Knowing Methandrostenolone And Its Cycles

METHANDROSTENOLONE is another name for dianabol which is a commonly used by bodybuilders steroid which is anabolic in nature. Dianabol is popularly consumed orally.though it is found in the injectable, gel or in a cream form. These can be bought online as they are not legally available in pharmacies for purchase. Medically it was prescribed to females as tonic and they had to consume it 3 times a day. It was later deemed dangerous for use and was made illegal.

It increases the muscle size and strength of the user as it is a very good binder to the androgen receptor. The good news is the it is not completely broken down in the liver and its potency remains and passes onto the blood stream. It has milder side effects compared to anadrol. Learn more about the methandrostenolone results.

Dosage of dianabol

Athletes- 20-50mg doses

Women- 10-20mg doses

A beginner could begin with a dosage above 10mg per day for 4 weeks cycle and gain a good weight of 8kg and lot of strength along with it which actually helps professional weight lifters.

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Stacking of dianabol

Dianabol can be stacked with deca durabolin

Primabolan, testosterone enanthate, trenbolone acetate.

PCT stack will be

Novaldex and clomid.

Results of usage

The usage of this drug has shown tremendous gain in a week and more effective than other orally consumed steroids. The muscle growth is much faster and results have been observed in five days itself of consumption. But it should also be notified that this drug causes water retention and some of the weight attributed will be a result of this so better stick to reality and gain the weight steadily even when we see quick results conclusions need not be jumped at.

More points to know about Dianabol use

Dianabol is a result-providing steroid but it might not be the right steroid for all. So, before you plan to use it, prepare a plan for yourself and then go about it. Women users should completely avoid using Dianabol as it can cause some severe side effects that include masculinizing effects. Thus, women should find a suitable substitute as Anavar which is rather mild.

Dianabol does pose severe risks in the form of side effects but with responsible and the right use, these risks can be avoided. The right dose of Dianabol is 15 mg for beginners and 40 mg for advanced users.

When it comes to women, Dianabol is not one that can be of much help because of the virilisation effects it brings about.

Diet is a crucial factor to get more Dianabol gains.  Include more protein as well along with high intake of calories. Food such as fish, eggs, pork, lamb, steak, etc, is best. Protein powder can also be included. Also try to consume almond milk, dry oats, yoghurt, etc.

Remember, the amount of Dianabol gains that you will get depends on your diet, exercises and dosage. Also, the body type you have and its ability will also decide how much you stand to gain from the use of Dianabol.