Planning a Party in a Bar or Restaurant? Here Are Some Tips For You

If you have rented a small apartment in a huge city, hosting an elaborate party in the house can be difficult. The dozens of people you are looking to invite for a happy hour will obviously not fit into your small bedroom. Fortunately, cities are full of sexy bars and sleek restaurants, and any savvy hostess is aware that she can quickly transform her favorite speakeasy or eatery into a venue for her next party. Believe you me; you are allowed to host any party, whether it is just an intimate dinner anniversary or a blowout 20th-birthday party at a venue.  Better yet, you will do it without having to spend a fortune.

Plan Ahead of Time

It is crucial that you begin planning your event early enough. Any successful bash must be prepared before its actual date, and since you will barely have control over all the aspects of the venue (since they are not your property), there are other logistics you will need to look into. Start by thinking about your preferred type of event. What is your vision? Is it going to be a simple, private, sit-down dinner on a weekend evening? Or do you want your guests to come together after work for a lively exchange then proceed to dinner and later dancing? Pick a date for your event and narrow down the theme.

Do Some Exploring of Venues

After figuring out the necessary details, it is time for you to go online and look for possible bar and restaurant options to host the party. If you would like the event in a private room, look for restaurants that offer private rooms. If you are looking to host a more formal event, be sure to consider restaurants with big communal tables. And if you want the party in a bar, go for bars with numerous rooms and separate drinking sections. Come up with a list of six to ten possible venues then ask a friend to help you with the scouring work. Once you have narrowed down your options to a single spot, you can proceed to the next stage of planning.

Discuss the Details

Schedule a meeting with the restaurant or bar’s owner during regular working hours to talk about the details of your event. Inquire if you will be allowed to bring any decorations or food from the outside. If that is permitted, inquire about the right time to get them there. Your restaurant of choice will probably not let you bring your taper candles but will perhaps let you tie some balloons to the back of every seat, so brace for anything. Inform the team at the restaurant about the number of people you are expecting so that they can have an extra bartender to handle the drinks.

Send Out Clear Invitations

Sending transparent invitations is the only way to ensure that no one gets confused. Be clear with details like whether they will need to pay for a particular service. A formal invite that is sent over email or neatly-printed means that you are the party host. And if you’re hosting, you will have to cater for all expenses.

Take Charge of the Menu

If you are doing a dinner in a restaurant, work closely with the chefs to prepare a smaller and well-organized menu. The kitchen staff will obviously appreciate this since they won’t be tasked with preparing 20 different dishes at the same time. Have just a few appetizers then let your guests pick from three soup/salad, dessert and entree options. You could also go all out with some wine pairings. Now print out the curated menu.

Personalise the Space

Since it is a party, you must make the space feel fun and festive. Get there early to get organised so you are not rushing around at the last minute. Place some colourful flowers on tables, tie ribbons and add balloons around the restaurant, including the entrance. Decorate this space just like you would do with your house.

Keep Staff Informed

On the d-day, be sure to notify the staff of any changes you need. Did your vegan friend make a surprise reservation? Inform the kitchen staff to prepare a vegan dish. Will your parents be stopping by for some drinks? Inform the team to expect their arrival and show them to your table. Excellent communication will be vital to the success of your party.