Different Types of Signage That All Retailers Should Have

There are several different kinds of signage that retailers should have. And today at least some of the signage choices that a retailer makes should probably involve digital. Let’s look at the various types of signage.

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Directional Signage Is Key

Great directional signage makes a good first impression on customers. Particularly irritating to shoppers are stores that move products around and don’t adjust the signage – either because it would involve making a new sign or because no one was given the simple task of helping the customer to figure out where to find the stuff they came in for.

Poor Signage Shows a Lack of Respect

The Harvard Business Review, no less, describes poor signage as showing lack of respect for customers because it gives them the message that their time doesn’t matter, and if they have to spend half an hour trying to find what they came in for, well that’s just how it is.

Of course, this is where digital signage wins out every time, because if the store is reorganised – say to highlight some seasonal deals – it’s a simple matter to re-program the signs. No new signs need to be made or hung. After the promotion ends, there are no signs to gather dust in the storeroom until they’re needed again – the signage software is simply edited again. Moodmedia provide digital signage to businesses of all types.

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Shop Front Signage Should Change

If a store always looks exactly the same, people just tune out as they walk past it. To attract attention, shop front and outdoor signage needs to change – for example, to invite people in to an event or to highlight special offers or sales that are currently running.

A key advantage of digital signage is that it moves. Previously, the movement consisted of something pretty basic and cartoon-like or some text running on a reel. That’s all changed – think of the escalators on the London tube. When they carried static posters, people barely bothered to look at them. Now that they carry moving mini-programs and engaging images, everyone has a look at them.

The New Year is a good time to take stock of your retail signage and, at the same time, consider whether it might not be time to go digital.