How much leather sofas are different from fabric sofas?

There are many factors upon which people ponder much when they off to buy a sofa. But unfortunately, they only consider the looks of the sofa such as color, texture, design and etc., but forget to analyze about their fabric, leather and stuffed material. And this mistake can be a blunder in the future. As the sofa should be comfortable and if you have not checked its stuff and covering then it can give you hard rock pain.

Difference between the leather and fabric sofa-

The leather sofa provides are durable as they have 10 to 15 years of life. Leather covering of the sofa can battle from stains, dust and UV rays. It has the quality to fight against these conditions, but it cannot be suitable for all the weather conditions.

Fabric sofas are comfy as well and also provide and different varieties of colors and are available at lower prices. The fabric which is used in sofa covering is mostly made of cotton or synthetic which is dust resistance, wear and tear resistance also. In comparing leather sofas, fabric sofa has much lower cost.


Maintenance of these sofas-

  • As you know that leather sofa is stain resistant and can be clean easily. It is very important to keep your sofa clean and presentable and by completing the look with a classic center table. Leather sofa needs time to time treatment to keep it safe from aging.
  • The fabric covering is hard to clean and is not stain resistant. It also absorbs odors. But some of the fabric couches and sofas covers come with removable covers.


  • The leather is very durable and lives more than 10 years and it can also be used in rough conditions. But leather gets fade easily in the sun.
  • Fabric sofas are less durable and it tends to ruin by stain more easily. Fabric sofas are not water resistant.