Handheld game console – Best game ever

The world of video gaming handhelds is much younger as compared with the world of video game consoles. That is the reason why you see so many types of consoles from the same company on a list of the Best Handheld Game Console. Nintendo has been a main player in the handheld game since the time of Gameboy, and everyone has been trying hard to catch up to them.

Some best handheld consoles

Who else can challenge Nintendo’s crown? Now just take a look at our list of the best handheld game Console.

  • NomadSega

The Sega Nomad is among one of the only portable systems that has ever made that actually allowed you to play different console games. It was, unfortunately, ahead of its time as it did not sell very well in the market. On the other hand, anyone who owned it got the chance to play blockbuster titles like Sonic 3 & Knuckles on the road, along with real Sega graphics.Image result for Handheld game console - Best game ever

  • Game & WatchNintendo

The Game as well as the Watch may not have been very technologically sound but it was very important. These simple types of machines used LCD technology in order to play incredibly basic handheld games.

  • Neo Geo Pocket ColorSNK

The Neo Geo Pocket Color was among one of the first 16-bit handheld game devices. It was sadly, SNK’s last video game console and it lasted only for about two years. It was also among one of the first consoles to support various color gaming and to use a directional joystick.

  • PlayStation PortableSony

The PlayStation Portable was far better s compared toit’s younger brother, the PlayStation Vita. It Is very surprising considering that there were lots of problems with the system that include heavy load times, unresponsive buttons, glitchy firmware, as well as proprietary usage of memory cards.

  • 3Ds Nintendo

The 3DS is unexpectedly ruling the handheld market in this generation and that is the reason why it deserves to be on our list of the Best Handheld Consoles. It has some of the amazing types of games, that ranges from Super Mario 3D Land to Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney 5.

  • Gameboy AdvanceNintendo

The Gameboy Advance was the very first handheld console which started developing the pattern of handheld technology that we usually see today.

  • Game GearSega

The Game Gear was the first handheld console that feature a full color screen, and it was outstanding.

  • DSNintendo

The DS may be one of the most successful handheld systems till now. It’s tremendous two screen design introduced touch gaming to the field.

  • iPhoneApple

While this is not a true 100{1973852c3d03fa9c7b89cf4e32c90950349d2a7529a1646edaa4b9e79bec0c07} games only device, the iPhone/iPod/iPad has made a huge signature in portable gaming, by pushing the limits of the different kinds of games that we can play while on the go. Apple’s devices aren’t going anywhere for a long period of time, and with the release of new version every year, we can only expect much more and better things from the iPhone when it comes to the topic of technological power of portable gaming.