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No one would have ever imagined that internet, discovered only a few decades ago, will take over the entire world. This technology has made a very powerful impact on our lives. There are many ways through which we are connected with the internet; desktops, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets. Internet, which is basically a global system of interconnected networks, was made to serve several standard conventions of our daily lives. Internet has made our knowledge quick and free of time and location boundaries as we can access any information at any point of time.

Internet has even changed the way we used to access news. Traditional newspapers are slowly becoming obsolete and impractical with today’s easier access to internet and gadgets that provide regular news and updates. Most people today, even in less developed locations of the world, have easy internet access. Anyone with a device connetced to World Wide Web can immediately gain information by a mere click of a button. It is no longer required to purchase newspapers or magazines, listen to a radio or watch television to know about global news.

Nowadays, newspaper publishing has been remodeled to websites, blogging, and web feeds. Earlier, people were skeptical about this whole idea of internet, but now, there are millions of websites covering almost every category like education, fashion, sports, etc.

In the era of newspapers, it was difficult to get the news of any specific location or region, but now, with online news portals things have changed drastically. Whether you want to know about Embassy of Canada in Canada or about the latest Ghana entertainment news, everything is available without any geographical boundaries.

E-news is faster than newspapers. As soon as something happens in any part of the world, it gets published over the Internet within seconds. In case of newspapers, there is a specific time limit for any news to get published in any particular newspaper. The newspaper usually goes for printing at midnight, and if anything happens after the publishing time, it will only get published the next day. In such situations, newpapers offer stale news to the readers. So, online news is always a better idea.

In the present scenario, information has become a necessity. So, stay up-to-date with everything that is going around in the world with online news portals. These are regularly udated and always supply the readers with fresh and latest news.