How Can Video Conferencing Help You Improve Customer Care?

Establishing and maintaining a strong relationship with customers is one of the keys to success for any company. Until a few years ago, the only contact tools were the telephone and email, but today this has changed. The introduction of new technologies has changed the paradigm of customer service and have emerged alternatives such as video conferencing in the cloud that not only improve communication but also increase customer loyalty, empathy and closeness with customers.

According to a study by Vidyo, one of the sectors that is betting strongly on this new model, is banking, an area where great competition makes good care is key to consumer loyalty. In this sense, videobanca is presented not only as a new channel of communication but also of loyalty and business growth. For example, David Royle, consulting partner Grant Thornton says “it looks like incredible statistics but one of our customers has achieved 60{1973852c3d03fa9c7b89cf4e32c90950349d2a7529a1646edaa4b9e79bec0c07} growth in sales of mortgage products.”

Barclays and CaixaBank, two examples of video customer success

In order to expand its customer service, Barclays launched in 2014 its service “Video Anywhere “in the UK. This service, based on Vidyo technology, allows users to connect via videoconference with their managers at any time and from any device, whether smartphone, tablet or pc. “Customers continue to demand human treatment and empathy, and for this reason, video conferencing is important, as it not only offers a voice but also a face for Barclays,” said Simon Separghan, Global Director of Contact Center. He added that “most customers who have tried the videoconference request that their future communications are the same and this has allowed us to double our Net Promoter Scores (NPS). For us it has an unsurpassed value as an organization. “

In Spain, another bank that has followed this initiative, is CaixaBank. This entity has just launched a special advisory service for companies through video call, which allows managers and companies to maintain a totally secure, close and personalized communication. According to CaixaBank’s Corporate Banking Executive Director, Luis Cabanas, “thanks to this service, CaixaBank manages to be closer to its customers when they need us and with highly specialized professional advice. It also saves time for them, who benefit from the immediacy and the executivity of virtual meetings.”

The challenges of customer service by video

As we have seen, the benefits of videobanca are multiple but for its use is consolidated it is necessary to have the necessary technological tools. Today there are plenty of free video conferencing services on the Internet that meet the communication needs on a personal level, but do not offer the quality, security and reliability that a company requires to communicate with its customers. Thus, ez Talks Cloud Meeting allows the communication with HD quality from any place and with all kinds of devices, thus providing the quality and the speed that users and banks need. In addition, ezTalks Cloud Meeting offers services specially designed for the company, of whatever size, does not require the purchase of equipment since it is a service in the cloud and has an expert and specialized support that supports the user in the use of the service.