Drug Rehab in Ontario – Is it worth it?

There are those that would argue there is little point in undertaking drug rehab in Ontario, or for that matter, any city.  Put simply, they believe that a drug addict will always return to the drug and that treatment is a waste of time and resources.

Fortunately, this is not always the case.  It is certainly true that some addicts will return to their drug of choice; despite drug rehab in Ontario.  However, the success of this work will depend on a variety of factors.  It is essential to consider these before you enlist with a specific drug rehab in Ontario.

The Treatment

The type of treatment you receive should change depending upon the drug you are addicted to.  For example, addiction to strong painkillers will require the use of an alternative drug, such as methadone, to assist in reducing the addiction and coming off the drug slowly.  However, this will all be in vain if the clinic does not also look at the reason for taking painkillers in the first place.  If there is an injury of some sort it will be necessary to verify the status of the injury and, if it is still painful, deal with this pain in a new way.

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All types of drug addiction should be accompanied with counseling and a good exercise program to ensure that the mental and physical health of the addict is improved and ready to deal with the rigors of life; without an addiction.

The Success rate

Once you have identified a clinic offering the right drug rehab in Toronto you will need to look at their reputation and success rate.  It is important to verify what terms the success rate has been established on.  It may simply be those that have left the clinic drug free.  Alternatively, it may be that they monitor the long term rate of recovery and can assure you that eighty percent of their patients have stayed drug free for eight years.  The difference between these two scenarios is huge and needs to be verified.

The Support

To ensure you can successfully stop your drug addiction and start living again, you will need to have the best possible support available. The clinic offering drug rehab in Ontario should provide an aftercare package which allows you to contact someone at virtually any time of the day or night.  This level of support is essential to ensure you can resist any temptation to return to a life of drugs.  This will not be easy and the better your support team the more likely it is that you will become drug free.

Taking and becoming addicted to drugs can change your entire life.  Although some successful people can manage to do well despite being addicted to drugs; most people need to be free of the addiction in order to discover how to live again.  

No one knows for sure what exact characteristics make you likely to become addicted to drugs, it is better not to take them at all and never find out.  However, if you have got an addiction the faster you seek help from a clinic which offers drug rehab in Ontario, the better!