Helping The Needy Spiritually & Financially

No one is responsible for the circumstances he or she is born into. This fact is especially true for the poor. The poor and the downtrodden are often looked upon with a frown by their better off counterparts. They are branded as bad by some people. However, they are God’s children and He is not harsh on them. He sends Samaritans and messengers to help the come out of poverty and earn a decent living. Sometimes, these special messengers of God come forward and set them up financially as well thanks to the divine grace.

Meet a prophet who cares and loves the poor

TB Joshua is no stranger when it comes to helping and uplifting the poor. He is dedicated to help his underprivileged brothers and sisters. He says that when it comes to helping the poor, he ensures they are helped spiritually and financially. He is the head pastor and the Founder of The Synagogue Church Of All Nations or SCOAN. His life’s mission is to help the downtrodden. He sets them up financially and he is a major inspiration to society. He says good and evil both prevail to equal extent in society however when it comes to the triumph- it is always good that wins. He is true and when he is asked as to what is the secret of his powers, he says that it is God!Related image

The poor and the downtrodden

Many of them develop a low self -esteem and think they are not worthy of society because they are poor. In God’s eyes everyone is equal. The circumstances you are born into are different. The financial issues and problems do cause a hindrance in your personal development however you do have the will power to climb out of it. You should have perseverance and at the same time trust in the Lord who is there to help you.

The Power of Prayers

Prayers have the ability to give you the strength and the courage when it comes to life. He says many poor people come to his Church from across the globe. His sole mission is to help them restore faith in life and believe it to be beautiful. He says that when it comes to life, it is very important for you to remember that hardships come as lessons to make you the person you are. It is important for your spiritual growth and development. However, sometimes, these hardships cannot be taken and you look for a path of direction and guidance. This is where God steps in. Prayers give you the courage and the strength to carry on and trust God. In this way, you effectively bear the hardships that might come in your way.

TB Joshua is an inspirational mentor and he teaches people about the love of God and His divine grace. He helps and heals the poor and the needy who come from all four corners of the world to seek assistance and guidance to lead a happy life in peace.