Texas Leads U.S. States in Work-Related Deaths

Workplace accidents are tragic, especially when they result in a serious injury or death. Did you know that Texas is often considered to be the most dangerous state for workers? As of 2015, Texas led the nation in U.S. workplace deaths in 11 of the previous 14 years.

This year is also looking grim. Recent statistics published by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) show there have been 81 work-related fatalities in the U.S. from January to June 2017. Twenty-one of those incidents occurred in Texas – that’s roughly one-fourth of the incidents for the entire U.S.!

Most Common Work-Related Accidents in Texas

Falls are typically named as the most common work-related accident, and 2017 is no exception. To date, it’s the most occurred workplace accident in Texas, happening in various industries such as oil, construction and tree services, to name a few. Other fatal workplace accidents that have occurred in Texas this year include:

  • Crushed by heavy equipment or steel beams
  • Trench collapse
  • Electrocution
  • Struck by vehicles
  • Concrete footing collapse

Many employers take precautions to ensure their workplaces are safe, however, sometimes there are not enough protective protocols in place or the ones that are in place fail. If this happens, you do have rights, a work accidents attorney in Houston can help.

Texas Has Lax Laws to Protect Workers

Did you know Texas is the only U.S. state that leaves compensation insurance completely optional for employers? (Exception: If the company is working under a government contract, insurance is mandatory). While other states have agencies that monitor workplace safety, Texas solely relies on OSHA. According to the Texas Tribune, Texas has “one of the lowest inspector-to-worker ratios” in the U.S. Due to Texas’ lax laws to protect workers, a legal path may be your only recourse. An attorney who specializes in personal injury can advocate for you and investigate to see if any negligence in the workplace was involved.

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Ways Your Lawyer Can Help

You should know Texas law places a statute of limitations to file for wrongful death. That being the case, you’ll want to contact an attorney right away. Keep in mind, laws do often change and your lawyer will not only help you navigate the legal process but carefully examine current state laws and see if a wrongful death suit should be filed. If your loved one’s work accident was caused by negligence, you might be awarded by the courts to receive compensation to make up for lost earning capacity, other financial losses and for your mental anguish, pain and suffering.

Unfortunately, there are a number of ways people can and do get hurt, or worse, on the job. If you’ve suffered pain or injury due to a job-related accident, there is help available. Be sure your rights are defended, hire a work accidents Houston attorney today.