How to improve your game by getting stronger

Football is a demanding and intensely physical game, and the fitter the player, the better their performance. Football players work incredibly hard to ensure they are as strong as possible, making their game better in almost every way.


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Today’s footballers are fitter than ever, and typically engage in exercises like these to push themselves to the limit and perform at their optimum.

Improving headers

For any player who wants to dominate and win header battles, the ideal exercise is skipping. Skipping mimics the sudden upwards-leaping action that strong headers need to perfect, and it builds stamina too. Unlike a leap, where a player has a run up, skipping teaches you to jump straight up, with no movement in between, exactly as you’d need to do to head a ball in a split second.

Taking on tackling

Tackling relies on total body strength, and it’s a good idea to practice this properly. If you can kit out players in different team football kits, such as those available at, you can run tackling drills, and pair different outfitted players against one another to create a realistic team and opponent environment.


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Shoot to score

Strong players are able to shoot powerfully and use all their leg strength to propel the ball where they want it. You can only kick as hard as your body allows you to control, so by strengthening the leg muscle,s you can improve your strike, and potentially score harder, faster goals. Step ups are a great way to strengthen the leg, and can build muscle fast too.

Keep opponents at bay

While large muscle may look impressive and big arms are something many players work hard to achieve, its actually core and trunk strength that is needed for defence. Strengthening the core and trunk will make you a formidable opponent, and the more solid and strong you are, the harder you will be to get around. Weighted press ups strengthen both trunk and core and are a great way to improve strength in a controlled way.

Quick reactions

Fit players are fast and can react quickly and easily. Being able to suddenly change direction can be hugely beneficial and there are plenty of mirror drills that can help you work on your reactionary reflexes, refining them until they are spot on.