Impacts on Your Life- Drinking and Driving

It’s a Saturday night, and you have big plans to attend an event at a nearby bar. You have a few close friends who are attending as well, and everyone is excited because their favorite band is playing. The crowd is expected to bring a few hundred locals out, all with the primary goal of listening to the best band in town. It should be a really fun time, and everyone has been looking forward to the event for the past several weeks.

As you arrive, the crowd is much bigger than you expected. There are close to one thousand people attending the event. You run into several of your childhood friends, and you carry on conversations throughout the night, reminiscing on old times. The band is excellent, and everyone there is having a great time. As the night started, you were sipping on a few alcoholic drinks. But, since the band is better than you expected and there are several of your closest friends attending, you end up staying a few hours later than you originally anticipated. As a result, you begin to consume more alcohol than anticipated, and are starting to feel the effects of your consumption. Quickly, you realize that you might have consumed too much alcohol and may not be able to operate your vehicle home. At this moment, you must make a decision on how you will get back home. For some individuals, risking the drive may be in their agenda. For other smarter people, calling a cab or rideshare program is the easiest and most sensible action to take. But for those who might make the wrong decision, there are many obstacles that a wrong decision can make on their livelihood and future. Getting a DUI conviction means serious penalties and can cause long term implications on one’s future.

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Your Job

Getting a DUI conviction can mean that you risk employment in the future. During your conviction, you may have already been employed and have a stable job. However, in the event that your job is no longer available or you are laid off, you must consider applying for new positions to maintain an income. As a result, many job applications require an individual to state whether or not they have had any convictions that are alcohol or drug related. As required, someone with a conviction would need to inform the potential employer of their conviction during this process.

Employers will not automatically throw out an application with a DUI conviction, however it lowers your chances of being able to successfully land the position you are seeking. This is because your past decision to travel home on a night when you should not have been driving has impacted your record. An employer may be willing to overlook this if you are highly qualified in skills required for the job, however it makes employers second guess decisions that you might make while on the job.

Your Driving Record

In the event that a speeding ticket or traffic citation is issued, a police officer may further investigate your driving record. Having a DUI conviction on your record may reduce your chances for a reduction or elimination for a traffic citation. In addition, DUI convictions often add points to your record and can increase your chances that a license is revoked in the event that another traffic citation is issued.


Someone with a DUI conviction, and who shares this information with friends, colleagues, and neighbors is often looked upon differently. A conviction can give off a dull image and can even make others think differently about you. They may be under the impression that you are not able to make decisions properly and may not be capable of making smart moves for you as well as your family.

In The Long Run

Overall, one unwise move to travel home after attending a local concert can have many long term effects on your life. In the span of 10-20 minutes during your attempt to drive home, you can land a DUI conviction that can put a burden on the rest of your life. Not only is a conviction a burden to deal with, but it can affect your job capabilities, income, image, and livelihood. When you are out and about, make sure you are remembering at least a few of these areas that could fall into many more serious issues down the road.