Box Blade Uses When Working With Gravel

For many, maintaining a gravel driveway is one of the chief uses of their tractor implements, and for this, working with a box scraper blade can be beneficial. Though not the only way to maintain a gravel drive, a box blade can be very useful in doing so if you have one available. Indeed, if you’ve purchased box blades for sale, you may have had working with gravel specifically in mind.

When working with box blades to manicure a gravel drive or other gravel area, patience is vitally important. This is because time and experience with the box scraper blade are required to get the feel for the process. And don’t worry, for the little “imperfections” that require special attention to detail, some quick effort with a manual rake can provide the finishing touches once you’re satisfied with the bulk of your work.


Before beginning work with your box blade, it’s important to have a good feel for how thickly the gravel is laid, or to be laid, on the area. This will give you the information you need to correctly adjust your scarifiers on your box scraper blade. You don’t want to dig too deeply, or go too shallow with them. Once you’ve determined whether you need to lengthen or shorten your top link, your next step will be to loosen everything up. This step will make it possible for you to then level everything out with your box blade.

As you work with your box scraper blade, pay careful attention and have the forbearance to go over the area several times if need be before assessing your progress. The whole process when using box blades will always require your full attention as you level places that are too high, and conversely, take care of pot holes and other imperfections. Once you are satisfied with the heavier duty work, you may want to take the time to go after the details with a sturdy landscaping rake.

As always, for your safety, the proper upkeep of your equipment, and helpful tips for all kinds of basic tasks, it’s vital that you keep the owner’s manualyou received when you purchased box blades for sale on hand at all times.