The Human Resource Management Process

For a small boutique agency like the reputation management company, the human resource management process is extremely important so that they can hire and properly train the right employees for the job. There is a corporate level strategy for HR that starts of with human resource planning that goes to decruitment and recruitment. After the recruitment process starts it gets more complex for the human resource manager going into the selection process by identifying and selecting competent employees, the orientation and training of employees, providing employees with up to date skills and knowledge on the job then performance management and compensation benefits, the career development of the employee and being able to successfully retain competent and high-performing employees to reduce turnover rates in an organization.


When it comes to human resource management, there are different environmental factors affecting is such as the economic conditions like recruitment which is dependent upon unemployment rates and labour markets, the labour unions which involves organizations that represent workers and seek to protect their interests through collective bargaining then there is the government legislation that have laws and regulations that govern the workplace such as hours, equal pay, holidays, working condition, wage and even minimum wage. There is legislation affecting workplace conditions such as the labour codes, occupational health and safety acts, workplace hazardous materials information system and employment standards legislation. There is also the antidiscrimination legislation which involves the employment equity act and charter of rights and freedoms and the Canadian human rights act. Human resource planning is the process to ensure the right number and kinds of people that are in the right places at the right times, who can effectively and efficiently perform the job at hand and their tasks. HR planning also involves avoiding sudden talent shortages and surpluses which every organization should have so that goals get met.