Effective Tips for Harvesting Pecans: How to Use a Pecan Gatherer

Pecan Pick Up Tools vs Bare Hands

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Nut trees are easy to keep and extremely productive, they are ideal for those gardeners who wish to obtain healthy and tasty meals, avoiding all the mess with digging, cultivating and trimming. Nuts and pecans require no special cooking; once they fall from the trees, they are completely ready-to-eat.

However, even this relatively simple gardening hobby may require some efforts –obviously, we are talking about the hot seasons, when gardeners find themselves faced with an immense number of nuts waiting to be collected. Sure, if you have enough patience and free time, you can try to figure this whole mess out with your bare hands. Needless to say that this work is not very exciting, not to mention threats to your back and marrow bones.

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This is true when picking up pecans and nuts with your bare hands you expose yourself to the risk of getting hurt. Of course, gathering nuts in your own garden is always safer than collecting wild pecans in the forest – at least, you can be sure that the ground is free from fir-needles, cones and thorns. However, using gathering tools allows you to do well without considering all these nuisances.

Moreover, by purchasing a pecan gatherer you can save yourself from a boring work and significantly optimise all the harvesting operations. No more bending over, no more crawling around on the ground and no more calluses.

One single rolling pecan gatherer will transform this work into an enjoyable walk. Some older models were equipped with clamping devices, which is not a bad option unless you have to gather more than a dozen of pecans.

In contrast to them, this product has a rolling mechanism, which means it is easy-to-operate and requires no special skills. You just roll a pecan gatherer and it picks all nuts, separating them from all the garbage.

So and so, you do not need to fret over it too much – nut gathering tools are a valuable gift for all passionate gardeners!

Nut gathering tool – an ultimate solution for any garden

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Of course, a multipurpose tool must have some extra benefits in addition to the simplicity of use. And this new pecan picker tool has loads of them!

First and foremost, it works well with different amounts of nuts. Surely, whether you have a few pecan trees or a few dozen, you have to pick up all the nuts as soon as possible before their quality starts to deteriorate. A pecan picker upper allows you to cover the areas of various sizes, without leaving behind any precious fruit.

Furthermore, this tool can also be sued for picking other objects of similar sizes: acorns, apples, helices, and badminton birds. Is not it bad to get a tool that can effectively assist you with yard clean up? The pecan picker upper can handle this and other tasks with ease, saving your time and, consequently, money.

In addition, this amazing gardening tool is also fully repairable. In the first turn, it is made of stainless steel and flexible plastic wires, so that you can roll it and hoist it without risking to break the thing off. On top of that, it consists of easily interchangeable units, which is an extra guarantee of its quality.