My story of a rocking journey with Contentmart – a journey of self-discovery and personal fulfilment!

As a child, I had only two passions – English and Computers. This was way back in early nineties of the last century, where the so-called greener pastures of engineering beckoned me to give up my passion for the language and pursue my other interest. All I ever did was code. Being a software engineer, I never had time to think of anything else, in my college and as a corporate IT professional for a good 13 years. Few years back, I quit my hectic IT job and had been dilly-dallying in some small engagement or the other.

It was here that the passion with words got rekindled, as my young kids started showing a flair for expression. Much as I guided them, I had no confidence that I could ever write anything serious.

That was till I came across Contentmart, via a link that popped up somewhere during my digital excursions on the internet. Out of curiosity, I browsed over the portal and really liked some of the jobs posted there.

With a heart that skipped many beats, I registered myself here and made a few bids on few of the jibs. Within a couple of days, I had my first job as a content writer! Wow, I just loved writing it. Would the client like it? I was sceptical.

The client not only accepted the job, but I also got some great ratings and oodles of confidence! One thing led to the other, and soon I was a freelance writer! Of course, it did wonders to my self-esteem! And to find a connect with my love for the language after so many years, it was like an old romance rekindled!

In a short time, I have become a confident content writer using Contentmart as a silent and diligent guide. I have written many articles and have been able to get insights into so many diverse fields. Every time, my work gets appreciated, I blossom as a writer and feel proud as an individual.

From a hobby, this freelance writer is now on her path to a serious earning profession. It may not be the same as IT in monetary terms, but who cares? It is a lot more creative, flexible and extremely exciting!


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Contentmart has helped me win a second innings in life, when I had no idea that I had this skill, or at least it had been buried under years of negligence. Anyone who wishes to dabble as a content writer, this platform is a wonderful place to get started, right from the comfort of your home! It is really easy, and convenient. You can set your own pace as a freelance writer here!