How to Handle a Crisis as if You Were a Crisis Management Consultant

A crisis is something that, if not handled correctly, can severely damage both the online and offline reputation of any company. This is something that once damaged, can take many years and lots of hard work to rebuild, with some case studies highlighting businesses whose reputations have been damaged by a crisis and never returned to their previous status. Therefore, having a good understanding of crisis management, if you are a business based in the UK or anywhere around the world for that matter, is something that is extremely crucial.

Many large organisations and corporations have crisis management consultants operating as part of their team on a permanent basis. However, if you are not a large company and your budget does not cater for a permanent consultant to feature as part of your team then you need to ensure that you have a good understanding of what to do should a crisis occur. There are many crisis management companies that also operate under the larger umbrella of public relations. Therefore, it is definitely worth having a conversation with your existing public relations company to see if this is a service they would be able to provide you with. Alternatively, if your PR company feels that this isn’t something they can help with, there are many more that can.

Therefore, the first step into learning how to act like a crisis consultant is to have an in depth conversation with someone who will be able to give you a real insight into the steps that you need to take. Then, the next step is to compile a crisis management plan. A document that can be sent to all members of staff and managers within your organisation so that should a crisis occur, everyone is clear on what the next steps should be. With social media playing such a key role in the occurrence of new crises, you may decide that you want to compile a plan for what to do in the event of a social media crisis. Once you have put these documents together, you may want to visit a crisis management PR consultant who will be able to provide you with feedback and make suggestions on what you may have missed out on.

Building a relationship with a crisis management company, who may be based in London UK, or anywhere else for that matter, can be extremely beneficial, especially in times when you may need a little advice or guidance. Look to see if you are able to hire their services on an ad-hoc basis or even by the hour. This enables you to build your own confidence in how you should be operating whilst also having a mentor who is able to answer your questions or queries. Once you have your plan in place, and your members of staff have been briefed you must remember that should a crisis occur you must act quickly and professionally. So there you have it, how to handle a crisis as if you were a crisis management consultant.