How To Keep Safe On UK Roads This Christmas

It’s that time of year again, and though we all look forward to a break from the daily routine, what we need to ensure is that the time off is remembered for all of the right reasons rather than the wrong ones. As our spirit is raised by the celebrations, many of us will indeed raise a spirit (or two) in celebration. It is after all the done thing.

During the Christmas party season, at work and with friends and indeed the family, we may find ourselves venturing out more than normal. In addition we all tend to imbibe a little more than the rest of the year. So on those dark, cold and wet nights we find ourselves with people to see and places to go. The question that we must ask ourselves though is just how will we get there – will we drive? Will we have a drink, and is one okay? The last thing we want to get for Christmas is the need to call one of the many drink driving solicitors, or face one of the various drink driving charges. So here we look at the best ways to enjoy the season, and do so regret free.

Every Year…

…the local Police force launch their Christmas drink driving campaign around December warning of the risks of getting behind the wheel after a drink. Perhaps the best way to look at the situation is that if you are going to have a drink then leave the car at home. But what about just one?

Well we are all different and as individuals and we all tend to react to alcohol differently. How the human body processes alcohol can depend on gender, size, metabolism, whether or not you have eaten, whether you are ill and many more features, and so there can be no real rule of thumb that works for everyone.

Remember today that most drinks come with the number of units per serving clearly indicated. But do not try to drink up to the level, see it as an absolute bar and always play safe.

Don’t forget also that the morning after can be just as bad too. Alcohol dissipates at around 1 unit per hour from the body, so a late night with a good few drinks combined with an early start the next day can mean that you find yourself in need of a drink driving solicitor or facing a drink driving charge. Sleeping, eating or drinking strong coffee will not help you here either.

No Standard

UK Drink Driving Law is in fact quite strict when compared to other countries, but strangely it is not the same across all of the UK. Though a conviction anywhere applies across the whole of the UK, Scotland actually has a limit of around two-thirds of the rest of the UK meaning that you could in fact cross the border and go from legal to illegal. It is best to realise this especially if you are looking to celebrate Hogmanay.


Away from the issue of drink, always ensure that you give your car a good health check too. If travelling make sure your tyres are at the right pressure; that you have some warm clothes and food in case of a breakdown; ensure your windscreen wipers are full and functional; and ensure your latest service for brakes etc. has been carried out and that your phone is charged. In bad conditions, avoid travel if possible and if not, take your time and be safe.

Christmas is a wonderful time of year, full of joy and happiness. Making sure that you look after both your car and moreover yourself will mean that you will be able to enjoy it so much more, and you’ll be able to leave the drink driving solicitors to their own Christmas.

Happy Holidays.