew up poor and hungry. The young child vowed that if he overcame the poverty, he would help other people with the same issues. The motto of the organization clearly reflects this goal, which states “ Breaking the cycle of poverty, one child at a time.”

Objectives of the Organization

The non-profit organization basically focuses on providing healthy food to the hungry children and families of Israel but it also have other goals that the organization works on simultaneously. Yad Ezra v’Shulamit, sometimes abbreviated as YES, also provides desk jobs to the poor families of Israel that are below the poverty median. Moreover, the organization has taken it upon itself to oversee the development of youth in the streets of Israel and provides them with appropriate schooling and enables them to stand on their own feet. 

Projects of YES

The non-profit organization clearly articulates the goals and the steps it will take to achieve these goals. There are a number of projects YES is currently overseeing, some of which are:

  • Food Baskets – YES distributes 2500 food baskets a week to the poor families of Israel. The distribution is carried out on every Thursday so that every family will have enough food for Sabbath.
  • Children’s Center – there are multiple children’s center under the direct administration of YES in various parts of the country where children can come during weekdays and eat a hot meal. Moreover, the center also provides education to these children. A number of professional tutors, counselors, therapist work in these children’s center or volunteer to help with the physical and mental health of these children.
  • Desk Jobs – YES strives to solve the problem entirely and provides desk jobs to the poor parents and families of Israel after the necessary education and training.

How Significant Branding Online Is With These 5 Reasons

Online business is making a huge part in today’s society.  Every business, regardless of size, has its own brand to represent the name of the company or business as well. Therefore, branding is an important aspect to know what your product is all about. This is to promote brand reputation!

Branding has been well-documented for a number of benefits according one of the best landing page builder like Result Driven SEO. When you think about the brand of your business, you must also think about your customer experience, everything from your social media, website and logo skills.

But why is it that branding so important online? It’s because it serves as the best way where your customers perceive you and your business. To better understand branding, here are reasons why you need to develop branding online more effectively.

Online Presence.

Today, the internet is not only using of many people to connect effectively with their love ones or research for some important information, but it is also used of many businesses to promote their product and business online. Using the internet to market business is one effective way to use branding. Logos and banners are easily created and can be attached to all online activities online.

In addition, the use of a gravatar makes it very simple and easy to have an attractive and standard photo or picture which automatically connects with your business as well as to your target customers.


Another reason of branding online for your business is that when a quote or image is seen enough times, it becomes popular and familiar. When things or brand seem to be familiar online, people feel more comfortable and confident about investing and interacting money with that particular business or company.

Brand loyalty.           

Branding is the building of trust with stakeholders, customers, and employees. So, branding your brand online can give your clients loyalty to patronize and buy for this.  If you prefer to create a logo or an image attached to your business, then there would be a possibility that your brand would stick to their mind.

Your brand is the mirror of your business; it best speaks about your message or mission to what people could expect from your products. Therefore, every time, they see the branding online there is message conveyed for them to buy.

Branding encourages trust in your product or service.

If your product is good to people after they have experienced it, there will be more customers who will support and trust your business because of what other people stated online.

Brandings help business owner establish clarity and consistency.

Being consistent and focused on your business’ long-term goal significantly helps specifically when you have a clear brand. Through the help of your message, product lines, and audience appeal, you will have to improve the visibility of the company online, leading to consistency. It will let you acquire more customers soon.

Branding plays a major role in promoting your service or product online. Therefore, you should   take good care the quality and reputation of your brand in healthcare SEO services by Online Marketing For Doctors for you to earn the trust of many customers and achieve success in the online world.

This is the key to this intimidating online business competition!


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3 Ways to Bolster Your Store’s Online Presence

There are numerous benefits to taking your brick-and-mortar store online, most notably increased profits and the ability to reach a wider consumer base. However, unless you’re profoundly lucky, these things don’t simply happen overnight. In order for your store’s new digital counterpart to achieve success, you’ll need to take steps to bolster its online presence. Luckily, carving out a solid online niche for your store doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. By arming yourself with the right knowledge and enlisting the services of seasoned pros, you can lay the groundwork for long-term profitability and consumer interest.   

  1. Use Social Media to Your Advantage

You’d be hard-pressed to find a successful modern-day enterprise that doesn’t make extensive use of social media. Popular outlets like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram provide business owners with cost-effective outlets through which to promote products and services. That being the case, if you haven’t created social media accounts for your store on the aforementioned sites, there’s no time like the present to get started. Furthermore, simply maintaining these accounts won’t be enough to drum up the attention you seek. To generate consumer interest and encourage follower feedback, you’ll need to update these accounts daily, albeit not excessively. Posting both infrequently and too frequently can lead to a loss in interest, so for best results, stick with one to four posts per day.

  1. Seek Out a Highly-Rated Web Marketing Company

If this is your first attempt at promoting an online business, it’s in your best interest to seek out the aid of an experienced web marketing company. Whether you require assistance with search engine optimization, domain name registration service or ad placement, reaching out to a company like can help your efforts tremendously. The right marketing gurus will be able to build awareness for your store and boost its search engine ranking, enabling you to maximize your reach in a timely manner.

  1. Interact With Your Audience

Regularly interacting with your target audience through social media is an effective way to generate positive buzz and make people feel more invested in your business. The more personally invested people feel in your store’s success, the more likely they are to give you their business. As such, make a point of offering polite and timely replies to any comments and queries your social media posts receive. Additionally, avoid commenters who adopt overly combative tones and/or seek to start arguments with you. More often than not, these individuals thrive on goading people into confrontations, and it’s strongly advised that you abstain from giving them what they want.

No matter how well a brick-and-mortar enterprise is doing, taking it online can compound its success exponentially. Still, throwing your hat into the ring unprepared is liable to breed disappointment and stress. Before launching a digital extension of your store, you’ll need to learn the ins and outs of the online shopping game. Any retail entrepreneur who’s eager to expand their business would be wise to put the tips discussed above to good use.


Peter Loftin: The “Lofty” Personality

Who is Peter Loftin? Words fall short to describe him. Words, in fact, are not enough to describe the immense contribution made by the man towards the development of society in general. This particular post is dedicated to Peter Loftin – documenting his achievements and contributions.

Peter Loftin: What exactly has he gone on to do?

There is no way in which you can actually describe Loftin’s lofty achievements without really mentioning the fact that he is actually the founder and former Chairman of the Board of Business Telecom Inc or BTI. This one remains one of major telecommunications enterprises and as someone at the helm of this commercial enterprise, Peter Loftin has actually gone on to demonstrate his keen sense of responsibility for the society. It should not really be forgotten that the man’s resume is virtually brimming with details of his philanthropic work. Do browse further to unravel.

His Achievements Chronicled

Now to start off with, Peter Loftin had already been named as the Entrepreneur of the Year in the year 1989 by Business North Carolina. He has been a huge supporter of arts and it is his inclination towards the same, that actually led him to make the largest ever contribution to the city of Raleigh, North Carolina by assisting in the development of the BTI Center of Performing Arts as the largest such enter between Washington D.C. and Tampa. The Police Athletic League and the North Carolina Museum of Science are two other notable names that have actually benefited from his charitable inclinations.

And, how exactly can one forget about the fact that he had actually served as one of the board members of The American National Red Cross post the  9/11 tragedy? Peter Loftin is particularly known for his contributions as the owner of the top South Beach Private Club called Casa Casuarina in Miami. He has actually gone on to donate this venue to more than 30 charitable organizations already so that they could actually use these venues for their events. Please make sure that you are actually reading on in order to unravel more such incredible feats of this man.

What else should you know about him?

He has been in close contact with organizations that benefit veterans. He is one of the key contributors to the Special Operations Funds. This particular fund is responsible for providing money to college students who are the children of the fallen Tier 1 soldiers.  Do you know about the Airborne & Special Operations Museum in Fayetteville? If you are researching the tremendous credentials of Peter Loftin, you will actually have to learn about this important part of North Carolina – quite simply because of the fact that Peter Loftin is actually a regular contributor here.

The more you read about him, the more awestruck are you left by an account of what this man has ended up doing as an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and executive. Hopefully, we have been able to do justice to this man’s credentials as well.


A Mini-Guide to Palm Springs

Located in the Californian Desert lies the resort town of Palm Springs. Ask anyone in the United States, and they’ll tell you positive things about the resort. Domestic tourists, including the rich and famous, often flock here to have a few days of fun and to recuperate from the stress of life. Holidaymakers can choose from several Palm Springs vacation rentals located inand around the region to cater for everyone’s needs. If you’re thinking of visiting, check out the essentials in this mini-guide to Palm Springs.

Everyone Feels Welcome in Palm Springs

Regardless of your social status, profession or sexual orientation, everyone is welcome and catered for in Palm Springs. Singles, couples and families often come here and will always find something to suit their interests. This makes the resort city one of the more versatile travel destinations in the United States. Not only will you have the chance to have a beautiful retreat, enjoy a round of golf, play poker in the casinos or just lounge around the pool but you’ll always feel welcome anywhere you go.

Depending on the type of holiday or retreat you’re looking for, it might be a good idea to spend a few hours online reading other tourist’s reviews. You can find accommodation catering mostly to singles that host pool parties on weekends. Others are much further away and provide the peace and serenity of a holiday geared more towards relaxation. If you’re travelling with a family, either find a vacation rental or search for child-friendly hotels and resorts.

What to Do in Palm Springs

The number one thing every tourist should do in Palm Springs is to relax and make an effort to have the time of their lives. Explore the small city on a bicycle or lie on the loungers reading your favorite book for a few days. Foodies can try out some of the world-class restaurants found around Palm Springs and sample a wide range of different international cuisines. And then choose a few days to explore the region and head to the Aerial Tramway, Joshua Tree National Park and the Zoo. Fans of the entertainment industry might want to join a tour that takes them around the celebrity district. Others might join off-road tours through the desert.

Palm Springs has plenty of golf courses that are set inside this desert paradise. Golfers, both amateurs and professionals, often make their way to the city in spring and autumn. Prices are reasonable and you can either bring your own equipment or rent some when you arrive. There are a casinos here too which can give you the chance to play a few games and have a flutter.

How to Get the Best Value for Money

If you want to get the best value for money in Palm Springs, there are a few ways to cut costs. The prime time for finding bargains and great deals is months in advance before your trip. Search online and sign up for various websites that offer discounts on accommodation, dining and entertainment. The golf courses, for example, often have special early bird promotions for those who sign up well in advance. This can help you save some bucks for when you arrive. Savvy tourists can end up saving potentially hundreds by taking advantage of discounts and promotions. So if you know that you’re going to take a vacation to Palm Springs later in the year, you should start looking for the special offers now.

Another advantage of spending a few hours planning your trip to Palm Springs is that you can come up with a rough itinerary. Perhaps the first few days can be spent lounging around the pool and enjoying Downtown while later on you can explore some of the attractions further afield. The biggest advantage of having a plan is that it can cut down on parking fees and other costs. Some attractions might have quite high rates to park your car while the spaces at the resort are free. Arm yourself with this knowledge and put a little forethought into planning and you’ll avoid the extra and unnecessary expenses.

Things You Shouldn’t Do in Palm Springs

The number one mistake most tourists make when they visit Palm Springs is that they neglect to embrace and explore the region. Several holidaymakers come with the idea of pure relaxation, which means they intend to spend all of their time sitting in the spa or at the side of the pool. This isn’t a good idea. If you’re spending a few days or a week vacationing in Palm Springs, consider taking a tour at least once. When you get away from the city, you’ll be amazed at the landscapes and diversity just on itsdoorstep. After all, do you really want to miss riding the Ariel Tramway to some of the best viewing points in California?

Don’t rely on your car in Palm Springs. Most tourists will drive or at least rent a set of wheels. But don’t drive everywhere. Pedestrian-friendly walkways and traffic-free roads make the perfect environment for a stroll or cycling. Most of the residents are healthy and active. You should be too, even if you’re here on holiday.

Enjoying Your Holiday

Few visitors whotake a holiday in Palm Springs regret their decision. Not only does the resort makes everyone feel welcome and provide a range of activities to suit any and every interest but it’s also unpolluted and shrouded in natural beauty. Be smart by searching for discounts before you visit and make sure you join a tour to fully experience the best of Palm Springs.


Ways To Eat Healthily And Stay Fit

You are what you eat, says a proverb. Your body mechanism changes according to your eating pattern. Many experts have made it a professional endeavor to research just on dietary habits,and it’s affecting capability on different races. Here are some ways to be conscious of your fuel, the food.

  1. Do not diet

No diet has never been not broken or cheated on. DIET comes with an apprehension of its own fruition or completion. They tend to just add more weight to a person over the long term, with frequent off tracking and demotivating them in the process. With the loss of nutrition person naturally becomes weak and irritable. Instead, make a conscious effort to be healthy,and a healthy eating habit will follow on its own.

  1. Prefer whole foods

Whole foods are natural foods. They are as much a part of nature as you are, if not more. Be one with nature,and you will naturally become fitter and healthier. Whole foods without the refining process have the goodness of nature intact in them. No matter how filling they feel, they also have higher weight controlling property and so also the nourishment they provide. This helps in keeping you holistically healthy.

  1. Say no to fizzy and sugary drinks

The worst invention of the food industry.Drinks like flavored sodas and fruit drinks are the worse you can do to your food habits. They corrode your digestive tract right from stomach lining to your blood. They also cause high blood sugar spikes which impact the system by weakening it. They are the leading cause of obesity in children.Also, sugar in fruit juices add to the harm, consider not adding sugar to natural fruit juices.

  1. Add protein

This makes the diet a complete one. It makes sure you do not binge eat only on one type of macronutrient. Other two being fat and carbohydrate. Protein also makes you feel full by providing the necessary calorie intake with a smaller quantity, unlike the other two which are quickly digestible and hence causing more cravings during eating and also a while later.

  1. Vitamin check

Deficiencies start to occur with age. Get regular check-ups done regarding your vitamin health. Make sure to compensate it with your food by knowing which caters the most to a particular deficiency. You can also check on Siberian health for vitamin supplements. It is imperative to maintain proper vitamin levels in the body for enhanced health.


Considering Automated Systems for Fraud Prevention

There are a variety of fraud prevention tools available to enterprise level businesses. Each enterprise must evaluate their own processes and undergo serious vetting when it comes to finding fraud prevention solutions that work for their specific circumstances. Automated fraud prevention tools are a good solution for businesses. To evaluate whether or not an automated system is needed for your business, here are some pros and cons of automated systems that can prevent, detect and stop fraud.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Automated Systems

Continuously working systems that evolve as new data is collected and act without the need for human instruction are an appealing solution for businesses looking to prevent data breaches and fraud. While automation can be extremely efficient with time, taking away manual oversight in fraud detection processes may be difficult. Automated systems usually require very specific and rigid parameters. These parameters may miss specialized types of fraud that are harder to detect. However, automated systems with machine-learning capabilities can grow and adjust as new data becomes available. Automated systems can detect fraud using known and evolving patterns in data.

The Role of Machine Learning

Machine learning plays a big role in running automated detection systems for fraud management. Machine learning platforms can learn to adjust calculations and behaviors dynamically based on the input. This means that machine learning platforms are able to keep up with new threats when they emerge and follow existing threats while they evolve and become less predictable. When fraudulent activity is based on conditional statements, expressions and constructs that are based on if-then statements, machine learning can learn and grow with every unique variable.

Sophisticated Monitoring for Enterprises at Every Level

While giant corporations like PayPal are already taking advantage of machine learning to fight fraud, this technology is not restricted to high-profile enterprises. Small businesses can take advantage of the benefits of machine learning by utilizing third-party systems to enjoy sophisticated fraud prevention. Payroll fraud, cash theft, false invoicing and external breaches are all some of the common threats faced by small businesses. An automated detection system is one of the key ways to stay ahead of both common and sophisticated threats.



According to the late author and teacher Joseph Campbell, mythology teaches that we all carry destructive “dragons” in our unconscious.  Dragons are learned conditional patterns in your psyche that constrain you. They are messages internalized from the culture or family that say you shall do something to be valued, approved of, or fit in: you shall make money your life goal, you shall have children, you shall belong to a certain religion, you shall not exceed your father’s or mother’s success, you shall not be an artist, you shall become a banker, you shall be heterosexual, you shall hide your ethnicity, you shall smoke, you shall get married, buy a house, become a house keeper, get a college degree, become an alcoholic (like the rest of us), etc.  Some of these “shalls” could fit your authentic life, others will not.

Campbell teaches that the ancient tradition of slaying the dragon was metaphorical for slaying these “shalls.”  In the story of the warrior who slays the dragon, the warrior approaches the dead dragon and finds that on each scale of the dragon is written the words “thou shalt.” The warrior then tastes the blood of the slain dragon—that is, he internalizes the power that it took to slay it.  He is then ready to lead his true, authentic life.

Image result for Dragons

So what does this slaying of the dragon entail in real time?  It entails approaching and overcoming (i.e. slaying) the internal fears and doubts that hold you back.  This could look like psychotherapy, silent meditation retreats, twelve-step recovery from heroin addiction, alcohol, gambling, or sex addiction, etc. We could do primal scream therapy, deep grief work, Al-anon recovery, codependency recovery, etc.

When we are “running from the dragon” we are acting out our fears.  A friend of mine recently made a movie on heroin addiction.  One of the actors, a recovered addict himself, actually relapsed, overdosed and died shortly after the movie was released.  The dragon of addiction can be a treacherous one to slay. The“slaying” is usually a lifetime challenge.  One might get a good amount of recovery and turn their back only to find the dragon has recovered and coming back at them.

The book Eat Pray Love is a true-life depiction about the author, Elizabeth Gilbert, who finds herself married, in a suburban lifestyle, and suffocating. She is living a “thou shalt” life.  Miss Gilbert didn’t want to be married, have a house, or get pregnant. She was doing what her dragon told her to do— what she “shalt” do to fit in, be accepted, etc.  She has a nervous break down, picks up the sword of her own truth, and goes on a journey of self-discovery by leaving everything behind and seeking teachers in Bali, Italy, and India.  In the process she “slays her dragons” and finds a life of deep authenticity and tremendous success.

Oprah Winfrey recounts how as an impoverished girl in Mississippi she watched her grandmother hang laundry on lines outside.  The women in the family were traditionally all maids.  Her grandmother said to Oprah, “Now you watch me, you’re going to do this one day.” (i.e. be a maid).  Winfrey remembers even then saying to herself, “No, I’ll never do what you’re doing.”  Oprah was slaying thou shalt dragons early on.

When we take our own authentic adventure into life we require a certain ferocity that throws off the “thou shalts” that do not fit, and also adopt others that will.  “I shall remain sober.”  “I shall become wealthy and contribute to society.”  “I shall become an artist.”  “I shall serve humanity in my career.”  “I shall devote myself to a spiritual path.” or, unlike my family, “I shall become an atheist.”  The key is that you find what is authentic to you and no one else.


What is Maeng Da?

The name Maeng Da in the Thai language truly means insect.Kratom is considered as one of the most potent strains of Kratom and the other reason is the special effects it provides, which not found in any other single strain. The kratom is used as medicine for the people who suffer from low concentration or difficulty in the movement of the body such as paralysis. In such cases, it provides an extra energy due to its analgesic property it enables the body to move compressing any type of pain that may be chronic within the body. This improve your activity initiates to work harder on any types of activity, it may work out or your job. .The quality of the kratom is one of the important things that you should keep in your mind as a low-quality kratom may lead you to put away from all the benefits that can be gained from the products. Every product varies from one to another; therefore you should be cautious about which product to use in the proper dosage. Overdose of the product may lead to addiction which is not a good sign, you may feel loss of energy when not taken, the sedative property though can reduce your pain but may on other hand damage the liver, vomiting, loss of balance are few of the serious problems that occur during the long intake or overdose of the product

MaengDa Kratom divided into three types by the colour white, red and green

By color, kratommaeng da divided into three types by the color white, red and green. These colors defined by the type of vein present in the leaf. They are

Red Maeng Da Kratom has one of the strongest and long-lasting sedative effects and therefore too much of intake may lead to various health problems. The concentration increases which enables you to focus on your work. One of the most common effect that everyone feels is its analgesic effect. The red Kratom give a high relieve in chronic pain and is used as a painkiller. This Kratom also gives a huge boost of motivation along with some anti-depression effects, making you awake in your bed for hours. The most potent Kratom is the thigh Kratom which contains the largest number of alkaloids which explains its stimulating effects.

The most useful green Maeng Da is the Thai Green Maeng Da widely sold Kratom strain. Green Maeng Da gives a sudden turn around to your personality; you can easily release all your nervousness or hypertension and be in a merry go mood, which enables you to show a charming and happy person. You are self-confident, a raised sense of well-being and an outstanding capacity to socialize. The boosted energy that is acquired by green MaengDa.This strain strengthens the head game and makes your brainless chattering; giving a calm yet energetic surge.

White Maeng Da is for those who want to work hard, gain energy.WhiteKratom cause almost no damages to the body part as compared to the other kratoms. Taking this Kratom makes a person highly energized. The strains also have some potent analgesic effects and are considered as a safe, reliable alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. This kratom helps you to improve your concentration and at the same time enables to work harder.