In What Order Do I Put The Ingredients In A West Bend Bread Machine?

I have always read that it is recommended to put liquid ingredients first and then solids. I do not know what scientific reason this has, but I get the impression that it is to avoid scratching of the mixing pan which may occur when dry ingredients rub against each other and the container. I do not think that the quality of the bread is altered by pouring water or flour first. In any case, and according to my experience, liquids are better first.

And we understand in bread making liquid may include; in addition to water, milk, oil, also yoghurts, eggs, and other “semi-solids”. On top of them, we will put the flour and after that, the leavening agent..

What Should Really Come First?

Some people say that yeast should not come into contact with salt because it loses its effect. I suppose that if you leave the yeast in contact with the salt for a long time, it will break down, but if you are going to begin the kneading process immediately, it does not make any sense to avoid touching them, since they will come into contact with the kneading.

Similarly, if the yeast gets wet (and I am referring to commercial yeasts) it starts to activate and “work”. So if we are going to program the cuisinart automatic bread maker so that we have the bread ready in the morning, we will have to prevent the yeast from coming in contact with water and salt.

I Do It Like This: I throw the water, little oil, and the salt. Above I distribute all the flour and on the top of the mountain, the corresponding piece of yeast (remember, no more than 2% of the amount of flour). Thus the yeast is safe from possible interference.

What Flour Do You Use?

To make a basic, regular bread, it is not necessary to use any special flour. It will be enough to use bread flour or even all-purpose flour. If you can, use bread flour. You get it by mixing 50% strength wheat flour with all-purpose flour. The consideration of flour as loose, bread-making, strength, great strength, etc. It depends on the amount of protein it contains.

I’m not going to enter the world of flours, there’s a lot of information on the internet and I’m not an expert. I will confess that I almost always use mercadona flour, of which I have read everything but that has always worked well for me. Except for the special rye flour that I occasionally use, most of my bread is baked with regular flour. As always, the better the quality of the ingredients, the higher the quality of the final product.