Discover the Many Frankincense Oil Uses

Frankincense is a widely used and recognized essential oil that has countless benefits. Those who are more familiar with essential oils, has most likely become acquainted with Frankincense. This reliable oil has been praised for its benefits in terms of skin care, improving health, immunity amongst other things. There is no question as to why this oil has been utilized so often throughout the course of history, and even making appearances in sacred religious practices.

Frankincense is derived from the Boswellia genus, where these miniature trees that are native to the Red Sea grow in northeast Africa. Frankincense comes from making small incisions in these trees until a milky white substance used to heal the tree secretes from the bark. Once this occurs and the substance has dried it is then scraped off. The highest quality Frankincense comes from three incisions.

Purchasing Frankincense

Make sure to be careful when purchasing Frankincense. This highly esteemed oil is often sold as dupes that do not contain any of the beneficial properties that Frankincense does. Double check your sources ensuring that a quality product is delivered to you.

Stress reliever

One of the most well-known Frankincense oil uses would be in relieving feelings of tension or stress. Simply by rubbing a few drops onto your temples after a long day, or mixing it with another oil and massaging it into your skin can reduce stress and tension. Even add it into your bath, or washcloth when you shower.

Skin rejuvenation

Incorporating Frankincense into your beauty routine can have you feeling and looking more radiant. If your hands or feet are in need of some moisture applying frankincense along with your daily lotion can restore the look and feel of them fairly quickly.

Immune system

Using an essential oil diffuser and adding in a few drops of Frankincense can boost your immune system and improve your overall health. You can either reap the rewards of Frankincense by ingesting, using a diffuser, or you may be more inclined to massage the bottoms of your feet in order to do so. Either way you will still be receiving the benefits that Frankincense offers.

Healthy skin

If you are looking for a quick pick me up at the end of a grueling week, or looking to start your day off with a fresh face, including Frankincense in a quick and easy DIY face mask will rejuvenate and revitalize your skin. Just by adding a couple drops of Frankincense, clay, apple cider vinegar and a select few other essential oils tailored to your liking you are sure to have a healthier, more nourished face. The properties that Frankincense has will leave your skin feeling fresh and new.

It is no mystery as to why Frankincense is so highly revered in the health and beauty world, and is deemed one of the most valuable essential oils to have in your home. For centuries people have been knowledgeable of the numerous benefits that this oil has to offer, and what it can do in order to boost their health and happiness.