The Definitive Guide to League of Legends Boosting

As with many other popular games out there, League of Legends brings with it a bunch of terminologies that most of you will be familiar with. You will have heard of such phrases like ‘smurfing’ or ‘ganking bot’ and there is a good chance (if you are a fairly experienced player) that you would also have heard of ‘elo boosting’.

So what is elo boosting all about? Why is it such a hot topic among the players on the servers? Is it something I should be doing?

Those are exactly the kind of questions that this helpful guide is going to answer for you as we take you through exactly what elo boosting is and why it can be of such great benefit to you.

What is Elo Boosting?

It’s really quite simple, boosting your League of Legends account is something that can be done when you are not happy with your ELO MMR (matchmaking ranking). When this happens, you can simply hire a professional player to boost your ranking by playing ranked games with your account.

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You can either hire these guys to deliver you a set amount of wins on your account, to deliver you tier or league boosts or even pay these professional players to duo with you. The amount you pay will depend on the type of package you purchase and the quality of the player that will be boosting your account.

These professional players are very high ranked players themselves that know the game inside out and are better than 90+ percent of the player base. They are so good that they can sell you their ability for a set amount of time.

Why Do Players Buy Elo Boosting?

This really depends on the set goals of each and every player. There are a number of reasons why some will ask for help and having their accounts given a healthy ranking boost. Some players might just want to unlock things such as the ‘victorious skin’ while others might be trying to better previous seasons rankings.

You will also find some players that want to get into the master tier or some that simply want to have bragging rights over their friends by finishing higher than them.

So What are the Benefits?

Well, apart from having far better stats and rankings than they would have had if they chose not to use an elo boost, there are plenty of other benefits by getting a helping hand from some professional players.

One major benefit is that by having a professional taking control of your account for a while, you will be able to get on with some more important things in life instead of having to try and grind league of Legends for yourself. This could be something like studying, working or essentially just getting other stuff done.

Furthermore, another benefit is the actual time that doing this will save you. An example would be if you are sat at the bronze 1 level and wish to get as high as Gold 5, this could take you a  very long time to do by yourself. Literally, it could take many months whereas a professional would be able to get you there in a matter of days.

Is Boosting My Account Safe?

Yes, though it has happened on rare occasions, professional boosters are very unlikely to hack your account and keep it for themselves. They are superb players after all and will have far better accounts than you do even after giving it a boost. They have no need to keep an account are simply boosting yours in order to earn some money to play the game that they love.

As long as you go with a trusted elo boosting service that has a good reputation, they are not going to risk that reputation just for a single account when it could affect how many sales they could make down the line.

As for the safety of your account in terms of bans or suspensions, these elo boosting services know how to make sure that this never happens. They will use things like VPNs and make sure that a unique IP address is used for every player they are boosting. This ensures that there will never be more than one account linked to a certain IP address and therefore no red flags will be given to League of Legends.

These guys have been getting away with boosting for many years and there is not much that League of Legends can really do about it unless they find some solid evidence. The problem for them is, there is not a single piece of evidence to be found.


You might think that Elo boosting is cheating and while technically it is, all you are doing is getting yourself a helping hand. You will also be surprised at just how many players use elo boosting services too. The friends that you are playing against are most likely using them to deliver rankings that you feel they are not worthy of having played against them on previous occasions.

You just don’t want to get left behind these players and instead of grinding in an impossible effort to catch them, you can do what they have done and get yourself a nice little boost. Let them wonder how you suddenly overtook them in the rankings.