Spring Dresses: Which Pattern Suits Your Body Shape?

Are you ready to welcome the spring season in style? After completing a spring cleaning in your closet, you may be thinking about those beautiful spring dresses that you want to wear this year. But are you wondering which patterns best suit your body shape? Find below some of the best dress patterns that can suit your body type.


If height is not one of your strengths, go for vertical stripes that will lengthen your silhouette. During the spring season, you can opt for colourful stripes instead of classic ones. Vertical stripes actually convey strength and confidence. If you do not like stripes, you can also go for smaller patterns, especially with colourful flowers. Bold colours go well with the spring season. Such outfits can be found at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Tall and Lean

Are you tall and lean? Rest assured that you can wear fashionable dresses with simply many types of patterns! Go for large and bold prints with floral designs. Bold patterns certainly catch the eye more than monotonous or classic ones. Or, how about a bold geometric print dress by Ann Taylor? Make sure all the patterns you wear are all very colourful!

Pear Shape

Do you carry more weight at the bottom? It means you have a pear-shaped silhouette. So, when you choose to wear any type of patterns, your aim is to create a balance. If you are wearing a top, opt for floral print ones. Play around with the colours and draw the eyes upward! Wear your floral print tops with either pencil skirts or denim. You can find lovely floral print blouses at Zara. Not sure which pattern are more appealing? You can play different themed slots at Vegas Spins Casino! On this top casino site, you will find games which are made of the best graphics. . . and the symbols and lovely floral backgrounds, can give you a glimpse of lovely patterns! So, while you shop online, don’t miss a visit at to enjoy different types of games.

Full Figure

Do you have a fuller figure? Not to worry! Simply wear patterns that create more shape and definition. Diagonal stripes can convey creativity and energy. They also make you appear slim. Plus, florals are also a good choice. Larger floral prints will certainly flatter your figure. Try a colourful dress with diagonal stripes available at 6PM.

Fuller Bust

If you have a fuller bust, go for a nice printed skirt or pant. You can then wear a neutral top which may be of a white or pale colour. Ladies with a fuller bust are actually the exact opposites of those with a pear-shaped body. So, patterns at the bottom instead at the top creates a good balance. How about a cute printed mini skirt by Marc Jacobs at Bloomingdale’s?

In this way, wear your favourite spring dress without having to worry about which patterns would suit your silhouette. Welcome spring in style without spending too much. Simply make the most of the floral patterns and different colours to catch the eye.

Imagine attending a nice spring break party wearing one of these dresses and when you appear at the entrance, everyone cannot help looking at you! With these beautiful dresses, you can already feel the festive atmosphere of the spring season.