Mental Health Crowdfunding: Areas in Which This Practice Can Help Mental Health Patients


Crowdfunding India has started gaining popularity in India, owing to its easy functioning and quick results. But though medical and creative interests are being crowdfunded for on a large scale, especially on our platform, crowdfunding for mental health still lags behind. Several factors are responsible for this- lack of awareness about mental health, the prevailing stigma attached to mental health patients, etc. But there is a need for people to accept that mental illnesses are equivalent to physical medical conditions.


According to a report by the Economic Times, costs related to mental health account for 20% of the economic burden in India. Clearly, the costs for mental health treatment in India are high, much like the costs for other ailments such as cancer, organ transplant etc.


There needs to be an increase in mental health crowdfunding as it will prove to be beneficial to many health patients in various aspects. Here’s how:


Medical tests: Just like physical ailments, mental disorders need to be diagnosed with the help of tests. Many a times, a patient needs to undergo several rounds of tests, which in turn costs a heavy sum of money.


Medication: Aside from being treated by professionals, mental health patients suffering from conditions such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, etc have to constantly be on medication in order to maintain their health. The medicines are costly and when taken regularly can cost patients a heavy sum. Hence crowdfunding India can help solve this problem.


Clinical visits: Just like a patient suffering from a physical ailment, a mental health patient too has to keep visiting the hospital for consults and routine check-ups, where each check-up costs a considerable amount of money.


Hospitalization: In extreme cases of mental disorders such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and alzheimer’s among others, a patient may need to be hospitalized to be kept under observation. In such cases, the hospital bills, especially at private hospitals, are expensive and patients hailing from humble backgrounds may not be able to fund for such treatments. Crowdfunding India can help patients pay for such heavy costs.


Rehabilitation: Many a times people suffering from extreme depression or anxiety enroll themselves in rehabilitation centres, in order to restore functionality and lead their lives without stress. Popular singer Selena Gomez had opened up about her depression where she spoke about how she was put up at a rehabilitation centre to seek help.


Therapy: For certain people suffering from conditions such as depression, stress and anxiety, talking to mental health professionals and counsellors helps. Many counsellors own private practices in India and tend to such people. The catch however that the heavy costs that one has to pay to seek medical help. Each therapy session costs a considerable amount and many might not be at liberty to attend therapy sessions because of this reason.


Other facilities: Aside from medical expenses, there are other costs to be considered as well such as that of transportation, food, residential care, etc as mental health patients may not be able in a state to take care of these things themselves.