How to watch Nidahas Trophy for Free

Nidahas Trophy is a cricket tournament being organized by the Sri Lankan Cricket board in celebration of 70th year of Sri Lankan independence. The tournament involves 7 T20 matches including a final between the three competing nations India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. Each team will be playing twice against the other two times in a cycle which starts with India taking on Sri Lanka in the first and India taking on Bangladesh after, followed by Bangladesh taking on Sri Lanka.

The tournament is going to start on 6th of March and continues till 18th with a day’s gap in between the matches. The Indian team which is busy as a bee recently is going to participate in this tournament with a sole goal of getting on top of the ICC rankings. Sri Lanka which has faced a brutal defeat in the previous match with India in the Sri Lanka tour of India will be looking for a victory and will surely put up a callous fight. Bangladesh which has faced the same with Sri Lanka will be looking to get its revenge in this tournament.

Considering all of these factors, Nidahas Trophy looks like one hell of a ride offering a fortnight full of entertainment for the cricket fans worldwide.

The tournament is available through live streaming for the world audience through the South Asian Content provider YuppTV which makes it easier to access from any available internet enabled device. As YuppTV is popular with the Indian population in most of the countries as an Indian live TV channel provider through various subscriptions the tournament is going to be available to most of the Indians who are already customers.

To ease this inconvenience, in many countries YuppTV is providing the Nidahas Cup 2018 Live for free. A simple registration will let you watch the entire tournament for free from countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, some Middle East countries, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, some regions of North Africa, etc. In countries like the UK, US, and Canada, YuppTV is charging a bare minimum price to watch the tournament live. But there is a catch even in these areas which let the users watch it for free. If a new user subscribes to any one of the yearly subscription packages available on YuppTV, he can get the cricket for free.

Since YuppTV is available through the website and as an App, it provides a province to watch the tournament in any of the desired devices. Be it a smart television, or a laptop or a Smartphone/ Tablet, one can watch the match in any place they want.