How to Choose Between Wide and Narrow Boards

The width of your floorboards is an important choice when you want to achieve the right appearance, because width has an impact on the pattern of the boards.

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The size of your room will help you determine whether to use wide or narrow boards. Long wide boards look great in wide open spaces and are therefore becoming more popular. For an ultra-modern look, wide boards are very easy on the eye and can change the apparent size and shape of a room. For smaller spaces wide boards would be inappropriate as they would be difficult to install. They are also more expensive than narrow boards to buy and install.


Narrow boards are more popular and more versatile than wide boards. They are cheaper to produce and are available in a larger range of shapes and sizes. Installation is less complicated, although wide boards will obviously be quicker to fit. Narrow boards normally come in shorter lengths, depending on the colour and texture. This can make a room look too busy with more joints and lines.

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If you don’t like uniformity, a combination of shorter narrow boards and long wide plank flooring from will make your floor look more interesting. Obviously, the installation time and expense will increase, but you will end up with a unique floor which will look both classic and stylish.

If you are unsure which would be best for your home, advice is always available at your local stockists.