Celebrating Social Media Day

Last week was an exciting week since on Friday June 30th it was National Social Media day therefore all ORM Agencies took advantage of this opportunity to really use their social medias and connect with consumers. Social media plays a big role in the world of business today and before it had started off as nothing more than a simple website to connect people with one another and now it has transformed into a network of platforms that make more people around the world connect to one another. After social media day happened last week, people are starting to ask what the most popular social network platforms are around the entire world.

According to Vincenzo Cosenza, he found out that all social media networks have a different level of popularity around the world. He had done research in about 149 countries around the world to be able to develop a map that shows the popularity of the social networks and here is what he discovered. Facebook is the tech giant in the world since they still reign supreme in most of the world with about two billion monthly users. Japan is the only country in the entire world that loves Twitter more than any other platform. Russia has a love affair with the V Kontakte platform while QZone has done the exact same thing for China. There are nine African countries that prefer LinkedIn over anyone else which makes sense due to the economic boom that has ben happening around the continent.

Vincenzo Cosenza also compiled more data of which social network platform takes the lead for second and Russia chose Odnokiassniki, Instagram for second is most popular in South America whereas Reddit seems to be quite popular in Australia and Canada whereas Twitter comes in second for United States. Every social network platform gets millions users daily and that’s what matters the most, the world now has found ways to stay more connected.