Garcinia Cambogia Reviews – Find More Information

Dr Oz Garcinia cambogia is a popular weight loss supplement purported to block the body’s ability to make fat, reduce appetite, lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Scientific researches on its effectiveness for weight loss are mixed. The allure is the fact that it is derived from a fruit, thus considered natural. Nevertheless, there have been no reports of fatal effects by the users of the supplement since its inception to date. It is available in pill or powder form and in some occasions, it is an included ingredient in snacks. It is a ready product found in most markets across various continents; you can purchase it online or in most supplement stores at pocket friendly prices.

Garcinia cambogia is the scientific name for a tropical citrus fruit known as Malabar tarmarind. It ripens to a red fruit about the size of an orange but resembles a pumpkin. It is a delicious and healthy fruit that grows in South East Asia Myanmar, Indonesia and South West India. It is rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron, thiamine, riboflavin and niacin. Its rind contains an organic acid known as Hydroxycitric acid (HCA), which is claimed to decrease appetite and prevent your body, from storing food as fat. In ancient times, it was used for cooking, but nowadays, It is used to curb appetite thus used to reduce obesity or slow weight gain.


How does Garcinia Cambogia Work?

Garcinia cambogia works various ways to reduce body fat mass. First, Hydroxycitric acid stimulates the body to secrete the hormone serotonin. This hormone sends signals to the brain when there has been food intake to make you feel satisfied. This decrease in starvation will in turn lead to fewer intakes of calories. Secondly, HCA inhibits the production of citrate lyase, an enzyme converts excess sugars and starches to fat. Thirdly,” manufacturers say that it improves mood and suppresses the drive to react to stressful situations with food, replaces fat with toned muscles and slows the body’s ability to absorb fat.”

There are several health claims, some are facts but others are just mere fictions. Hydroxy citric acid is an organic acid that works by making you feel full, affecting your metabolism and reducing appetite. This has been proven several in laboratory tests. Basing on these results, the supplement has been branded as a natural weight loss cure. It is thought to improve cholesterol levels and enhance athletic performance.

A number of clinical studies have proven that Garcinia cambogia, actually work on weight loss programs:

  • i) Garcinia cambogia makes one feel content, a review on the existing research determined no conclusive evidence of the supplements’ effects on human appetite. However, rodent studies have depicted significant positive results.
  • ii) Garcinia cambogia lowers body fat mass, existing evidence doesn’t prove that the supplement can lower body weight on its own. A study published by JAMA found that the supplement, used together with low calorie diets and high fiber helped with significant weight loss to both the control and Garcinia group.
  • iii) Garcinia cambogia speeds metabolism, there are various evidences supporting that Garcinia can influence fat metabolism. Both mice and humans have had increased metabolism after supplementing with Hydroxycitric acid.
  • iv) Garcinia cambogia increases athletic performance, it has been proven to significantly increase the amount of time before maximum exhaustion and increases ability to endure during running.

In a nutshell, I highly recommend anyone struggling with obesity to try this natural path and use Garcinia cambogia free trial is the best possible result that has very few side effects. It has been proven to reduce body fat mass in healthy ways. Nevertheless, it is just a supplement; it should complement other weight loss activities like increasing activity levels and in taking highly nutritive foods. One should also take advantage of the natural fruit and its extensive nutritive properties and use it alongside the supplement in order to maximize the positive outcomes. It is also advised that you do not engage in bad habits such as taking alcohol, smoking cigarettes and using other forms of drugs. One should also put a lot of consideration to daily water intakes, at least two liters is recommended, and it helps with fast assimilation of the supplement into the body. Be aware of counterfeits that sometimes have lower contents of HCA than indicated. Enjoy your safe and easy journey with Gracinia cambogia.