Stretch Your Road Trip Budget

There are few travel experiences that have the same level of fondness or classic reputation as the road trip. The idea of freedom, of creating a vacation that is distinctly tailored to you, of having the type of vacation where the journey offers as much interest and potential adventure as the destination itself: these are all cornerstones of the classic road trip. However, even when gas price are low and you find the best deals on RV rentals a road trip can become very expensive very quickly. Going with an RV helps cut down on what would otherwise be out of control hotel bills, but what other ways can you save money on the road without sacrificing the enjoyment of vacation? Read on to find out!

Always Talk to the Locals!

This should be a mandatory part of any road trip, but in addition to adding flavor to any travel talking to people who know the area leads to you learning about all the tourist attractions that are overpriced and underwhelming, what places are worth the cost, and you might even hear about some local hidden gems that you aren’t going to find on any brochures or online blogs.

Often times the local hidden gems are not only some of the best places, but they’re often inexpensive or even free. Always interact with the locals and see what places they recommend and which ones they don’t. You not only meet a lot of different people and see things from their perspective but get to know you’re seeing the absolute best any area you visit has to offer!

Use Travel Apps

There are so many travel apps that are just perfect for a traveler on a road trip. Do a little research and take advantage of the ones that fit you best. There are apps for finding the cheapest gas in the area, coupon apps that are geographically based to let you see not only what’s going on but help you save money there, and there are plenty of apps for finding the ideal RV campsite in your area based on whatever criteria is most important for you.

In other words, the right combination of travel apps goes above and beyond what GPS can bring your way and offers savings through cheaper gas, discounts on a variety of traveling expenses, and giving you the knowledge to make smart camping and lodging decisions. Those three things along add up to some serious savings very quickly, and without making you give up any level of comfort or quality. This is an often overlooked way to save serious money on a road trip without sacrificing the quality of your travels.

Watch the Food Budget

This is another one of those places where expenses can really sneak up on you. While there’s nothing wrong with checking out some local restaurants or treating yourself, if you eat out for every meal that adds up. So does stopping at fast food places for meals while on the road from place to place, and generally speaking those meals just aren’t going to be as satisfying, either. Pack up some food before you go.

This not only allows you to save serious money on the sneaky food expenses but you have the ability to choose when to pull over and eat, when to relax, and you can enjoy your own favorite snacks or home cooked meals that are sure to deliver a better eating experience than anything you’ll pick up on the side of the road.

There are many ways to save money during a road trip, and following these three bits of advice will make a huge difference in helping you manage your budget while on your next road trip adventure!