Peter Loftin: The “Lofty” Personality

Who is Peter Loftin? Words fall short to describe him. Words, in fact, are not enough to describe the immense contribution made by the man towards the development of society in general. This particular post is dedicated to Peter Loftin – documenting his achievements and contributions.

Peter Loftin: What exactly has he gone on to do?

There is no way in which you can actually describe Loftin’s lofty achievements without really mentioning the fact that he is actually the founder and former Chairman of the Board of Business Telecom Inc or BTI. This one remains one of major telecommunications enterprises and as someone at the helm of this commercial enterprise, Peter Loftin has actually gone on to demonstrate his keen sense of responsibility for the society. It should not really be forgotten that the man’s resume is virtually brimming with details of his philanthropic work. Do browse further to unravel.

His Achievements Chronicled

Now to start off with, Peter Loftin had already been named as the Entrepreneur of the Year in the year 1989 by Business North Carolina. He has been a huge supporter of arts and it is his inclination towards the same, that actually led him to make the largest ever contribution to the city of Raleigh, North Carolina by assisting in the development of the BTI Center of Performing Arts as the largest such enter between Washington D.C. and Tampa. The Police Athletic League and the North Carolina Museum of Science are two other notable names that have actually benefited from his charitable inclinations.

And, how exactly can one forget about the fact that he had actually served as one of the board members of The American National Red Cross post the  9/11 tragedy? Peter Loftin is particularly known for his contributions as the owner of the top South Beach Private Club called Casa Casuarina in Miami. He has actually gone on to donate this venue to more than 30 charitable organizations already so that they could actually use these venues for their events. Please make sure that you are actually reading on in order to unravel more such incredible feats of this man.

What else should you know about him?

He has been in close contact with organizations that benefit veterans. He is one of the key contributors to the Special Operations Funds. This particular fund is responsible for providing money to college students who are the children of the fallen Tier 1 soldiers.  Do you know about the Airborne & Special Operations Museum in Fayetteville? If you are researching the tremendous credentials of Peter Loftin, you will actually have to learn about this important part of North Carolina – quite simply because of the fact that Peter Loftin is actually a regular contributor here.

The more you read about him, the more awestruck are you left by an account of what this man has ended up doing as an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and executive. Hopefully, we have been able to do justice to this man’s credentials as well.