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Can you win with a bad rummy hand?

The beauty of any sport or a game is that it is virtually impossible for anyone to predict its outcome. There are certain games where the result cannot be foreseen till they are actually over. How often have we got overwhelmed watching a last ball six or last-minute goal! So, there is no need for any player to lose hope, be it any sport. An expert sportsman can turn things around immediately in his favour when a situation arises. This theory is applicable when you download a Rummy game APK and play online. Most newcomers will be agitated seeing a bad Rummy as soon as the cards are dealt to them. Well, the same will not be the case with an expert. For him, a bad Rummy is just another ordeal which can be dealt wisely. In fact, he can even win the game carrying a bad hand. No, it is not a joke. A resilient expert can handle a bad Rummy effectively and taste success. Let us now see how a bad Rummy hand can make you win the game.

Key things to do immediately:

  1. Do not panic seeing a bad Rummy. Maintain you’re cool and see what best you can do to evade the situation.
  2. Arrange the cards in your hands in the best manner possible and see if there is any hope of forming a pure sequence.
  3. Always carry a hope that your opponents are humans as well and so they can make mistakes too, which you can exploit.

Now that you have done the basics right, let us focus on the game. A bad Rummy does not mean the game is lost. When you confront this nemesis, remember the points 2 and 3 stated above, i.e., forming a pure sequence and the game play of your opponents. If you are well versed with these two things when you play rummy, there is no reason for you to worry.

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Forming pure sequence:

The main objective of the online Rummy is to form two sequences one of which has to be a pure one and the remaining cards can be grouped to form sets and sequences. The key here to win the game is to first form a pure sequence. When the cards are dealt to you and it turns out to be a bad hand, try to arrange the cards in the best possible manner and see if there is a chance of forming a pure sequence. Your hopes should not diminish when there is even a remote or minute possibility. Therefore, when you find a bad hand, see if there is a chance of forming a pure sequence first.

Watch your opponent’s moves:

When the cards in your hand turn out to be complicated and you have very little chance of forming a pure sequence, then concentrate on the moves of your opponents and try to close all the doors for him so that he struggles forming his own sequences. This is possible if you can watch the moves of your opponents closely. You should observe what he picks up from the open deck and imagine the sequence that he is trying to form. If you can do that, you should abstain from feeding him the card required by him. Ascertain from his moves, whether he is close to finishing the deal and if it looks so, pull out a Rummy strategy to confuse him.

How to confuse your opponents?

Your opponents can be made to confuse in multiple ways possible. One way of tricking is to discard the low value cards first. It is possible how is that discarding low value cards can confuse your opponent. Normally, people with bad Rummy in hand are advised to discard high value cards so that they are not eventually burdened with points when their opponents declare the game. Discarding high value cards will give a signal to a player’s opponents that the former is having a bad Rummy. But when you discard low value cards it will be thought as something strange which will make your opponent think that you are about to finish the game. So, without further ado, he will drop the game so that he does not lose with more points.

When you see your opponent drawing cards from the closed deck continuously it means he is struggling with hands. So, you need to confuse him by picking up constantly cards for the next four to five moves from the open deck. This will make your opponent think that you are about to complete the game and so he will drop the game eventually.

Thus, bad Rummy is not difficult to handle if you know how to turn things in your favour. The golden rule when you play rummy is that you should never get tense. If that is taken care, you can handle any situation in online Rummy.


5 Ways To Wear Brightly Colored Jeans

Spring is already here which means you have to get out of those winter clothes and put on something bright. The best way to achieve the cheerful spring look is by wearing brightly colored jeans. However, combining colored denim with the rest of your outfit is not an easy task. So, before you start typing the names of celebrities in the Snapchat username search in hope for an answer, check out these five amazing and simple ways to wear brightly colored jeans.

One Color Outfit

If you’re afraid to experiment with different bright colors at the same time, you can match your entire outfit with the color of your jeans. This is, without a doubt, the safest way to wear brightly colored denim. If you’re doing this, make sure to go for a blush shirt and jeans, combined with a simple black handbag and shoes. This bright and casual look is perfect for those hot and sunny spring days.

Bright Jeans And Black Jackets

Combining bright and dark colors can be tricky, but in this case, it’s the right thing to do. Feel free to pair your bright jeans with black leather jackets or blazers. As you probably know, black goes well with any color out there, so you don’t have to worry about potential mishaps. Also, try to avoid yellow because you might end up looking like a bee.

Red Skinny Jeans And Blue Blazers

Red jeans usually go well with black tops, but if you want to spice things up a little bit, you can add a violet-blue blazer to your outfit. Red and blue go so well together, and when you add a simple black top and a pair of black leather boots to match, you get a rather elegant but casual outfit. This look is also office-appropriate, so feel free to wear it at work.

Pair Your Bright Jeans With Yellow Tops

There’s one thing you should know when it comes to colorful clothing, and that is that yellow goes well with every bright color out there. So, feel free to combine a yellow top with cobalt, red, or even pink jeans. Blue and yellow is an incredibly cheerful combination, especially during the spring and summer days. This is, definitely, one of the best ways to wear brightly colored jeans.

Purple Skinnies And Pastel Mint Green T-Shirt

We saved the best for last. Yeah, bright jeans with yellow tops is a great combo, but skinny purple jeans and pastel green light shirt is the winning combination. Green and purple go great together, so all you need to do is find a pair of subtle black heels and a purse to match, and you’re ready to dazzle every guy on the street. At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter which one of these colors you choose, as long as you feel comfortable and confident in your clothes. That’s the most important thing of all.


Do you Need to Buy Health Insurance in Dubai?

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Today most of us are so busy in our life in making or at least trying to make money that we are ignoring our health. There are many people living with us who believe that they will never need a health insurance, well let us pray that those people or any person should get health related problems. However, it is a fact that we cannot control such things and getting preventive is the only best solution that can at least make us feel secure. Health insurance Dubai is the right choice when you are living in Dubai and want some aid during your encounter with a medical tragedy.

There are many things that will compel you to buy an insurance policy right away as mentioned below.

  1. Choice of plans and Premium Amounts

Today with tough competition in the insurance industries companies are offering customized plans where you can opt for the coverage during accidents or critical illness. These kinds of plans are available at very low cost.

  1. No Claim Benefits

Very few people know that if you take health insurance policies while you are young, it has no claim benefits, which means that your coverage amount will be increased when every year is passed without any claims. So, you will not have to worry about big holes in your pocket due to medical bills.

  1. Hassle-free Purchase

Most of the people hesitate to buy health insurance Dubai thinking of going to the office, then spending time in checking the best plan as it will consume a lot of time. However, today everything is happening online, you can check the websites to know and compare the best plans, submit your application through online portals, make payments and your insurance policy will be activated within no time.

It is always best not to neglect your health, but the right choice will be always to stay protected and covered by health insurance in Dubai.


How to use Automation and Revenue to Boost the Profitability of Your Accommodation

Automating communication, distribution and providing services becomes a pending issue to scale the customisation of the different types of tourist accommodation. You need to identify how Revenue Management and Marketing Automation can help boost your profitability.

The challenge is to balance the product, technology and distribution. To achieve this, revenue planning must be strengthened and actions that can overcome the difficulties and shortcomings between both must be automated.

A revolution has arisen in the personalisation of marketing and the use of large volumes of data. The standardisation of systems that can compete with those available to large corporations, well focused on certain markets, and together with a competitive product means you can effectively compete. You can find out more about how to optimise your revenue at Native Management.

Focus areas

Prioritise GOPPAR on occupation

In an era with more competitive pricing, it is important to prioritise factors such as GOPPAR (gross operating profit per available room) and optimise data such as ADR (average daily rate), leaving the occupation in the background (but without downplaying it). As an example, lower occupancy but with higher rates can generate more income than having full occupancy with lower rates.

Optimisation of distribution systems

This is a challenge for accommodation, so it is critical to pay attention to this aspect. Can you answer these questions? The answers will help allow you to address the main concerns that arise with regard to the optimisation of channel management:

  • What mix of distribution systems generates maximum profitability?
  • Which one represents the best cost-benefit ratio?
  • Which system offers optimal profitability in the long term?
  • How can systems be configured to eliminate errors in the calculation of inventory and reserves?

Select the right channel mix to avoid continuous changes in decisions regarding distribution and which, in general, lead to a clear waste of time and effort. This seeks to forge long-term relationships with travellers and with the channels with which they are familiar.

Take advantage of dynamic pricing

The setting of dynamic prices on real data and the use of tools for this purpose should be one of the aspects on which any hotel should focus. The demand forecasts must be optimised, especially for reservations, cancellations, arrivals, conversions, group reservations, seasonality or the loyalty of travellers.

The RMS (Revenue Management System) becomes a key tool for comparing prices, controlling inventory, and providing hotels with the essential market data needed to help in the decision-making of distribution and price. If you acquire skills in the use of price as a “competitive advantage”, it will be useful in acquiring customers who are price-sensitive. Therefore, determining these factors and attacking them will be key in the technological and human mix.

Focus on the sale of other resources that are not rooms

Who said that the room occupancy is the only focus of income generation of accommodation? Bars, swimming pools, games rooms and spas are also an important source of income generation. The accommodation that offers premium services can work strategically under forecasts of segmentation, demand and distribution of travellers.

Big data as leverage to analyse guest habits

This consists of using the data collected from different platforms to analyse the evolution of the traveller through the development of patterns. This data refers to information such as guest preferences, changes in the evolution of the market price, occupation, etc. The goal is to save time and effort on critical factors such as direct booking.

The vast majority of the accommodation providers lack sufficient resources to invest in personnel dedicated to handling critical tasks within Revenue Management. This, in turn, translates into a lack of generation of necessary reviews to strengthen the decision making of the traveller. From here arise some questions such as: What tasks can we automate to improve efficiency in revenue management?

Independent accommodation providers enjoy more freedom and dynamism than big hotel chains. Therefore, you must be aware and take advantage of this freedom and dynamism that, added to the new tools of automation and marketing, and hand in hand with Revenue Management, will be an affordable and efficient manner to boost operational profitability.


Top 4 Health Benefits You can Offer Your Employees

A healthy person is able to contribute a lot towards every activity in his life. And the better performance a person has as an employee the higher will his firm grow.

This is why health benefits are considered one of the best things along with monetary benefits at the work place. In fact, a healthy workplace turns into a flourishing work place. Here are a few advantages of health benefits at the work place.

  • Increased levels of productivity
  • Reduced staff turn over
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Improved image of the company
  • Increase in morale of the employees

Here are the top four health benefits that you can offer your employees, thus contributing to the growth of your organization.

  • Group health insurance plans

Corporate medical insurance goes a long way in ensuring that your organization cares about the health of its employees. It is a great way of securing the health of your employees under one single plan. When you buy corporate health insurance, not only are your employees covered but also are their family members covered. This ensures good health among your employees and increases the morale and feeling of belongingness to the organization. A few other benefits of group health insurance plans are:

  1. Some corporate medical insurance plans cover pre-existing illnesses as well as maternity costs
  2. A group plan offers cashless hospitalization at network hospitals
  3. Group health insurance covers supporting costs like ambulance costs, besides others.
  4. Some corporate medical insurance plans also provide reimbursements if employees visit healthcare specialists.
  5. One of the major benefits of a group health insurance is that the feature of co-payment does not exist. This means your employees do not have to shell out a single rupee from their pockets for hospitalization or any other such medical expenses.
  6. A corporate medical insurance plan comes without the waiting period. This means that the employees start enjoying the coverage benefit since the day you buy corporate health insurance.
  7. When you buy corporate health insurance, you may also avail of tax benefits on the premiums paid.
  8. Another great benefit of such a plan is that unlike individual health insurance policies, a group health insurance does not require employees to undergo any medical tests.
  9. You may also avail of tax benefits when you buy corporate health insurance.
  • Wellness benefit

After availing of group health insurance, a corporate wellness plan offers a range of benefits to the employees. A corporate wellness plan includes facilities like a company gym, Yoga classes, meditation, stress management, and other such facilities that take care of the holistic health of your employees. After all, good health lies in the right balance between body, mind, and soul.

  • Healthcare reimbursement

Healthcare reimbursement is when you provide your employees with medical allowance in the form of a gift card or stipend, using which the employees may pay towards their healthcare.

  • Medical camps

Periodic medical camps for employees are a great way to ensure that your employees are fit and healthy and any upcoming disease may be diagnosed at the initial stage. Medical professionals also provide useful healthcare tips at such camps, which may come in handy to your employees.

A firm foundation is the key to a strong structure. Your employees are the foundation of your organization. So, taking care of their healthcare needs will ensure a high growth and development of your organization.


6 Budget-Friendly Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas For Your Girlfriend

 Sometimes finding a perfect Valentine gift for girlfriend can be difficult, especially when you are looking for some budget-friendly gifts. But, remember it’s not the money you are going to spend on Valentine’s Day that matters. What matters is your love and affection for your girlfriend. So, if you are looking for a perfect Valentine gift for your girlfriend that are budget-friendly, take a guide with these cost-effective ways of saying ‘I Love You’ to your girl this Valentine’s Day.

Cute Ear Muffs

As the Valentine’s Day week begins in the month of February, ear muffs would be perfect Valentine gift for your girlfriend to stay warm throughout the cold weather. Not only that ear muffs will keep her ears warm but also make a stylish winter gear for her. This budget-friendly Valentine gift will surely be loved by her.

Sleeping Mask

Here is another inexpensive yet one of the cutest Valentine’s Day gifts that you can give to your girlfriend. Yes, a cute sleeping mask will improve your girlfriend’s sleep cycle ensuring her a great night sleep. So, grab a cute sleeping mask for your girlfriend and show that how much you care for her on Valentine’s Day.

A Delicious Cake

A delicious cake is one of the budget-friendly ways of saying ‘I LOVE YOU’ to your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. You can also send a cake to your girlfriend. Suppose your girlfriend resides in Gurgaon then, all you have to do is to order cake online in Gurgaon and avail a same day Valentine cake delivery from an online cake portal.

Bouquet Of Roses

Needless to say that red rose is the traditional token of true love. Roses are indeed the most popular flowers for Valentine’s Day. A dozen of red roses symbolizes true love and can express your deepest feelings to your girlfriend in the most beautiful way. Thus, gift your girlfriend a lovely bunch of red roses and win her heart this Valentine’s Day.

A Love Letter

Love notes are believed to be the very first Valentine gift that dates back to the origin of Valentine’s Day. It was Saint Valentine-an Christian priest who left a letter signed as ‘Your Valentine’ to his jailer’s daughter before he was persecuted. So, this February 14, write all your feelings in your love letter for your girlfriend which will surely be loved by her.

Heart-Shaped Chocolates

Because a heart is recognized as a symbol of love and affection, heart-shaped chocolates will make a great Valentine gift for your girlfriend. You can also go for customized heart-shaped chocolates that say ‘I love you’ to your girlfriend. She will definitely love this delicious treats.

These were some of the best budget-friendly Valentine’s Day gifts that won’t let you run out of money this on this Valentine’s Day.


Five Alternative Pain Management Options to Try When You Suffer from Body Pain on a Regular Basis

Everyone has a different threshold for pain and some people have a greater tolerance than others. If you have noticed that your joints ache or you feel more lethargic than you want to feel, there are things that you can do to help diminish the pain that you feel that do not require you to take any pain pills at all. The following guide walks you through a few ways you can diminish the pain that you feel on a daily basis.

Consider Using Herbal Remedies for Pain Management

There are herbal remedies that you can use to manage the pain that you are experiencing. Hemp oil, such as the oil found in CBD products, can help to improve your cardiovascular system, leaving you feeling more energized, better able to tackle daily stresses, and able to rest better at night. Valerian root is great to use to decrease muscle cramping and ginseng can be used to treat some of the pain associated with fibromyalgia.

Change Your Diet to Reduce Your Pain

There are some foods that you may be eating that could be greatly affecting the pain that you are experiencing. Many fried, processed, and salty foods are inflammatory and can cause you to feel massive amounts of pain in your joints. Try to eliminate these things from your diet and you could start to notice a significant difference in the way that your joints feel on a regular basis.

Get More Exercise

Working out more often can help you to lose weight and build more muscle. Losing weight puts less stress on your joints and can thereby cause the pain that you feel to decrease. It is important to start off slowly when you first begin a new exercise routine to ensure that you do not accidentally injure yourself when you work out. Start off by taking a walk around your block or going for a swim. These are low impact exercises that will help you to burn calories and build muscle without putting a lot of stress on your joints.

Try Acupuncture

Acupuncture is another great alternative form of pain management that can really help you to feel better overall. The small needles that are used in acupuncture do not hurt you when they are placed in your body. They are placed in specific locations to ensure that you are able to get the maximum benefit from them. Acupuncture can help to release muscle tension, which can help your body to be able to relax as a whole.

Visit a Chiropractor

Chiropractic care can help you get your body back into alignment. A lot of joint pain can be caused when your body is not properly aligned. Other parts of your body try to overcompensate for the areas that are out of alignment and this can cause pain to resonate throughout your body. A chiropractor will be able to tell you if there are any issues that need to be addressed and help you to correct them.

It is important to do everything that you can to diminish your pain so that you can live the most fulfilling life that you possibly can. It may take some time before you start to see a difference in the way that you feel, but do not give up on any of these treatment methods. There are many times when using a few of these options in conjunction with one another can really help someone get the pain relief that they need.


Understanding Drop Shipping with Handy

Handy thoroughly understands the advantages and disadvantages of drop shipping. Although the company is a home service company, the CEO has previously death with product companies that export, import, and used various kinds of drop shipping. This is what Handy can tell you about drop shipping:

Advantages to drop shipping:

  • Cost efficient – Drop shipping is significantly less expensive because you can own an ecommerce website without having to purchase inventory not knowing what your demand may be. To elaborate, the overhead required to maintain the business model is also cost efficient. There are few initial expenses as it can be run from anywhere with the Internet.
  • Convenience – Running a business through the Internet allows you to work from anywhere.
  • Easy to start and scale – The most labour required in starting up an ecommerce store is deciding which product(s) you want to sell and building your website. After that, business will only come with awareness however, your start up acquisition is easy capital, time, and effort. Although scaling comes with more expenses, managing inventory or production is a process that ecommerce managers do not have to worry about. As a result, their attention can be focused elsewhere.
  • Diverse services/products – With no upfront inventory purchase needed, it makes it easy for entrepreneurs to include a variety of products on their ecommerce sites since they require absolutely no merchant handling.

Disadvantages of drop shipping:

  • Low margins – Although there are low start-up costs, there is also a lot of supply. The abundance of e commerce stores has saturated the market. As everyone wants to remain competitive, they are lowering their prices. Thus, there is little margin to work with.
  • No control of inventory – Not having access to the inventory means that you cannot manage it, order, more to maintain it, or monitor quality control. This includes shipping errors and shipping to the wrong addresses, individuals, or shipping the wrong inventory.
  • Shipping costs – When many drop shippers are involved in the process, the price of the job increases significantly; time, customer satisfaction, and shipping costs.

For more insights about business ventures, drop shipping, and business tips and tricks, contact Handy using the link provided above. Their administration is built with individuals that come from many industries and business backgrounds which is why they understand so many industries thoroughly.


Winstrol – The No.1 Steroid for Performance Improvement!

Winstrol is a no.1 supplement in the bodybuilding industry and most of the reputed athletes and bodybuilders use it regularly to maintain their body energy and gain muscle growth. Besides, it is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone. It is also popularly known as Stanozolol in the bodybuilding industry.

Does Winstrol cause water retention?

One common problem regarding which most of the bodybuilders complain often while using anabolic steroids is ‘water retention’. However, you will not face this problem while using Winstrol. In fact, it can improve your performance without causing water retention problem in your body.

Can female athletes use Winstrol?

Yes, female athletes and newbies can use this supplement without worrying about the side-effects. In fact, it is one of the mildest steroids available in the market for muscle growth and performance improvement. However, high dosage is not recommended for women to protect their health from dangerous side-effects.

How to take Stanozolol daily?

Women should never start their steroid cycle with high dosage in order to prevent side-effects on their health. Start your Winstrol cycle always with low dosage to achieve your dream results without experiencing any kind of negative effects on your body. You can start your steroid cycle with 5mg dosage and then increase your dosage gradually to see some outstanding results on your body.

Winstrol injections are not recommended for women as they are more powerful than pills and tablets. Hence, women should take Winstrol pills or tablets to achieve results they want in a safe way.

What is the safe dosage for men?

Men can use up to 75mg oral Winstrol daily to achieve their dream results. If it is an injectable Winstrol you can use up to 50mg daily. There are a lot of websites online providing details about antes y despues de un ciclo de esteroides with pictures. You can visit such sites to understand the results of Winstrol cycle.

Is it safe to use Winstrol with other steroids?

You can use Winstrol with steroids like Anadrol, Dianabol and testosterone to see some extra-ordinary results on your body.

What are the side-effects of Winstrol overdosing?

Winstrol or Stanozolol overdosing can cause serious side-effects like hair fall problem, skin acne, liver damage, kidney problems and etc.

All you have to do for buying this steroid is visit a reputed site online and place your order. You will definitely observe some good changes by using Winstrol!


Dianabol And Its Various Forms

Often we find products having similar characteristics with different names in various places. Steroids are also one such products which are called with different names in different countries. Naposim Terapia is a brand name given to Methandrostenolone. It is alternate name of theworld acclaimed steroid Dianabol. It is an oral steroid available easily in all stores and so easily reachable to body builders.

Just like any other anabolic steroid it provides rapid weight gain, enhanced performanceand increased strength with minimum side effects. Dbal is manufactured in Romania and is available for users within the country. Since there are no manufacturing regulations in that country it is advised to be careful in checking the quality and legitimacy of the product. In countries where are no strict laws to administer drug laws, it will be difficult for the general public to evaluate right and wrong. On a broader spectrum, all are considered legal and loyal.  When the product efficacy remains doubtful it is better to stop buying and go for foreign brands such as Anabol or Danabol.  Moreover, it is also safe to stack them with other steroids like Testosterone cypionate to ensure optimum results.

How it works?

The main work of this drug is to retain nitrogen so that in turn it results in accumulation of huge muscle mass and protein stocking. Protein is necessary for muscles for good growth and strength. The elements present in the steroid help body in saving nitrogen. This is one of the strongest in their market.

Availability out of the country:

It is not commonly available in any country other than Romania. So non-local users find it difficult to purchase the product. However, it is available online but you need to check the reliability of the vendor.


Naposim is a pill for oral administration and half-life varies between 3 to 5 hours.  Men can take 15-50 mg per day and women 5-10 mg per day. The user may have to repeat consumption 2 to 3 times depending on the requirement because of its short life span.


It is advised to take pills with food in order to avoid any gastro intestinal disorder.

Can it be stacked with other steroids?

Yes it can be taken along with other injectable steroids like Testosterone or Nandrolone to improve strength and build muscles. Combining it with others will minimise the usage of Romanian Dbal thereby reducing fear of side effects while retaining its benefits.

Cycle to be followed:

If you want to follow a cycle it is better to start with 15 mg daily and increase it to 40 mg gradually. Also it is not advisable for beginners to kick start it with high dose. It is better to spread it throughout the day as the body takes its own time to adjust to the pill. It is advisable not to exceed dosage beyond 50 mg. The cycle should be completed within 8 weeks that too for most experienced users. Otherwise it should be ended within 6 weeks.

Next cycle should not be started immediately as the body requires accustoming to whole change that it has undergone.

Though it is a brand name of Dianabol it is essential to keep a check on the product as the manufacturers differ and if the source is found legal and reliable you can comfortably start using the product.