How to Use Joker Wisely in a Rummy Card Game?

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Though the game of 13 card rummy can be associated with your daily life, but it should be learned with perfection. You should know the priority of every card and should use them wisely during the gameplay. Do not underestimate the joker as it is one of the most important cards of the game. Let us learn more about it and make you a champion of this game.

How to Use Joker Wisely?

A skilled rummy player, who plays rummy online regularly, knows the importance of joker card. But, it must be used wisely in the game. Joker can be a real game changer. Before we learn how to use joker wisely in a rummy card game, it is important to know about different types of jokers.


Types of Jokers

The joker in card games rummy can be of two different types but plays the same role in every game.

Printed Joker: Though we say that a pack of cards has 52 cards, but actually it has 54 cards, counting two as jokers. These 2 extra cards are the printed cards with joker face. It can be used for completing a non-pure sequence.

Cut Jokers: While playing rummy games online, the cards are shuffled well before they are dealt. Once the cards are dealt to each player, one card is taken at random and is declared as the cut joker. Now all the cards belonging to the same rank are treated as the cut joker.

The Importance of Joker in a Rummy Game

Joker acts as a wild card in a rummy game. It can be used as a replacement of any other card and can turn the tables in your favor. You need to be wise enough to master your skills in using this card in a rummy game. The print joker and cut joker can be used in a rummy game during the gameplay to form a sequence after you have made a pure life. A pure life is basically a sequence that has cards of the same suit in a specific order. You cannot use joker card in making a pure life. You should remember the following things while using the joker-

You should have a pure life sequence before you call for the show. The pure life is the sequence having at least 3 consecutive cards of the same suit.

You can use multiple jokers in a rummy game.

Using the Joker in a Rummy Game

The joker can be a real game changer. You can use this card to form a sequence and complete your game at the earliest. Joker improves the probability of winning the game. Suppose you are making a sequence 5, 6, and 7 for the spade suit. Now you can replace any of these cards with the print joker or game joker to form a sequence. But ensure you have made a pure life sequence before placing the show.

The Final Words

Joker is the most important card of a rummy game and must be used wisely. You can find the use of joker in just any game of rummy, even in’s rummy games. You can download rummy game from Ace2Three and can also play these games on your smartphones by downloading its Rummy Android app. Go for it now.