The bias between liquid and oral Anavar

Anavar is chemically called in the name of Oxandrolone, a dihydrotestosterone and it has been used majorly by bodybuilders, powerlifters, sports persons to shed body fat and drop weight. In the year of 1964 Liquid Anavar was originally produced and it is one of the most coveted anabolic drugs between men and women. Being a mild anabolic, still, it produces maximum results with least side effects. It is the safest AAS when compare to other anabolic androgenic drugs. Liquid Anavar possesses a short half-life where its results are experienced within a short time phase. That’s why it is advised to consume Anavar on daily basis to properly utilize its fat burning properties. To acquire a favorable result, some users break a dose into two halves and consume them two times per day.

Differences between Liquid Anavar & Anavar Pills

It is a fact to say, there will no difference between pill form and liquid Anavar. The users might find it easy to consume pill form of Anavar which is already pre-measured when compared to liquid Anavar. In the case of liquid Anavar, dosing is important and if it goes beyond the recommended dose might cause unpleasant side effects. So, Anavar in the form of pill  is the most preferred by the users than liquid form. One point should be noted that liquid Anavar will not be available as easy as Anavar pills and it is hard to find out the Anavar retailer.

It is not advisable for men who cycle with Anavar pills in the offseason. It does not help them to see any noticeable changes in stamina and only the least amount of lean, ripped muscle mass may be expected. Men can obtain effective results from Anavar during cutting cycle because during this phase Anavar Oxandrolone anabolic drug aids them to decline body weight and fat. Anavar stimulates metabolic activity, increases metabolic rate and melts the excessively stored fat from the body and this significant quality is liked by many users during their cutting phase.

Women respond well to both liquid and oral Anavar out of their over-sensitivity and it works out well both in offseason and cutting cycle. Women add some lean muscle tissue during the offseason and burn excessive fat during the cutting cycle. Some anabolic drugs say deca-Durabolin will never be prescribed for women due to its virilization effects. But, liquid Anavar is the most favorite drug with least side effects. This amazing drug is often called as “Girl steroid”.

Liquid Anavar side effects:

All anabolic supplements will produce side effects and the statement is to be accepted. However, in the case of liquid Anavar, the side effects are minimal unless it is overdosed or abused. The commonly experienced side effects are oily skin, nausea, vomiting, acne, hair loss, insomnia, increased appetite, snoring, anxiety, depression, changes in skin color, decreased libido. If the user experiences side effects majorly, it is better to consult a physician to avoid any permanent damage. From the above, it can be concluded that Anavar is a friendly AAS for all genders and compared to liquid Anavar, users may go for oral Anavar to consume right doses.