Methandrostenolone Is An Active Drug To Improve Bone Strength And Muscle Mass

American doctors used to prescribe Methandrostenolone tablets to women in search for a tonic. It was developed in Germany and reached the US in 1960s. The US Federal Government had found the drug to be dangerous. Selling, buying, and using Methandrostenolone was made illegal until 2001.

Due to the invention of internet users can buy it conveniently from online pharmacies, especially athletes and bodybuilders, who seek instant results. They gain muscle size, stamina, and strength. Many celebrities have stated publicly that they have used Methandrostenolone.

It is available in three forms – tablets, gel, and injectable form.


Methandrostenolone to increase muscle size

Health and fitness followers highly prefer Methandrostenolone because of its capacity to tightly unite with your body’s androgen receptors.  When you consume Methandrostenolone pills, it moves via liver efficiently with only a small broken part. As it is transmitted all through the body, it shows a reduced resemblance of globulin. Globulin is a protein, which neutralizes steroid molecules, restraining them from affecting the body.

Reasons to take Methandrostenolone

Methandrostenolone is very active in comparison to equivalent testosterone dose. Therefore many people prefer it for quick muscle development.

In addition, Methandrostenolone helps the muscles to retain water. Therefore your physique looks more bulky, muscular, and toned. Bodybuilders seeking to boost body aesthetic and strength depend on Methandrostenolone.

Other reason for Methandrostenolone to be better option is that it reduces exhaustion, during intense workouts and does not disable steroid molecules. It is even believed to enhance sleep patterns and mood.

Methandrostenolone is also related to enhanced calcium deposit within the bone, thus enhancing bone mass and endurance capacity. It is agreed to be better than Anadrol due to its mild side effects.

As Methandrostenolone acts as a catalyst for rapid muscle growth, weightlifters and bodybuilders use it in the start of their steroid cycle. Visit for more details.

When to use and how much dosage?

It provides a kick-start to enhance energy, muscle looks and toned physique. In this starting steroid cycle phase compounds like testosterone cypionate and testosterone enanthate that includes enduring esters are permitted to gather inside the body, sufficiently to support the anabolic functions without external help.

Bodybuilders take 10 mg Methandrostenolone pill in their steroid cycle. Some athletes use it in their cutting cycle to maintain their hard-earned muscle bulk.

Male bodybuilders generally use 25 mg to 50 mg of Methandrostenolone doses daily. Female athletes use it in lower doses of 10 mg to 20 mg daily. Its half life is 5 hours. Users need to be careful in their PCT routine to get the optimum results.