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My story of a rocking journey with Contentmart – a journey of self-discovery and personal fulfilment!

As a child, I had only two passions – English and Computers. This was way back in early nineties of the last century, where the so-called greener pastures of engineering beckoned me to give up my passion for the language and pursue my other interest. All I ever did was code. Being a software engineer, I never had time to think of anything else, in my college and as a corporate IT professional for a good 13 years. Few years back, I quit my hectic IT job and had been dilly-dallying in some small engagement or the other.

It was here that the passion with words got rekindled, as my young kids started showing a flair for expression. Much as I guided them, I had no confidence that I could ever write anything serious.

That was till I came across Contentmart, via a link that popped up somewhere during my digital excursions on the internet. Out of curiosity, I browsed over the portal and really liked some of the jobs posted there.

With a heart that skipped many beats, I registered myself here and made a few bids on few of the jibs. Within a couple of days, I had my first job as a content writer! Wow, I just loved writing it. Would the client like it? I was sceptical.

The client not only accepted the job, but I also got some great ratings and oodles of confidence! One thing led to the other, and soon I was a freelance writer! Of course, it did wonders to my self-esteem! And to find a connect with my love for the language after so many years, it was like an old romance rekindled!

In a short time, I have become a confident content writer using Contentmart as a silent and diligent guide. I have written many articles and have been able to get insights into so many diverse fields. Every time, my work gets appreciated, I blossom as a writer and feel proud as an individual.

From a hobby, this freelance writer is now on her path to a serious earning profession. It may not be the same as IT in monetary terms, but who cares? It is a lot more creative, flexible and extremely exciting!


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Contentmart has helped me win a second innings in life, when I had no idea that I had this skill, or at least it had been buried under years of negligence. Anyone who wishes to dabble as a content writer, this platform is a wonderful place to get started, right from the comfort of your home! It is really easy, and convenient. You can set your own pace as a freelance writer here!


Top Four Things To Avoid At Work

Landing a full time job can sometimes be tough. Especially for recent college grads, who might lack the experience and employment background necessary for the types of occupations they are interested in pursuing. It’s easy to apply for a multitude of various positions within different organizations and become frustrated with rejections or lack of responses. Similarly, it’s easy for an employer to receive thousands of resumes for the same position, and easily weed out those who lack the experience to fulfill the job duties.

Once you land the most suitable position working for a company in which you feel confident about, its important to adapt to your workplace environment. Become acclimated to your new surroundings and make sure you are following guidelines required of your position. Once adjusted, its easy to feel comfortable with your colleagues, and develop connections and relationships at work which make your time spent there much more enjoyable. But, it’s important to not become too comfortable with our surroundings and forget some aspects that could potentially cause issues down the road.Related image

Taking Too Much Time Off

Most employers offer two week of paid vacation time. Additionally sick time, and various other time off may be allotted for personal reasons. For some employees, this may not seem like enough time off, and can be a hard schedule to adapt to, especially if it’s your first full time job.

Be sure you are avoiding taking too much time off in the beginning of the year. Save your vacation time for Holidays and emergency events. You wouldn’t want to take the first two weeks of the year off, and then be stuck with no vacation time after the month of January. Plus, taking too much time off right when you start might raise a red flag to employers.

Gossipy Employees

Becoming adjusted to your workplace, and working around people you genuinely enjoy talking with can become easy when you find the right colleagues. Your relationship may develop into a friendship outside of work, and you may find yourself spending time with your work buddy after the workday is over.

Be careful when becoming too close to colleagues. You want to avoid talking about anything at work you might disagree with, or have a hard time adjusting to. It may feel easy to talk to these types of people, but you wouldn’t want to catch yourself in any type of situation where accusations of gossiping about your employment could land you in trouble.

Inadequate Insurance Coverage

Employees should ensure they have adequate insurance coverage from their employers early on. Just because your place of work offers coverage does not mean that the coverage is suitable. Check your benefits, and ensure you are covered in the event of illness or sickness.

Additionally, make sure your employer is carrying workers compensation insurance. Check out this guide developed by Younce & Vtipil that outlines the most dangerous types of occupations, their associated risk, and the costs of workplace threats. Its an aspect that is commonly overlooked, but should always be considered.

Overstepping Your Boundaries

Once you have been situated within your job for some time, it’s easy to become comfortable with your daily tasks. As you further develop your skills, you may find ways to become more effective at your job and reduce the amount of time it takes to complete regular tasks.

Be sure you are not overstepping any toes. Do not discredit yourself, but do not allow other employees to claim your work as their own. This is a common workplace issue that employees experience sometime during their career journey. Additionally, be sure you are assuming your responsibilities, and suggesting resources to others. Do not speak on behalf of someone else, and avoid overstepping into roles within your organization that you were not assigned to.

Develop A Plan

Whether you have been at your job for many years, or just a few weeks, stop to develop a plan. In what ways can I make small changes to avoid potentially unsafe, or dangerous situations that could cause problems? Make an action plan, and outline your habits and your daily tasks. Make sure you are keeping up with healthy habits at work, but avoiding those that could cause trouble in the future. Read your employee handbook and ensure you are following all guidelines each and everyday. Besides, it can take only one small error to raise concerns among your supervisors.


Are You Addicted to Drugs and Suffering from a Mental Illness?

If you’re suffering from a mental illness and are addicted to drugs, you may find that your life is turned upside down. You’ve tried to quit the drugs or alcohol, but you’ve found your mental illness worked against doing that. You’ve looked into mental health treatment centers, but you’re not sure they will accept you once they learn you have a substance abuse problem.

The good news is that there are mental health treatment centers that specialize in mental health and substance abuse. Called a co-occurring disorder, drug abuse, and mental illness frequently occurs together.


How Prevalent Are Co-occurring Disorders?

Co-occurring disorders are common among those who are suffering from mental disorders. In 2014, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration or SAMHSA estimates that in the United States, about 7.9 million adults suffer from co-occurring disorders.  In the United States, almost 44 million adults suffer from mental illness and a little more than 20 million adults have a substance abuse problem. Those with co-occurring disorders are almost 40 percent of those who have drug and alcohol addictions.  A sobering thought, indeed!

The National Institute on Drug Abuse estimates that less than eight percent of those with co-occurring disorders receive treatment for both the substance abuse problem and their mental illness.  Nearly 54 percent of those with co-occurring disorders don’t even receive treatment for one of those problems.

Those with anxiety and mood disorders are twice more likely to suffer from substance abuse as well. A full one-third of military personnel seeking treatment for PTSD often struggle with substance abuse. With numbers like this, you begin to understand just how prevalent co-occurring disorders can be.

How Do I Find a Center That Treats Co-occurring Disorders?

Co-occurring disorders (also called “Dual Diagnosis”) are treated in special rehabilitation centers that are equipped to handle both substance abuse and mental health problems. While both need their own separate treatments, the dual diagnosis treatment center must be aware of the issues involving co-occurring disorders and treat the client so that the treatment for one illness doesn’t exacerbate the other. That way, the client has a better chance controlling his or her mental illness while at the same time work toward recovering from substance abuse. In Merito’s Dual Diagnosis Program, we work hard toward getting you sober and treating your mental illness.

What Can I Expect From a Dual Diagnosis Program?

Like most treatment centers, you’ll be in detox until your body is no longer dependent on the addicting substance. After the detox treatment, you’ll work toward maintaining a sober life by going through treatment which may involve counseling, addiction education, and medications designed to treat your mental illness, whether it is mood disorders such as anxiety, depression, or bipolar disorder, or another problem such as schizophrenia.  At Merito Dual Diagnosis Program, we offer individualized treatment that is tailored for your addiction and your mental illness.  We offer a variety of treatments that include alcohol rehabilitation, drug rehabilitation, alcohol detox, drug detox, sub-acute detox, mental health treatment, behavioral health program, holistic rehab treatment, elderly treatment, PTSD treatment, Christian track, and trauma treatment, among others.

If you or someone you love suffers from both substance addiction and mental illness, you need to get help from a dual diagnosis program that will treat both the addiction and the mental disorder. You can find more about the Merito Dual Diagnosis Program by visiting our website. Get your life back.


Helping The Needy Spiritually & Financially

No one is responsible for the circumstances he or she is born into. This fact is especially true for the poor. The poor and the downtrodden are often looked upon with a frown by their better off counterparts. They are branded as bad by some people. However, they are God’s children and He is not harsh on them. He sends Samaritans and messengers to help the come out of poverty and earn a decent living. Sometimes, these special messengers of God come forward and set them up financially as well thanks to the divine grace.

Meet a prophet who cares and loves the poor

TB Joshua is no stranger when it comes to helping and uplifting the poor. He is dedicated to help his underprivileged brothers and sisters. He says that when it comes to helping the poor, he ensures they are helped spiritually and financially. He is the head pastor and the Founder of The Synagogue Church Of All Nations or SCOAN. His life’s mission is to help the downtrodden. He sets them up financially and he is a major inspiration to society. He says good and evil both prevail to equal extent in society however when it comes to the triumph- it is always good that wins. He is true and when he is asked as to what is the secret of his powers, he says that it is God!Related image

The poor and the downtrodden

Many of them develop a low self -esteem and think they are not worthy of society because they are poor. In God’s eyes everyone is equal. The circumstances you are born into are different. The financial issues and problems do cause a hindrance in your personal development however you do have the will power to climb out of it. You should have perseverance and at the same time trust in the Lord who is there to help you.

The Power of Prayers

Prayers have the ability to give you the strength and the courage when it comes to life. He says many poor people come to his Church from across the globe. His sole mission is to help them restore faith in life and believe it to be beautiful. He says that when it comes to life, it is very important for you to remember that hardships come as lessons to make you the person you are. It is important for your spiritual growth and development. However, sometimes, these hardships cannot be taken and you look for a path of direction and guidance. This is where God steps in. Prayers give you the courage and the strength to carry on and trust God. In this way, you effectively bear the hardships that might come in your way.

TB Joshua is an inspirational mentor and he teaches people about the love of God and His divine grace. He helps and heals the poor and the needy who come from all four corners of the world to seek assistance and guidance to lead a happy life in peace.


Top Tips To Lose Body Weight

Losing weight is harder than putting it on. Obesity has become one of the common issues around the globe and people are trying different methods to lose their weight. If you are seeking for the simple and effective tips to lose body weight, then you are on the right page, here you will be informed about the top tips to lose body weight by the experts of Sono Bello clinic.

  • Drink lots of water

Drinking lot of water regularly helps the person to maintain the water level of the body and removes out the toxins. It is recommended to have a glass of water before you go for a meal, as it will fill your stomach and let you eat less. Once you maintain this habit, body fat starts reducing and you will feel the change. Water is essential for the body to get the metabolism function smoothly. So, try to maintain a good habit of drinking water on regular basis.

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  • Reduce added sugar drinks

People often grab a cup of tea of coffee around 2-3 times a day. Sugar-containing drinks are the reason of the increasing belly fat, so it is always suggested to reduce the intake of added sugar drinks. This will help in proper burning of the body fat.

  • Do not take alcohol

Those people who drink alcohol tends to become fat because alcohol contains empty calories, which gets converted into fat in the body. This fat is stored in the body for a long time and results in an obese body.

  • Reduce oil contained foods

Oil is known as the important reason for adding fat to the body. The oily food items available in the market contain large amount fat. If you eat such oily foods on regular basis then you will get obese soon. Try to reduce such foods and go for healthy foods or fresh foods.

  • Never skip your meal

People often think that if they will skip meals then it will help them reducing their body weight. But that is not the fact. Your body requires enough energy to run the metabolism and for digesting the food. If you will not take a meal on time, body energy will get reduced and you may feel lazy and unhealthy.

  • Go for regular exercise

Regular exercise will help your body to function properly without any problem. Exercise offers good blood pressure, which is an essential thing to become healthy. Once your blood circulation is perfect, your body will reduce the amount of extra fat. Try to start with small exercises in the beginning and later on you can add intense exercises. You can also consult with your health expert about the particular exercises for losing body weight.   

  • Start a right diet plan

Get a healthy diet plan for yourself, if you do not have an idea, try to search for Sono Bello, which is a good name in the weight loss solutions. You will able to get various beneficial things related to weight loss on this platform.

It is the time to apply above tips to lose body weight and achieve slim and healthy body!


What is CDN and how it works?


If you have a dream that your website gets million and billions of users in a day then you need to put lot of effort for that and there are lot of factors that you needed to consider such as the content of your website, user interface of your website and the most important what response time your website take to load one webpage. Response time of website plays a very important role if you want to achieve success in the internet world. However you can able to provide your user quick response time from your website by installing a content delivery network for your website.

CDN is always considered as a backbone of any website this is because it gives their user a quality and quick web experience. If you choose this web network then it surely increases the amount of your website user this is because it provides a fast upload of webpage and delivers the content faster to your user and everyone loves to use the site that provides fast and quick service.  There is one more reason that allows you to use this network for your website and that reason is that fast delivery of content will help your website to gain the top spots in different – different search engine.

How this network works

This network work as per the geographic locations of the user, CDN installed their servers on these different geo location and when user comes to this network the closest server is get connected with that device and help the user to gain the lighting fast speed of web content.

This network reduces the latency that also provides the better web experience to the end user. More than that this network also make the live streaming, downloading, online gaming etc. more flexible and smooth.  from this website you get to know more about the CDN service and from here you can also able to get the CDN service at best possible rate.


All you need to know about CDN provider


Everyone loves to enjoy the fast internet service whether they use internet at home or at their office. Slow internet is a very big issue than generally occur in standard network connection. That’s why it is always good choice to consider an option of content delivery network.  This network provide a consistent experience to their user by reducing the load time of webpage, response of webpage gets increased and also save bandwidth.

CDN service makes use of number of different servers that is placed in different geographic locations these servers determine the delivery of the content to the user.  Closer you’re to the server the better speed and experience you get of the internet.Image result for All you need to know about CDN provider

Benefits of content delivery network

Downloading and surfing – when you surfing or watching a video online it gets buffer to many times but with the use of this network allow you to get free from the buffering issue. It provides you the fast delivery content with high speed while watching and surfing and more than that it is also maintain the good connection speed while you download an audio or video.

Live delivery –  if you want to run a high traffic website then you should use this network it provide your user a better experience and also reduce the effect of high traffic from your website. If you want to add any video content to your website this network also bear the load of this with very easily.

How to choose content delivery network

Bandwidth – before choosing a CDN network first know about your website bandwidth. If the consume the bandwidth more than 100 GB than it is advised that you should go for CDN provider.

Server –  it is always advised that choose the service provider that good range of server in different multiple location because then it only able to provide your website user a good service.



The charismatic cocktail factor in a dress

Whenever we have watched a Disney movie in our childhood, teens or even after becoming an adult, we have always wanted to wear one of those fabulous fluffy dresses and this is a universal dream of every girl, undoubtedly! We are even enchanted with the gorgeous gowns endorsed by the celebs in the red carpet shows or prize ceremonies, isn’t it? You may feel that those dresses are only for the destined few. Well, you are grossly mistaken as with the online stores of cocktail dresses today, you can indeed make your dream of wearing such a wonderful dress come true!

Cocktail can be cool: Which color do you think suits you the most for a party? Well, it is always advisable to go for some royal blue, marvelous maroon or black colors when it comes to various designs of cocktail dresses. However, if you are looking for some lighter shades, then baby pink, lighter shades of gray or whitish cocktail dresses can also adorn you with the same style and elegance. Are you thinking about whether you can carry the gowns properly as those are not really very common outfit for us? Well, every design for a cocktail dress is handcrafted keeping in mind the cool as well as comfort factor of the person wearing the same. After that, you will only have to pluck up the confidence to wear them along proudly!Image result for The charismatic cocktail factor in a dress

Cocktail Cakewalk: That exactly is the word when you are wearing cocktail dresses and even though it is true that you cannot really have the opportunity or practice to the catwalk, but carrying a cocktail dress can indeed be a cakewalk for you. The different designs of cocktail dresses are totally tailored to suit all kinds of body shapes and sizes and you need not be too much conscious about your look too! You can even get the correct pair of accessories to go with the cocktail dresses that you can buy together with the cocktail dresses online. Therefore, you can be perfectly ready for a party, now that you have owned that special cocktail dress to leave everyone tongue-tied by your outstanding look!

However, even if you want to have some styling tips regarding cocktail dresses, you can surely look through the world of websites related to fashion and makeup. There is always a charm in getting to explore yourself with all kinds of dresses. Hence, do not remain confined within conventional and just go with the flow of fashion now!


Things to know at the time of manufacturing safety tools & cabinets

Safety is an important point that every manufacturer should consider, it not only helps in avoiding future disasters but also helps you in maintaining your work speed.  Being an owner, it’s your responsibility to take care of the safety of machines and workers as well. There are many aspects that can harm your whole working functions if you didn’t pay your attention properly. For avoiding any kind of accidents it’s important to have a proper Flammable goods storage cabinet and tools and for that it is important to know some basic points.

What thing that a safety cabinet and tool maker should know

Well, there are various things that they need to take care of but here are some major points that they should consider:Image result for Things to know at the time of manufacturing safety tools & cabinets

Good quality of materials and machines

When it comes to safety, then it’s important to understand the importance of cabinets and tool that are going to be used in other industries. So, for a manufacturer it’s a huge responsibly to use good quality of materials in making related products. Not only that it’s important to ensure that the product they made is perfect for different situations.  

Properly tested before selling

Last but definitely not the least; manufacturer should properly test cabinets and safety tools that are going to sell. Before that make sure that the product is effective and trustworthy for use, especially when you are talking about flammable goods storage cabinet, it’s important to do inspection properly.

Easy to use and to understand

Another thing that is important to know is that the cabinets and tools are going to be used by different persons, which means it’s important to understand that the function of tools and cabinets should be easy to understand and to use so that anyone can easily handle the tools and cabinets.


Airsoft Guns

Airsoft guns were first invented in Japan sometime around 1980 and were originally intended for target shooting. The guns spread internationally in the following decade and were often sold as kits that had to be assembled out of the box. The vast majority of guns were designed to closely resemble real weapons and the attention to detail was often very exact. Modern guns are manufactured largely in Asia and exported all over the world.

The guns fire small spherical pellets that are usually either 6 or 8mm in diameter and most commonly made of plastic. Despite the ammunition being relatively light, some gas-powered guns are capable of surprisingly high levels of muzzle velocity in the more expensive and well-engineered models.Related image

Owing to the fact that the guns cause little injury to humans airsoft shooting has developed into a recreational war-game style sport that is often compared to paintball gaming. Numerous law enforcement agencies and military organisations around the globe have also incorporated airsoft weaponry into their tactical training programmes for force-on-force scenarios.

Modern airsoft guns are typically available as replicas of real firearms and are either powered by springs, electric motors or compressed gas. Most are made of plastic but newer models have more metal used in the manufacture of both internal and external parts. As the guns are often lighter than their real counterparts metal weights are often added to the internals of the gun to give them a more realistic weight when handling them.

Some countries have placed legal restrictions on the sale and ownership of airsoft guns often requiring them to be below certain muzzle velocity limits. Due to their appearance and close resemblance to real weapons some countries also require the guns to be marked in some way to make it clear they are imitations. This is usually achieved by putting orange markers on the muzzle of the gun.

When approached safely, airsoft shooting is a very enjoyable sport with a burgeoning and enthusiastic community. There is a wide variety of guns available and many different disciplines that can be pursued.