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Casino Cruise: 55 Free Spins No Deposit Bonus!


Casino Cruise is an online casino that provides an array of casino games from Net Entertainment, Microgaming,NYX Interactive, Evolution Gaming, and Play’n Go. No download is required as all of the games are available to play instantly through a compatible flash browser. Casino Cruise has adapted a ‘Cruise Ship’ theme with backdrops to make you feel like you are playing from your very own cruise ship guaranteeing you an effortless, first-class experience aboard the casino. At present, the casino does have mobile option trough HTML5 with over 200 games.

The website is operated and managed by OddsMatrix Ltd and the Casino games, Quickfire, are provided by EveryMatrix N.V. The casino operates under the Maltese Lotteries and Gaming Authority under the laws of Malta.

Restricted Countries

Players from the United States of America, France and Israel are not permitted to play at Casino Cruise.


Virtual Games

Casino Cruise invite players to enjoy an exhilarating journey and thrilling round-the-world adventure which promises to be full of exciting games. The casino present over 600 games which incude Video Slots, Table Games, Video Poker Games, Classic Slots, Jackpot Games and a selection of other casino games.

Casino Cruise is a new online casino launched in late 2014 and despite being new, the people behind it really know how to run a great site. The design looks great but first thing we want to know: what bonuses do you have for me? CasinoCruise comes out swinging with 100 free spins to go with a 100% signup bonus. This is a great offer to take advantage of and a great reason to get started. The casino is licensed in Malta and features top quality casino games like Microgaming, Net Entertainment, Play’n Go, NYX Interactive and Vivo Gaming. The site has a few languages like English, Spanish, French and Swedish if you want to play in your own currency, they have over 10 different currency types available. Overall this casino comes out of the gate with a high rating and high recommendation from us at CBT. They could be the best new casino of 2014.

55 free spins at Casino Cruise –

The casino advertises a generous $1,000 signup bonus and 100 free spins to go with it. To claim these bonuses you just need to start depositing and using the bonus codes. The first bonus is 100% up to $200 (2000 SEK/NOK) plus 100 free spins with no bonus code required. You can claim another 3 signup bonuses for an additional $800 (8000 SEK/NOK) for a total of 1,000. Of course this casino is Casino Cruise and it wouldn’t be much of a casino without a free cruise promotion. This is something you can expect from this casino over and over again. Just be a depositing player to make sure you get access to their draws and competitions to win a cruise!

Casino Cruise Customer Support

Casino Cruise’s customer service team seemed all in order to me – they offer Live Chat, telephone and email support. Live Chat was the best way to contact them as the waiting times were small meaning I could speak to an agent within a couple minutes at most.

They do offer a telephone service but the number is from Malta (where they are located due to their license) so isn’t free if you’re calling from the United Kingdom for example. However, Casino Cruise does offer a call back option which I love as you can request to be called back at a convenient time.

Their email support was also good as I got a reply within a few hours. When I sent my identification documents, I got them verified and approved within a couple of hours which showed me they have their ship in order (no pun intended). Overall, customer support is good but they could add a freephone UK telephone number to make it complete.


Basement Renovations: Top Tips for a Great Workshop


Basement renovations that transform your old basement into a workshop are lucrative investments. This livable and extra space in the house is a potential selling point, given its function and usefulness. Home improvement projects are definitely worthwhile because they guarantee high return on investment especially when done right. Converting your basement into a workspace is a no-brainer. Whether it is a hardworking office or a place where you can explore your artistic and creative side, colorful and bright basement renovations will always give back a hundredfold.

Ideas for Workspaces in Basement Renovations

How do you decorate your basement and transform it into one of the best workspaces that will serve as your sanctuary and favorite corner in the house? There are tons of design ideas to choose from, each of which has their own features and functionalities. All you have to do is choose the theme and style that reflects your personal preferences and taste.

Image result for Basement Renovations: Top Tips for a Great Workshop

Here are some of the popular workspace ideas that you could use for basement renovations:

Well-Lit with Natural Light

A sunny style basement never fails to energize and give you that vibrant and rejuvenated feel. That is why one of the most popular basement design ideas for a home office or workspace is a well-lit area where there is access to natural light. The abundance of sunlight is literally a breath of fresh air since most basements are deemed dark, damp, and having low or no ventilation. A crafting studio basement could use a great window system for the natural light entry. You can also add in cabinets and countertops arranged in an L-shape configuration to multiple available floor spaces.

Clear Storage Solutions

Use clear canisters for your art supplies. It is always important to stash your stuff in a place where they could be organized with easy and quick access. Clear storage solutions are not only practical but they lessen your work or hassles because you can easily grab the items you need without having troubles of looking for them and wasting precious time while doing so.

Creative Cabinets

Exciting basement renovations show you that it is okay to be stylish and fun without sacrificing your space and storage. There are storage units which you can add more color and style to instead of the dull and boring filing cabinets. Paint wood cabinets and give them an added boost through using vibrant and bright colors or decorating them with accents and decors.

Low-Maintenance Flooring

Workspaces have the most hardworking floors with busy traffic especially if you are working on an urgent project. Choose easy-to-clean and low maintenance flooring such as vinyl floors for the workspace. This flooring material is scuffs and scratch resistant and is easy to wipe with aesthetic designs that will surely compliment the rest of the room.

Workspaces are great additions to your home and it should be given priority especially when planning for basement renovations. Revamp our basement and turn it into one of the most useful places in the house.



Questions to ask before hiring a solar contractor!


Being a homeowner, have you decided to install a solar system? Well, in that case, you might surely check out more than two companies prior to hiring. Also, the price will be your main concern. However prior to hiring the solar installers with the lowest estimate, realize that the low prices might have some hidden charges. Hence, make sure that prior to the selection you speaking to them by their contact us today information to get a better idea.

When you contact the solar installers here are some questions that you need to ask in order to make sure that you have hired the right company for solar panel installation:

Is the company operated and owned locally?

In case you find that the headquarters of the company is situated out of the state, then you need to inquire about how responsive the sales representatives are during and after the installation procedure.

Can you offer some references?

A good solar contractor would not hesitate to offer you with the references of their previous customers to whom you can speak and get an idea about their experience.

Do they have their ratings on reputed sites?

It is crucial for you to check their ratings on reputed sites like Better Business Bureau and other such review sites. This will give you an idea about the reliability and trustworthiness of the company.

What type of power are you using?

It is important for you to check whether their facility or office operates on the solar system or not. In case they are using this system, make sure to ask if you can have a close look at the system. In case they do not allow then get a proper reason for the same.

Who will be responsible for the project?

When you are asking this make sure that you ask whether their installers are properly certified and trained. There are some of the solar installers that have their headquarters situated out of the state and so they hire subcontractors for the installation. Also, some local companies also do this. In case you want quality work done for the installation make sure that the team responsible for your project is well experienced and trained.

What kind of experience do you hold in the industry?

It is crucial for you to know how long the company has been into the business and the amount of installations done by them. A company that is well experienced will only be able to carry out the efficient installation of solar systems.

Who will be responsible for the paperwork and documentation?

There are some of the companies who take care of all the paperwork such as credit grants, incentives, tax breaks, etc. On the other hand, there are some companies that do not handle this and you will have to get this done on your own. It is always good to hire the company that handles all these documentations along with the installations.

When you ask these questions you will be in a better position to know which company will be suitable for your needs.


Making the Most of This Year’s Road Trip


Traveling by airplane is convenient and fast, but when was the last time you felt truly satisfied while traveling? We’re not talking about work trips or a quick weekend getaway with friends to Vegas, but a pack up the car, grab a map, and just drive kind of trip.

Road trips have inspired authors, artists, and filmmakers. They become a quintessential life experience for most young people. It’s an inspiring and exciting way to see the world. If you haven’t been on a good ol’ road trip for awhile, it’s time. Here are some tips for making it the most memorable yet:

Have a Plan, Be Spontaneous

How can planning and spontaneity go hand in hand? With any road trip, regardless of the distance or length of time, it’s a good idea to have a plan. Consider it an outline or rough draft at most. Some people only like to travel if they have an itinerary that they can follow.

While planning is good for other aspects in life, it can result in disappointment on a road trip. Loosen up a bit, have a lot of alternative plans and routes. Be organized enough to follow a map, but don’t get too stressed out about the path you choose.

Be a Local Not a Tourist

Being a tourist is cool and fun, but you are likely to miss out on some experiences along the way if you only act like one. While you may have a destination to reach a metropolis like Dallas, don’t forget to check out the little towns along the way.

Talk with the people who live in the small towns, support their businesses, be polite. These places make for some of the best adventures and stories.

Always Be a Smart and Safe Driver

Sure, some of the most well-known road tripping authors and artists engaged in reckless behavior along the way. It makes for a great story, but a harsh reality. Always follow the rules of the road, watch out for reckless, distracted, or drunk drivers along the way, and know how to drive defensively and respectfully.

Pack Light, Stock Up on Treasures

One of the biggest mistakes about road trip planning is overpacking. Yes, it’s smart to have the essentials like an emergency road kit and enough drinking water, but don’t bring half of your closet. Remember, if your clothes get dirty you can stop at a laundromat along the way.

Save the extra room in your car or on your roof rack for a one-of-a-kind souvenir. You never know when you’ll find a first edition of your favorite book or the perfect lamp for your apartment.

Eat Well, Sleep Good

Believe it or not, taking care of yourself while on a road trip will make your trip that much better. Eating a diet of greasy or junk food will leave you feeling unwell and not getting enough sleep can increase your risk of a drowsy driving accident.

Listen to your body and take breaks. Indulge in “The World’s Best Cinnamon Roll,” but also have a handful of carrots. Make good time on the road, but take a nap or stretch break at a scenic overlook.


Magical Anarkali Suits With Combination Of Long Kurta Fitted


First thing that strikes to the mind about the word “Anarkali” is that she is a famous dancer in the court of Emperor Akbar. The Anarkali dress is quite a beautiful dress she wore during her performances and it made her look blooming likes that of the pomegranate flower. Nowadays the leading ladies of Bollywood are flaunting with the long Anarkalis. Nowadays more number of women likes to wear the beautiful Anarkalis. Kraftly online website brings you the convenient option for choosing the best suitable anarkali suits with the amazing designs, patterns, sizes as well as many other aspects. With the fashionable looking anarkali suits giving you the suitable option for enabling the high end classic style, you can easily enjoy the beautiful style in the party or any other special occasion in the absolute way. The reason this anarkali suits dress has stood in the test of time is its time is that it offers the unique accentuate feminine beauty with designs unlike others.

Kurtis Online:Image result for Magical Anarkali Suits With Combination Of Long Kurta Fitted

Kurtis is the perfect choice for dressing up all kinds of outfits with the outstanding collections. Ladies kurtis acts as the best choice for you to look stylish with elegance. Kurtis for women are best outfit based on both the formal and casual so that they are available in the most affordable price for everyone. The kurtis is comfortable and easy to wear so that it can be easily worn for any occasion. This brings you one of the most beautiful and smart-casual look with fashion jewellery or along with the matching pair of women’s skinny jeans, Patiala Pants or Long Skirts. Kurtis is one of the magical dress with the combination of a long kurta that are fitted with bust so that it is quite an option for enabling more beautiful look.



How to Cope When You’re not Accepted to Your First Choice College


For many high school students, applying to college is incredibly stressful, especially if you’re very attached to your top choice school. If that school winds up rejecting your application, it can be utterly heartbreaking. But there are ways to cope with not getting into your first choice, and you should absolutely take advantage of them unless you like being miserable about stuff you can’t change.

Check Transfer Rates

Just because you didn’t get in this year doesn’t mean the door is shut forever. College grades are typically far more important than high school grades, so if you work like mad your first two years at a backup school and reapply, your fate could change. It might be difficult to spend two years not getting too attached to one school in the hopes you’ll be able to leave for another, but if you were planning on graduating from your first choice for the better part of your childhood, it might be worth it.

Find People Who Hated It There

If you don’t see a transfer in your future, one way to make yourself feel better about not getting accepted into your top school is finding people who had bad experiences there. No place is right for everyone, even Ivy Leagues. Go online and see if you can’t find testimonials from people who didn’t enjoy their time at the school you thought would be your one and only. Because here’s the thing, you didn’t actually attend, so you can’t guarantee you would’ve loved it as much as you thought you would. It’ll help you let go and feel better to remind yourself that in this case, college rejection might have been a blessing in disguise.

Let the Anger Out

Something really bad just happened to you. Odds are, you put a lot of hope and effort into the process of applying to your first choice, and your first choice said, “No, thanks!” It stinks. And no university is going to give you a detailed explanation as to why you didn’t make the cut. All there is left to do is blame yourself, and while you shouldn’t do that in the long run, let your brain do it for now. Let yourself be angry, sad, frustrated, and hopeless for a little while. You tried hard for something and it didn’t work out. You need to let yourself go through all the emotion that comes with that before you can truly move on.

Embrace Your Backups

If you applied the right way, you had a few backup schools to choose from, and we bet some of them admitted you. They weren’t your first choice, but you were theirs, so now it’s time to show them the love they’ve shown you. Learn everything you can about each one. Once you’ve made your decision on which school you’re going to attend, focus on the good things so you can get yourself excited. If Michigan State University wasn’t your first choice, that doesn’t mean it’s not a good school. Look at every positive review online like it’s a big, red, “click here” sign, and read every single one. You don’t deserve to have your college experience ruined because you didn’t get into your first choice school. The truth is, it could’ve had very little to do with you, so move on and embrace the school’s that worked to have you.



How to Choose Clothing That Makes You Appear Taller and Thinner


There are a few ways to dress that gives the illusion of looking taller or thinner. The fashion magazines highlight celebrities with different body types, and what you can wear to get that perfect look. Choices can be made by looking in the right places. First, you need to know how to find them. For example, if you are wearing a skirt and want to look slimmer, put on skinny heals, at least two inches high, that have pointy toes; these help to extend the calves compared to thicker and more bulky heels.

Top Garments for Looking Taller and Thinner

The top you wear can create the ideal look, especially a top with a V-neckline. It moves the focus to your upper body rather than the middle. Your proportions will look longer. More skin is exposed from the chin to the chest, and everything from tanks to sweaters and dresses come in V-tops. Also, don’t be afraid to try garments that provide shape to the torso.Image result for How to Choose Clothing That Makes You Appear Taller and Thinner

Embrace Uniform Color

It can’t hurt to wear a top and bottom that are the same color. You’ll look instantly taller and thinner, but if you wear highly contrasting colors, attention will be drawn to your mid-section. Color is always a factor in clothing. Experiment with styles and colors that are unique to you, at the same time following this rule as a general guideline. You can also choose shoe colors that match your leg so there is the effect of elongation; the effect varies with the clothing worn and the season.


Different types of jewelry can be used to focus the attention. Necklaces can be long to highlight the middle of your body. Cuffs and cocktail rings bring the eye toward the wrists, not the upper arms. You could also draw eyes away from your middle and to your face. There are so many types of jewelry that it can take some experimentation to get the look you want.

Simple Denim Is the Way to Go

A streamlined pair of jeans that are dark and void of eye-catching details can give a tall, thin look. Any decorative elements such as grommets can offer bulk. Try straight leg and boot cut styles for the look that you dream of.

Other types of clothing to consider include sport jackets and jeans. Blazers offer straight lines that make you look less curvy; their narrow lapels help too. Try an open jacket over a V-neck tank. Fabric is a consideration as well; in addition to denim, try silk, cotton, or wood gabardine. Cashmere works too. Once in a while, why not throw in a tats and cats shirt for good measure? Even if you want to look tall and thin, you can still be yourself.


A List Of 10 Websites To Buy Funky T-shirts Online


A 20 something guy seeks a medium in a fashion which can fulfill his daily wardrobe demand as well as expires his mind with a maker of the statement. Here come the funky, quirkythirsts. Movie characters and sitcomsinspire huge people, and they love the one-liners that remind off a specific funny stuff. Printed graphic tees with a superhero’s face or a t-shirt stating ‘I’m Sher-locked’ is what today’s generation goes gaga over.

In a crazy e-commerce world, where to get these funky T-shirts over the internet? Here’s a list of 10 websites of India where you can buy exciting and cool t-shirts online.

  1. Bewakoof: A casual wear brand that mirrors the craze and fondness of today’s youth. Unique design, customer friendly service, affordable price range,COD facility, Free shipping above Rs. 500 are their plus points. Boxers, mobile covers, pajamas, customized hoodie are also in their product list.
  1. Bombay Trooper: Not just funky thirsts, hoodies, sweatshirts and bags, they have it all. Cool graphic tees with catchy slogans, Bombay Troopers connect to their audience in some It has a COD service and free shipping too.
  1. The Souled Store: This is a store which designs awesome t-shirts, especially with witty one-liners and movie/TV characters. Their ‘Friends’ and ‘Harry Potter’ merchandise are quite in demand. Apart from cool printed t-shirts, they have notebooks, mobile covers, boxers, painted shoes, coasters any mugs in their featured list.
  1. Lazyninja: It is among the top rated online stores for people who love to express freely with a pinch of creativity. Their tees feature slogans in Hindi also. Dispatching within 48 hours and easy replacement are some of its bonus points too.
  1. Ultykhopdi : Just like the name, this store features nerdy t-shirts, pocket tees, pop culture tees and hoodies as their USP. The product lines include other cool stuff other than funky graphic tees. Youth related ideasare easily reflected in their products.


  1. Planet superhero:India’s first online superhero merchandise store. If you’re a comic book fan and love ardent superhero follower, this is your place.Trendy and supercool T-shirts, phone cases, hoodies, boxers, flip-flops, memorabilia are their products.Seven day return- exchange policy, affordable cost, and unique support lines are the add ones.
  1. Tantra t-shirts: Wide variety of cool online t-shirts with free shipping for almost all of its products. They also support ‘Make In India’ purpose.
  1. Wyo: This clothing store satisfies your hunger for uber-cool t-shirt ideas. There are categories like:Desi, Army fan, graphic, filmy, spiritual, biker, to fulfill your need as per the occasion.
  1. Redwolf :It is an indie garment label that gives you amazing t-shirts and accessories like badges, posters, laptop skins, fridge magnets with free shipping and COD option.
  1. Bushirt: Unique in choosing t-shirt designs voted by customers thus utilizing the power of people. Can order on WhatsApp too and free shipping above Rs. 300 makes it quite handy.

So buy printed t-shirts for men in India from thousands of creative designs of your favorite movie character or a music idol and pamper yourself.


Exercises and Tips for effective Arms Training


In times when everyday life is increasingly dominated by office work, effective training is often required to get beautiful, trained and tight arms. We will give you exercises to help you make the most of your tight arms. Skin becomes fainter with increasing age especially in women aged 40 or over, there is increasingly constrictive and sagging skin on the upper arms. The reason is the weakening of connective tissue.

In addition to surgical intervention sporting the best way to counteract this problem, there are numerous training methods with which you can achieve tight arms. Primary suited is the classic dumbbell training. If you do not have any dumbbells at home, you can also do the exercises with full mineral water bottles. Alternatively, you can fill a backpack with weights of your choice and adjust the intensity of the training so easily to your needs. Do arms workout for women training every other day. To do this, train your biceps (arm bend) in one exercise, and your triceps (arm bend) in another. Biceps curls are suitable for biceps.

Image result for Exercises and Tips for effective Arms Training

The biceps curl

To do this, take shorthand (or a water bottle) in each hand and stand in a wide waist, the arms on the side of the body. Now slowly move the shavings upwards without moving the upper body or upper arms. Your shoulders and elbows should remain fixed during the whole upward movement and should not be moved excessively.

The uppermost point of the movement defines itself, but lies maximum at the level of the shoulder joints, depending on the anatomy. Tighten your biceps at the top, and then slowly return the weight to the initial position until your arms are almost stretched. Repeat this exercise 20 times. You should then pause for 1-2 minutes and repeat 20 repetitions.

The triceps stretching

Once you’ve done your biceps program, you’ll need to train the antagonist, the triceps. Here, above all, lies support or the so-called triceps stretching. In this exercise, each arm is trained individually. Sit upright on a chair with a backrest. Take a shorthand and stretch your arm upwards. Slowly return to a position where your arm makes a right angle. Now follow the next repetition.

Repeat 20 repetitions to make the whole thing a few minutes later. Also pay attention to a controlled movement in this exercise. If you perform this type of training regularly in a period of eight to twelve weeks, every one or two days, first results are shown.

The weight supports the arms and body effectively

For defined and tight upper arms the lumbar support is also an ideal exercise, which can be modified according to the appropriate musculature. To strengthen the bicep, place the hands about shoulder-width in chest height. When lowering, make sure that your elbows face the body. To strengthen the triceps exercise, place your hands close to each other at chest height and then run recline. For a simplified variant, you can set the knees. If you want to make the exercise more difficult, you can wear a backpack with weights.


    Small Changes in Lifestyle Can Help You Achieve Bigger Weight Loss Goals

weight loss

In order to get good results in weight loss, it is imperative to make weight loss goals. Smaller goals are easier to achieve and they enhance the confidence level. In absence of proper knowledge, you cannot design a proper weight loss strategy and without direction,you cannot achieve something. People apply weight loss strategies without dedication and understanding that is the reason they cannot achieve good results. This brings a sense of apprehension and fear of failure makes it difficult. When you know what is right and what is wrong for you, you can make a proper weight loss strategy. Improper weight loss techniques will lead you to failure. In case you have earlier tried to lose weight but failed, then it will be slightly difficult for you to try again. Let us discuss a couple of small changes, which you can make in your lifestyle to achieve success. You can also search it on the Internet with the right keyword (1) for designing strategies.


Making goals will serve as a foundation stone in achieving success. Goals will help you to focus, concentrate, and make changes in your lifestyle. In absence of focus, you cannot concentrate and stay consistent to your line of action. You can also pen down your strategy for motivation, it is found when you note down your strategies your motivation level go on next level. This will help you work out to with firm determination to achieve your goal. This also helps in taking adequate measures while designing a strategy.

Proper information and previous experience will make you design a foolproof strategy. The mistakes, which you have made earlier, will help you to design a plan while keeping the same in your mind. You will not repeat the mistakes. You will find several reviews on the Internet in which people say that they achieved success because of a foolproof planning.

I remember that after graduating from college, I gained more than 20 pounds of weight. After making small changes in the lifestyle, I lost considerable amount of weight. I lost more than my expectations.

Making Small Goals

People think that when they plan something big, they can achieve big. If you cannot think big how you will achieve it. That is the reason why people take small goals for granted. Let us discuss simple things, which can make a difference.

Drinking more water is simple, but can deliver astonishing results. Water is a wonderful drink, which works as an appetite suppressant if you drink it before meal. Water hydrates your body and you can drink it without worrying about the calorie content.

You have to limit the sugar intake by minimizing the sugary drinks and sweets, but you can eat your favorite sweet once a week. This will control your craving for sweet. Do not forget to eat in limit even on cheat days.

Using a small plate while eating is a good option by which you can minimize your food intake. You can find many small tips if you search it with the right keyword (1). After knowing these tips you can include them in your lifestyle.